Love Poems About Accessory or Accessory Love Poems
by Jennifer Ratcliffe |
Categories: lost love, love,

Gone By

I've been a bunny, a kitten,
a baby seal,
a hedgehog, a bear and a tiger;
but most of all I have been me.
Sleeves shredded
sunset pale,
an accessory to the main crime.
My Bonnie face
and my Clyde armour-
no murder or money
just dusty road.

by Priscilla Debby Philip-Usha |
Categories: love,

At Dawn

The dawn broke
with thoughts
raging furiously
insisting on response
capturing my being
now a prisoner
with no escape route
an accessory before and after the fact
plead I for freedom to engage the heart
on its destined course.

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: confusion, girlfriend-boyfriend,

Incriminating Love

Poor, leased heart agreeing to a blind date
With malice aforethought you bartered the rate
Twas not petty theft my reason to sift
But treasonous plot my passion to shift
Trite misdemeanor to coyly my fallen spirit lift
Felonious assault my tendered soul to rift
Friendly interest, floated my sinking dreams on your balmy skiff
Accessory to heartache, allowing my fleeting hopes to drift
A bended ear feigning with my liabilities to relate
Lecherous charmer embezzling my allegiance, endearing my fate
Ceremoniously following decorum, my good graces to satiate
Callously counterfeiting my honor, your own ego to ingratiate

by Sibusisiwe LETA Ncede |
Categories: appreciation, confidence, fashion, how i feel, inspiration, literature, poetry,


It is used in a figural speech
It is used as a carrier object
It is used as a storage system
It is used as a everyday accessory
Gosh, you have to love it

Different colours, choose your desire
Different makes, choose your category
Different brands, there are so many
Different shapes, choose your level
Distinguish your individualism

It is a need, not a want
It is useful and optional
It blends with the entire
It so flexible
Yoo, it compliments you

by Taylor Kimball |
Categories: introspection, love,


I’ve threaded my fingers and turned my body into beads.
Like a necklace I was strung and now she wears me ‘round her throat.
Everyone compliments her new accessory.
They say it suits her perfectly; 
 they’ve never seen a better match.
They can’t tell I’m wearing her down.

by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: animals, passion, peace, political,

Floating Currents of Air

The slightest current of air
Holds more truth than the striving
To realize cogitations of material components
Anxiety beset turns to weakness, regret
The shame of burying your accessory love

by Mesut Goktas |
Categories: fun, humor, life,

Poems For Fun - Proposal of Marriage

A proposal of marriage means 
taking into consideration 
lifetime risks, 	as well as 	LIFETIME ADVANTAGES 
		such as 

loss of interest, 	BUT BEING so much INTERESTED IN PINTEREST
loss of confidence, BUT BEING ANONYMOUS 
loss of control, 	BUT BEING OPPOSITE POLE
loss of mind, 	BUT BEING ONE OF A KIND 
loss of love,  BUT only in mind, BEING SOMEONE FLYING HIGH ABOVE 
C'mon! Frankly speaking
it means loss of glory days
			BUT don't worry, finally, will come out 

by Skyy Allen |
Categories: allegory

The It

Shadows cross the land
Animals scurry
Hiding beneath the sand
Races look into each others hollow faces
Casting shadows in the wind
Lies are the new accessory
For the modern woman
Refusing what is real
Captive to the fear
Dancing to the beat of dragon wings
Denying who we are
What can restore our dying love
Who can heal our wounded psyches?