Love Poems About Accident or Accident Love Poems
by Nick Bagnall |
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Missing You

She was wonderful and powerful
My object of desire
Her smooth clean face so beautiful
The apple of my eye

My love she had an accident
She fell from up on high
I found her broken body there
'Twas lying on the ground

Now all I have's her memory
The songs we used to share
Oh how I miss that ipod
My heart it megahertz

by Hannington Mumo |
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Flirting With Someone's Wife

To uphold clean ethics you may strive,
But which unfeeling fool does not know
That stolen honey out-tastes that of your hive,
And that the grass is always greener over the fence?

Silver and golden rings do strongly bind
And vows of chastity nail heart to heart,
But the pulsations of newfound love
Rock and rewind things back to the start.

So return that honey-coated flirt with a flirt
And let the tides of destiny take their course;
Nothing ever happens by accident or some luck,
For it’s the hands of providence that gather and toss.

Feel the warmth of newfound love invade your heart
And, babe, return that sweet flirt with a sweeter flirt.

by Maryam Jameela Haniff |
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Friends Forever

Friends Forever

Little did I know
that so early
you'll leave and go

A friend like you 
is so hard to find
yet you left so quickly
leaving me behind

It was not your choice
but God's own will
he took your soul
and made you still

To heaven he called you
indeed a better place
there he'll keep you
with love and grace

From this world you are gone
yet still, in my heart
you will live on,


Dedicated to my 11 year old friend Shaniece who died on Tuesday in a car accident. You
will always be there in my heart.....*Love Maryam

by Stephen Pennell |
Categories: conflict, grief, hate,

Leave the Hate Behind

Don’t judge me by the colour of my skin or the name of my god .
They don’t not define me, or give you rights to say if I live or die.
They are set in stone an accident of birth.
One of gods little gifts to  human kind. 
Patriotism and religion, cause so many to die 
For the sake of a flag or a deity of old. 
Heart ache and tears is all you create
And more of the same when  nations retaliate. 
Let go of your bias free your heart of the hate 
Bombing children at concerts , oh what a waste 
You should have Grown some compassion, some love of mankind.
Leave the hate behind.

by Michael Donnelly |
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Lost Love

Once, I found a piece of paper
in a parking lot
in the snow,
bright white,
as if just dropped there
by accident.
It was a note
addressed, “My love,”
and nothing more.

Either it was
the shortest love letter
ever penned
the author could only 
what they felt.

I understand that
love is not about
but more about
like impassioned eyes
glancing across a room
at the object of their affection
or, a touch so tender
that it electrifies all of your senses,
becoming a part of you,
melting into your soul.

I only hoped that
whoever wrote it
would be able to experience
what I knew to be-
beyond words.

by Karl Marszalowicz |
Categories: childhood, love,

Space, Version 2

Between the ears of the greatest minds
Limits and laws do not exist    

Building roads and wrinkles to beyond
 Such brains are ripe with fascination

Where physical boundaries do not factor
Journeymen and women discover frontiers within themselves   

Forming the legendary, from the amorphous
They are contemplative, they are reminiscent 

Tireless and motivated I am just a rubbernecker  
Watching treasures without obstacles, by accident

 Eventually I choose to give them their space
Smiling back at them, they are our children

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: destiny, history, metaphor,

Roman Empire

Collapsed so they say long ago
due to Cleopatra’s long nose
that pierced a General’s heart
got him stuck there in love
till the army was demolished
what terrible accident in history!

Every man, every women
big, small, learned or never
empires, kingdoms, nations
a Cleopatra with long nose
will appear from no where
to intercept and bury surely
things that matter in life
Crumbling effects she brings
the way of life in this world
a mystery it is, doubt you may
but we all live in the world
we know not its laws of work
finger-crossed and dumbness
are the ways but not the habit

by Julien Ringuede |
Categories: identity, introspection, love, philosophy, religious, wisdom,

What Is Man

What is man, his flesh got without assent,
Or the broad brushstrokes of his star filled mind.
Neither will sit for another's judgement.
One is chance, the other of boundless kind.
Perhaps man is his actions, though so oft
They go wrong or are unintended acts.
And desires remain surfeit or un-soft
Propel rash deeds, dark thoughts and sordid pacts.
If action alone can not define man
For marred by accident; then is intent
The mark to judge.  But intent is more wan
Than acts, for can only be guessed at bent.
What is man, neither flesh nor mind, if not
Whom he loves and for whom his hate is hot.

by Laura Spears |
Categories: love, passion


When we touch, it's there
Metal and live wire.
Sparks fly from your eyes to mine.
A touch, by accident or deliberate.
I shiver as my blood runs hot.
Electricity is there, we both know.
We must be careful though
Before we ignite a fire
Which consumes us both.

April 20, 1985

by Robin Lane |

A Warning Or a Prayer, You Take Your Pick.

Don't be a deadbeat
Beat poet actor man -- 
because I need you to
understand? what I'm trying to say?
Kerouac and Ginsberg
loved and fled and
hated domesticity, but somehow
relegated their women to it
and liked their domestic money
to buy pretty domestic drugs
and Burroughs
SHOT his wife
(albeat on accident --
deadBEAT tell me the sym-bo-lism
in THAT).
Grow up and love ME
like you were meant to -- 
do. your. own. laundry.

by Delice Arleen Skelly |
Categories: heartbreak, lost love,

The Pain of Heartache

Heartache is cruel the pain so grievous Yet, perhaps with patience, I will prevail We talk his coolness very obvious My tormented wishes I cannot reveal. Adrift on a sea with waves of tension Alone suffering unrequited love Nothing but nothing there's no connection Powerless before my best beloved. Lady chapel sweet with exquisite blooms All is auspicious this was meant to be My beautiful sister stands with her groom Suffering in silence this I did not see. Healing will come with the passing of years Time that was wasted with too many tears.
True to form in terms of structure and syllable count. No iambic Pentameter unless by accident.

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: lost love, love hurts,

Aurora and Avalanche

Aurora and Avalanche

Midnight Avalanche 
of words that tore my heart,
Flooded my eyes
and ripped my soul apart,
An accident that took him far, 
left incurable wounds and deep scars,
Streamers of light
flashed before my eyes,
Thoughtless and speechless,
losing myself into dark sky,
Aurora of the dawn since then 
has never been and seen me bright !

Written March 6th, 2015
For contest by Anthony Slausen

Awarded HM

by Cecilia Macfarlane |
Categories: perspective,


Just what lengths would you go through
       To protect those that need you
            Love trumps all reason 
                  In every season
     Would you adopt the same view

TV show: Your Honor 
The storyline is about a judge whose teenage son hits and kills another teenage from a crime  family ,  he panics leaves the scene of accident.  Judge knows if he turns his son in they will kill him.

April 23rd, 2022

For Joseph May's On a Lim contest.

by Cynthia Buhain-Baello |
Categories: inspirational, words,

Encouragement - Double Acrostic

E ach new day is a rare chance at LifE
N ot merely an accident, lightly takeN.
C onsidering death is our cul de saC
O ur obvious Fate, that may be sO.
U se each moment to bless all round yoU
R emember on earth, you won't stay foreveR.
A lways bring Kindness as a sort of mannA
G race your words with love as a blessinG.
E very moment holds  an opportunity therE
M any are hurting and with words you can touch theM.
E ven across the miles,  Goodness knows no fencE,
N ow is the time for Man's care to be giveN.
T ruly as the night comes,  you will sleep in contentmenT.

Cynthia Buhain Baello
July 25, 2012

by Tom Wright |
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Accidental Friendship Or Providential Guidance

Ours is not a friendship sired by accident. and though the misplaced days I enumerated as grains of sand, Apart, we both were as sonar blips without detection, But then from a heart's depth, A letter, a call, an e-mail, a visit; we were no longer as candles, detached, in low flame, Time and circumstance had been abridged. Our friendship, once again, has become a game having no rules and without rhyme or reason; Because a time of absent desire had turned to willingness, A misplaced friendship was granted new life; and because one besought, Through God's Grace the love that exists between two families was born. We Love you S & R

by Mary Jane Randall |
Categories: blue, confidence, confusion, courage, dark, deep, funny love,


don't look for the flaws
as you go through life 
even when you find them by accident 
it is wise & kind to be somewhat blind 
and look for the virtue behind them 
life is to short to waste
slow down if your moving to fast 
time is once 
carefully choose and decide well 

but then again I aint wise or kind 
But I am blind 
Blind to see all that 
yet I know
but blind to take my own advice.........

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: beauty, depression, life, mystery, pain, spiritual, love,


Amazing love  begs perception,
wide the fields' uncertainty,
deep the valleys of depression,
Why me, Lord, why tragedy?

When difficulties we embrace,
is accident on purpose?
Seeds produced by misfortune's grace
lie just below the surface.

Roots of hope with blooms that rally
smother buds of pain and doubt.
These are lilies of the valley
turning breakdowns wrong side out.

Trust becomes our rose of Sharon
that is stayed by sacred sheath.
Watch the maze of weeds turn barren
as raring love springs thru the heath.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: love, murder,

Peerless Princess

Peerless Princess

    The peerless princess
     in her charismatic charm
      owning pristine heart
       was tied in Royal chain.
      Got suffocated, throttled.

     Frantically yearned
     for freedom in open air.
      A passionate prince
      came in glamour of amour.
      Held hand to venture new life.

    Determined lovers
    exchanged wedding ring in glee
     to flee on joy ride.
    but murdered in the tunnel
    though declared as accident.  


 'All Yours (June 8 ) Contest by Brian Strand

by Ojobo Emmanuel |
Categories: passion,

I Kissed the Nun

She was so innocent and nimble
Her smile light out in her dimple
So clear a face that there is no pimple
At first sight I fell in love so simple

A nun she is and I know 
Around her this character show
My nun-love was with life’s narrow
For her breath is getting away a flow

She was gasping O! Heart pure 
What an accident I can help-sure
I told myself she will be heal and cured
But first aid made me kiss her 

The nun needs mouth to mouth
I had no choice it was a dream come true
I did more than first aid and we had a truce
All saw, I know but I kissed the nun

by Roanne Q |
Categories: lost love, love, nostalgia,

Lentement, Doucement, Discretement

This is not an accident. I used to call him
a lazy criminal. Scooping hearts and spilling blood,
leaving footprints, fingerprints. Stains.
Eyes folding over -- the blindman or the beggar? 
Lips that blossomed into blueprints. 
Hands that rhymed with dreams, instead.

The weeknights, dark and warm 
in a season of curled paper.
No speaking -- guilt only follows
past the second trip through the door.  
And then the mornings. 
More sun in him than the greenhouse 
where we watched dragonfly wings. 
A pattern about him
like dragonfly wings. 

In those days we knew
what it meant to point
without wounding.
We knew how to need someone
without wanting,
without loving.

by Donald Meikle |
Categories: historymoon, planet,

Moon Harvest

This moon pulled sea I breathe in
This place between the two
A moving bounce of echoes
That cools a raging rolling fire
Impressively in orbit's throes
Of seasons to admire

To realize the insignificance 
Of life in all it's forms
A moon created accident
That caused electric storms
A planet burst to cause a pause
So mathematically pure
A song was born in finite years
To sound the music of the spheres

And on this  consequential note
Of myriad happenstance
I met my love and on this boat
We float in sweet romance

by Mv Venkataraman |
Categories: angel, beauty, faith, life, marriage,

My Beloved Is Eternally Loved

Loving is not that tough
Reciprocation also is nice
But, after that only matters
Both must eternally love

Just fighting and separating
Or having misunderstandings
Going for lousy divorce in life
Let these things be shunned

Love the other in full swing
Show care beyond thinking
Express love truly, minutely
This kind-bond is imminent

The other may get disease
Or lose beauty in accident
Or may get deep depression
The partner must still love

Love must be ever respected
It must burn like the fine Sun
All differences of opinions
Must be burnt into ashes

by Amity Rodney |
Categories: friendship, happiness, lost love, friendship, friendship, love, me,

Secretly I Smile

Secretly I smile, 
Cause in my heart I know,
That everyday that passes by, 
Our Friendship grows and grows,
And even though I lust for you, 
This feeling is so fleeting, 
Cause friends is what I should have looked for, 
at very first our meeting, 
Cause if I died today, 
In some tragic accident, 
I wouldn't want a love affair, 
To be all our friendship meant, 
Cause if you miss me as a lover, 
You can always find another, 
But if you miss me as a friend, 
That will last until the end, 
I'll always love you Sara, this much I can't deny, 
But I'll love you as a friend, a friendship never dies!

by Brittany Rivet |
Categories: death, devotion, friendship, loss, school, sympathy

A Poem For Alex

Rememberance ain't easy but its tearing us down
The weaknessess inside of us is scattering all around
I never would have thought you would be gone so fast
but it must have been your time when we heard you had past
we want to make things easy for us to follow through 
the fact that things don't follow right without you
walking through the hallways eyes filled with grief 
But now your in heaven my feelings are relived...

This is a poem for Alexander Eduardo Caballero... Tragically killed in a vehicle accident on 
September 4,2009... he will be missed but never forgotten we love you alex...

by Michaela Dowdy |
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I Get It Now

One night you got bored.

Opened your phone and saw my name.

Sent me a text thinking i wouldnt reply.

To your surprise i did.

You meant for it to be a one time thing because you didnt know me very well.

But accident we became friends, then i began to fall in love.

You said it first, i didnt untill i meant it.

Now i regret it.

Because i get it now Justin,

you never wanted it to go any further then a text.

You lead me on and i'm so confused.

Evertime you tell me you love me, i fall back inlove.

But its okay because i get it now,

I'm only here for when you're bored.

But something you'll never even understand is that..

I loved you from the start.