Love Poems About Accidentally or Accidentally Love Poems
by Ashley Beaudre |
Categories: death, depression, loss, lost love, love, recovery from..., sad, sympathy

Slowly Dying

I'm overcome with grief
as I slowly die inside.
They tell me this is normal, 
and everything will be alright.

I can't seem to eat a meal,
or close my eyes to dream.
All I visualize is your face, 
then accidentally scream.

I can't seem to leave my home, 
whats the point anyways?
Without you standing by my side
life is nothing but a waste.

Maybe soon enough I'll join you, 
as I slowly die inside.
When I finally enter the gates of pearl
everything will be alright.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

Hand In Hand

Slowly we walk on the sandy white beach, hand in hand
A perfect Caribbean night, with sounds of the steel band 

A little kiss, a little hug, a little happiness from above
The two of us together in paradise sharing our deep love

Making memories on the first night of the rest of our life
That beautiful vision sent to save me, is now my wife

Playfully we both frolic in the surf, as the tide gently rolls
Not a care in the world, two free spirits baring their souls

The harvest moon is beaming high painting a perfect setting
Two lovers absorbed in each other, forever remembering

A repost that was accidentally deleted

by Shirley Candy |
Categories: humor,

Virtual Love

A boy and a girl accidentally met
Through the famous world wide web
They were virtually dating
And soon the boy is screeching:
"I've found my lost virtual rib! Yep!" 


by Misheel Chuluun |
Categories: love

In Dreaming

I chose to jump that cliff
In sweet sleepwalking
Accidentally into each other
We fell, lulled dream-talking
Tucked cozily on his shoulder
Nestled, esteeming to exalting

But the stench of fear
Arose so unnerving
Out of the blue, casually
The only certainty is an ending
Panic bloomed, mushroomed
The million spores to its propagating

So paralyzed, I was stricken
Stuck, imagining and dreading
That the way in isn’t the way out—
No fleeing or retreating
Could drive through this impassable wall
So I’ll just stay forever dreaming

by Serge Belinsky |
Categories: beauty, england, feelings, flower, flying, sad love, sympathy,

Flowers, the Ending

Slightly snowy Bouquet of red roses,

 Glowing and shimmering with all color shades of light purple Egypt lilies,

 On the forgotten Gods on Earth and in space always ,

 Accidentally noticed but then later banned by the Queen of All Snows ,

 All steering on it with unrelenting attention intently and carefully , 
 marveling at its beauty,

 Reflected as in a mirror in miriards of the gloomest color shades in the clouds ,
 Evaporates in the endless void of space distances ....

 Neverending story
 The End

by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: lost love

Unrequited Love Poem

Accidentally chanced upon
While browsing through a set of tomes
An unrequited love poem
Marked between the yellowed pages
Within a volume rifled through.
Thereupon, I eagerly read
The words in Edwardian script
Predated nineteen hundred six-
A sad age of class distinction- 
Where lines describe a futile love
Of two unfortunates in love
The beau from high society
His belle of notoriety
The aging ink was droplet smeared
I want to think it was from tears.

by Jeinara Odonio |
Categories: absence, devotion, emo, emotions, for him, grief, hope, how i feel, i love you, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, lost, lost love, love, memory, missing you, relationship, romantic,

To a Beautiful Stranger

Id like to think about the time when we first met,
Sometime about a year ago,
The words we said, our first exchange of hello's,
Something about, you know

I saw you just about all the time,
And suddenly because of you I was smiling again,
Though I can't seem to say when
You brought back the sunshine into my life,

And though it's hard to define certain things,
Even now it is still confusing,
what am I to you..
but I know what you are to me
And how much I care about you..

But I must hide the love in my heart,
Beneath a laughing face.
And though you think I probably never cared,
I doubt anyone can ever take your place...

I miss you so much..


by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: poetry,

A Poet's Garage Sale

There’s quite a sale in my garage,
A poet’s plethoran montage
Of metaphors and similes
And verses guaranteed to please.

A nest of nouns, a vat of verbs;
Some quotes quite perfect for your blurbs.
A carton filled with stale clichés,
Which budding writers can rephrase.

I’ve baskets filled with parts of speech
Left from the days I used to teach.
So many sentences to choose,
Ambitious wordsmiths cannot lose.

So come on down – check out my stuff;
Describing it’s not good enough.
A poet’s sale is most inviting – 
It may spark a love of writing!

			Ilene Bauer
			September 6, 2012

(this was accidentally deleted from my poems list, so i wanted to reenter it)

by Warren Mbaht |
Categories: cute love, love,


I would first have to find you
In the bustle of today
Then my whiles would be applied
And I would find a way

It may be in a city park
We would accidentally meet
I would start a conversation
Let you sweep me off my feet

Let you think you were the captor
While really it was me
Who set the trap and sprung it
Before you had a chance to flee

Just like a female spider
I would leave you no escape
You would find yourself entangled
And stand there mouth agape

Then not to be beaten
Your manliness would show
Suggest a quite romantic place
Where only we would go

There is an ancient saying
It may be just a whim
That she lets him chase her
Until she catches him

by Mich Elle |
Categories: love, me,


Once, I thought it just a moment,
Second, I feel those just normal,
Third, I senses my lies,
and coincidentally I fall.

keep your distance far from me,
but I,
pull you near close to me,
until one day,
I realize that you and me are not too far, not too close.

But why,
I am afraid?
when I know that you are trying?

I guess, 
it should be me to blame,
when it comes to near,
I push it away.

Please, don't take your time.
Force so I will say yes.

by Randy Johnson |
Categories: death, love, sad,

A Sad and Tragic Death

(This is a true story)

While a small chested lady was having breast enlargement surgery, she died.
Her boyfriend wanted her to have the surgery because he wasn't satisfied.
This poor lady's death was very sad and tragic.
She died because the doctor accidentally gave her too much anesthetic.
Because of her boyfriend, she's no longer around.
That jerk is enjoying life while she's in the ground.
If he couldn't love her for who she was, he should've set her free.
That wonderful lady deserved to be loved for her personality.

by Jamie Willhite |
Categories: friendship, happiness, hope, love, passion, teen, me,

When Its Right, You Just Know

When I look into your eyes I see hope, I see passion
Please tell me this feeling is everlasting
I knew from the first time your eyes might mine
That mainly thoughts of you would take up my mind
Looking back its already been four years
And everyday  i fight back the tears
You cant see me slip or accidentally say the truth
But the truth is i'm more then crazy about you
Anything this bad should be an obsession
When I fall from this ill sure learn my lesson
Speak up for forever hide the truth
I'm losing my mind thinking about you

by Kenna Johnson |
Categories: cute love, innocence,


Is it stress that brought the lovers together?

The rattle of nerves, translated into gentle touches?

They pretend not to notice what's really going on, but his hand won't leave her knee, and her fingers his wrist. 

A couple of breathless seconds tick by.

"Accidentally" comforting each other.

But there's no need to worry, no need to fret. 


by Buhagiar Victor |
Categories: love,

Love's Fragility

Love is such a fragile sentiment
So oft confused with sex,
So in our daily double dealings
We render it is so indefinable
Like the faint flicker of a candlelight
That is blown out by our despair,
An intimate venue of self-torture.
We add to its impenetrable obscurity
Blowing the flame right out,
Thus our outrageous shadows 
Are silently snuffed out.
Until we accidentally meet again,
And Love blossoms again.

by Sanja Cokolic |
Categories: trust,

Sarah's Law

Love is not a sin
by touch shown
it can't be wrong
he will say
his LOVE
doesn't have an ID
security to cross the street by herself
cries over accidentally spilled cup of milk

to him
by view was permitted
to do the right thing

in park of excessive trust
after buying a vanilla ice cream
he will ask her gently
to stand in front of metal box,
by art  perpetuate
overlapped youth
hand in hand
introduce her in adulthood

expand the love
expand the love
expand the love

by iron doors crushed
voice is screaming
leaving behind
desecrated shell

loved her
in only way he knows

by Lei Strauss |
Categories: i love you,

How Could I Love Someone Like You

You are like 7 years younger than me.
Can’t believe you struck me so hard.
You have no idea how I’m madly in love.
You’re a blind one who’s making me crazy

You have my heart in seconds of beat.
Want you to talk me even a minute or hour.
I love how you look me so wildly.
Say I’m a sinner and I’ll kiss you so badly.

Does it really matter if I love you that much?
Heart chooses you to be my part.
Always remember how you said thing about me
It tickles my heart and runs my veins so smoothly.

I know I’m wrong from the very start.
Is love a mistake or accidentally screwed up?
Though I have this question in my brain
How could I love someone like you?

by Chaika Chaika |
Categories: addiction, appreciation, august, confusion, crazy, desire, games,

August 2013

I am not a slave or stupid,
Being smart and shrewd,
Just in front of you,
Become so crazy and teenage rude…

Running away – doesn’t save,
If only showing one’s true self; but again
Under the mask of indifference,
I still pretend playing the game..

And as if accidentally throwing - hey…
Still wonder if there is an end to this unvalued
Cat-and-mouse game?

Fell in love wit him? - ei, in any case, 
But all the cosmic space is sleeping in his gaze.

by Taylor Nelson |
Categories: pain


This is a repost, I accidentally 
deleted this one so I'm putting 
it back up.

Some say it makes us human
Some say it makes us animals
Some try to avoid it
Yet others seek it 
It follows life as it follows death
It follows love as it follows loss
With it we are everything
Without it we are nothing
It drives us towards each other when we are scared
And it pushes friends apart
It causes problems
And it offers solutions
With it we will destroy ourselves
Without it we could fly
But no matter the cost
I'm glad I feel pain
For it reminds me I am alive.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love,

Secret of a Loving Couple

they knew to keep the romance alive
said “I love you” every day and many times
put their partner’s needs first
apologized if they accidentally hurt each other
this loving couple enjoyed sixty-two years together
their secret? The intentionally fell in love again every single year

by Njeri Hunjeri |
Categories: care,

40 Seconds

Forty seconds to say I love you
Forty seconds to say I care for you

I hate to see you cry
I hate to see you hide your face from me with shame

You are always happy, I appreciate your sweetness
You are like an older sister, always watching out for me

You are always like "njeri, come by and lift some weights. Its good for you"
You draw hearts for me to smile too

One time I accidentally broke your glass of water and I felt so bad about it
But you were like, "njeri,it's ok. In my culture, when things break its usually a sign of good luck"

I will never know your pains
But I'll always love to bring you a cheerful pie

by Julian Gallo |
Categories: angst, introspection, love, work, work,


I would build you a glorious palace
with ornamental roads and
wondrous sculptures if I could,
but I only have these two clumsy hands
to work with. 

They are the best I have to offer you
but these hands will work wonders
if given the chance.
The trouble is, I don't really

know if I should have that chance.
Sometimes you have to do the best with
what you have to work with
and these hands may accidentally destroy

the very thing they are trying to make so
beautiful for you.

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, love, romance, romantic, sweet love, together,

Perfect Fit

Can we do a puzzle together?
You can pick which one
Once I start though I can't stop
Until the puzzle's done

But that would be no problem 
Because what that would mean
Is that I'd have more time with you
And on that I am keen

To get one extra moment
To be right where you are
To gaze upon your beauty 
I'd travel very far

A puzzle can be fun to do
Especially when
I "accidentally" knock it down
And we have to start again

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love,

Met Accidentally In Kansas City

Met accidentally in Kansas City’s Halloween alley
Our eyes met a couple of times; I know yours are brown
No idea what color mine are now, or my name even
Do not remember much of anything else

Except your looks
Your hair
Your nose
Your smile

I knew you were going to be important to me.
And of course, you became my moon and sun.
My trees and stars, my flowers and rain.
In a short amount of time

I could not breathe without thinking of you.
I was practically your stalker, until you shook me off.
Releasing me to the wind, maybe sad that we had….
Met accidentally in Kansas City’s Halloween alley

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, love, romantic, sweet love, together, true love,


Lying down on the grass today
Contemplating this girl 
Seeing her sitting right there next to me
My senses caught up in a whirl
Of growing anticipation
Knowing her later I'd see
Telling myself to keep cool and not think
That maybe she'll look right at me

Oh wow, when that happens it's crazy
The butterflies dive bomb inside
When meeting her eyes accidentally 
My smile is so hard to hide
Revealing my innermost feelings
It's impossible not to convey 
That this girl has me captivated
My face is a dead giveaway

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Animal In Human Form

“oh hermit, listen to your loving heart for that is where bliss ignition restarts” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blind to tears yet unshed, as also deaf to the entreaty of diffidence muted, clumsy, callous, eristic, bigot living life in stupor epitomises primitive man, accidentally in human body. Identity manifest here transient; introspection revealing to us coordinate at which we are. If lower cravings attract, that is where we begin our self improvement in soft silence, contouring self with love. 09-December-2020