Love Poems About Accidental or Accidental Love Poems
by Volodymyr Knyr |
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A Loser

Only a loser misses 
his accidental misses.

Volodymyr Knyr 

by Kevin Pearce |
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Accidental Love Poem

Accidental Love Poem

 At first sight
 your clothes fit you
 almost too well
 Did I see your eyes
 turn my way?
 Maybe I want a nice girl
 Are you out of my league?
 Can I penetrate your intrigue?
 So please walk by again
 Although it would look good
 if I’m not talking to you like this tonight
 Because I’m as good as lost
 when you are nearby

by Cecil Hickman |
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A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

As our lips touch, slight and gentle
Passing under the Mistletoe
On purpose or accidental
Staring upon the Mistletoe

All of a sudden we stare
Looking up at Mistletoe
Our lips caress with care.
Urged on by Mistletoe

Kiss which will amaze
Under hanging Mistletoe
In sixty second gaze
Mysterious Mistletoe

Forty year bond
Invited by Mistletoe
Another kiss spawned
Serendipity in Mistletoe

Sweet sixteen now
Caught under Mistletoe
Oh my word, wow
First kiss below Mistletoe

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by Dylan Ravenclaw |
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Accidental Love

Accidental Love

Love is a fickle thing
That is caught easily
And hearts may sing
Their beats not going slowly
Young love is especially special
In which there is the most attention
And if apart, it may seem fatal
And learn they are together in this transformation
Love also leads to loss of innocence
And a much better mood
More togetherness and more romance
That leads to the loss of childhood
One bad decision to just go on
Leads to another’s life being gone

Written on December 9, 2019

by Ralph Mason |
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Blackest Rose

senses flee a body still
clouds of grey destroy this life
child unknown its mother slain
a dying oath of lasting pain

feet pause to view the light
where feelings awaken beyond sight
an accidental touch doth break the keep
for undying love my blackest rose

by Scott Howard Myers The Gypsy King |
Categories: dark, pain,

A Man Called Pain

Born beneath an old Elm tree, nourished from the teats of a Jackal, sired by the Devil himself.
He knew who he was. 
He was pain.
Where he walked, he inflicted the same.

Bringing forth residual shame, was his favorite game.
This man named Pain, with worldwide fame.
Invisible to most, but felt by us all.
As when your skin does crawl.

His only intent, was to make love fall.
From behind his invisible wall.
The Demons do call.
For one and all.

So when you hear that man's name.
It's no accidental, bad luck game.
He turns health into lame.
The Devil and son are the same.

This man called Pain. 


by Tom Wright |
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Accidental Friendship Or Providential Guidance

Ours is not a friendship sired by accident. and though the misplaced days I enumerated as grains of sand, Apart, we both were as sonar blips without detection, But then from a heart's depth, A letter, a call, an e-mail, a visit; we were no longer as candles, detached, in low flame, Time and circumstance had been abridged. Our friendship, once again, has become a game having no rules and without rhyme or reason; Because a time of absent desire had turned to willingness, A misplaced friendship was granted new life; and because one besought, Through God's Grace the love that exists between two families was born. We Love you S & R

by Pat Mccoy |
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The Road of Casualty

I fall into unknown reasons
I lay wanting,needing
Convolution,soul sucked dry
Aphasia,alone within
A battered shell,augmental decay
Life slowly passes away
Debilitated to my dismay
An accidental tragedy has
lost the lives of many
The musk from last nights indulgence
still lingers and it accuses me
I have debased the family tree
Through my lost cognizance
The pain others must breath
Censoring all relations
A dissaproval of my being
The air as thick as sulpher
A cyanosis of the soul
I'm left alive to face it all
Retribution paid in full!!!

by Kamila Godzinska |
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He compels a smile to alleviate me
but his eyes are merely 
green tinted windows
into his anxious soul.

I see right through him.
Remorse twists my stomach.
I burn him with an accidental fire
that the Atlantic Ocean cannot tame.¬¬¬
I'm a pyromaniac
despite my will.

There is nothing I can do 
to stop the burns thickening on his heart.
Should I hurt him with my evanescence
or with my infinite, unspoken lies?

The prospect of his misery
torments me.
I care.
Why can’t I love?

He knows he is my silver medal,
that I don’t feel 
the felicity I claim to.
But what can you do when you love another?
Another who does not love you.

by Ginna Wilkerson |
Categories: faith, introspection, nature, urdu,

Ginna In the Silence

Whispers from the trees speak welcome silence
Woody, soft-flesh souls grow in the silence.

Solid earth can feel like wavering space
The trick is stepping safe in careful silence.

Chattering raindrops fall on sizzling pavement
The end of endless rain is grateful silence.

Secrets blowing in the wind relieve my pain
Nobody knows how much I love the silence.

My ears are often closed to shameless truth
Shame can rest in peace within the silence.

I long to know the subtleties of trees
Catch words adrift on accidental silence.

“Ginna” sounds so green and growing – peaceful
Speak my name, but don’t disturb the silence.

by Emilia James |
Categories: animal, cat,

Pepe Le Pew and Penelope Pussycat

Pepe Le Pew
Quest for love he would always pursue
But his over enthusiastic romantic way
Is rejected by a skunk look alike who keeps running away.

Penelope Pussycat
Smothered in kisses and squeezes she would always combat
A black cat with an accidental painted white stripe 
Penelope knew she wasn't that type.

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by Ernesto P. Santiago |
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by Sai Lin Lip |
Categories: fate, happiness, sorrow,

A Chance Encounter

A chance encounter
Love at first sight 
A cute meet
A romantic encounter
An unarranged fate
A blind date 
Not fortuitous
Not accidental of course
An arranged affair
A chance meet or a blind date 
Both may flourish
What's important 
The ending of the episode
A passionate courtship
A long ,loving marriage
Eternal happiness 
Fate can be good or bad
Have no choice 
Fate is fate
So far,cannot be understood
But so dependent
Only grateful or sorry 
Will be the ending 
Of the whole story
Oh,my god

by Joseph Adler |
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makes itself
anyway it wants
between syllables
when you’re not listening
or the accidental touch
when no one’s there
in the 
“one two three”
before the heavy lift
and the slosh of a
bleach bucket
as we cleanse 
the blackened breach
push pull
sweep sleep
in and out
without a doubt
love makes itself
from it’s own
when One can’t be
what Two can become
and it’s understood
where the pain 
comes from
but it’s ok
cause it passes
while love
and even when we try
to push ourselves
love makes itself

Originally published in "Dance of Divine Lovera"
Poems of Sacred Sensuality  © 2014 Joseph A Adler

by L'Nass Shango |
Categories: black african american, hope

An Integrationist Paradigm

When I, a black man, invisibly commute
Passing every sight as good as mine
I must be sensible to the solemn truth
The mantle of my soul by God's design
Is made absent by accidental blindness
But because, like me, earth's still in darkness.
Let us then embrace face to face
For I'm outwardly the all of your race.
Night provides a bridge across my skin
Love provides a door for you to come in.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Accidental Love

She was too elegant. Too fine, he thought.
Then they met, and he was completely caught.
She loved him true.
With eyes of blue.
Marriage in heaven, never even sought.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: allegory, imagination, introspection, life, love, nature

Very Little Strife Conceived Of

Spring's warm sun arouses mother earth 
To send forth buds and flowers' blooms
From the womb expectantly awaiting birth
Everywhere mothers await the day abloom

First a little green shoot then a flower's petal
Then the lovers' around will fly_bees, butterflies
Gathering nectar and pollen to spread accidental
Soon young girl is ready to have wedding anxieties

Nature has a way of maturing the flowers
A little rain, sun, and nourishing food
Weddings and responsibilities maturing powers
A little romance, a little love, a little being shrewd

The first stage of life for nature and all above
Mostly pleasure very little strife conceived of

(I am stilling working on this one)

by Chile D'Rhymez |
Categories: happiness,

Accidental Father

I've been looking forward to these
But it happened like an accident
I love who i've become
An accidental father
Don't laugh at me 
Just a smile will do
My ambition is wicked
My swagger makes you wanna punch
Don't test me
You don't have what it takes

by Julie Forbush |
Categories: life, mystery, people,

Not a Web For the Weak

you the fly
in my accidental web
am i no better than this?
the fatal widow
bound by need
& desire
to suck dry
the life of each 
love in turn?
am i tempted
to take what's given
for the sake of the simple knowlegde
that it could be mine?
my destiny then, 
to play the spider
& steal the unsuspecting soul,
take the offers
placed so carefully upon my altar.
i, the unselective siren,
come & spend your days 
at the waters edge

by Mustofa Munir |
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The Altruistic Lamp

Holding love’s altruistic lamp in her hand
She groped around in the falling sun, her
Somber shadows were lost in twilight strand,
Glorious flute blew its pain to her dour
Heart, the wind touched her pale face, told a ballad,
An orchid she could be with a stealthy
Diffidence when morn was in its rhythm, unruffled! 
On an algal path she glided herself gently
In a stolid seclusion, she spoke her voice, 
Drew more sorrows, she stood thus unknown,
With her the world exchanged forgiveness,
She withdrew her from all felicities, no one
Gave accidental judgement on her misfortune.
She preferred and solicited a repose in silence,

Sonnet, rhyme scheme: abab–cdcd–efef–gg

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art,

Blood Fruits

Beyond the sex 
he was sleepwalking in shame
hiding his faith ingloriously.

A poacher in harem 
of politics, where you stack the hidden
virility for killing the money.

A single mate must die
making love on screen in the vicinity
of god’s house.

The monstrous lie will
press the knife to the lips
for shedding the blood of a monk in a brothel.

If we must forget
the accidental shot,
the spring will never come to olive grove.

Satish Verma

by Literary Waves |
Categories: cute love,

To the Moon and Back

Propelled like a shooting star
Neverland is not so far
What an accidental chaos
Emotions roar in riots 

"I am a bomb 
 I am a missile
 I am a storm"

What a rush
An invincible gush
Cheeks in blush
love in cash

by Sky Poet Sa |
Categories: heartbroken,

Accidental Love

Unreasonable decision
Fooled by misleading feeling
Love, love
Accidental love.
Where am I ?
In a bizarre galaxy
I cry aloud
Like a Summer's cloud
Tears' rain, loaded lane
Heart's pain
Accidental love's insane.
I cry aloud
Cry aloud like an ambulance
Whose way is blocked by traffic.
Crowded minded
Crowded stranded
How to cross-over ?
Bridgeless path
Eyes' rainfall
Uneven avenue
Hearts crash
Accidental love.

Drencho POET Loads.

by Francis Osho |
Categories: allegory,

At the Altar of Love

constant sorrows
gives way to 
at the beach by the wave
witnessing stars beaming moon
strangers merge holding time
i delivered confessing
she pardoned sinning
at the altar of
lustful love

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, love, romance, romantic, sweet love, true love,

How It All Began

One day I saw you sitting in the corner of the room
I tried to take my eyes off you but sensed my heart abloom
Then days turned into weeks and I couldn't shake the thought 
That maybe I felt something, and then from there I sought
Opportunities to see you, I never told you this
But I would look for where you were and on purpose wouldn't miss
An "accidental" meeting, a chance to hear your voice 
Would not decline a play request, except once in August 
I still have all those feelings and all are really true
I've never loved another the way that I love you