Love Poems About Accession or Accession Love Poems
by Sky Poet Sa |
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What Is True Love

A heart's nobility
feeling's ethics
a journey of romance
beyond allure
emotions' adjure
for honestness
and soundness
that is sown
both by heart
and mind
in a gardern of joy
where lies wither
truth is harvested
love's accession
in the soul's throne
where life remains
peace rules
pain is vanquished.

Drencho POET Loads

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: beautiful, love,

In a Twilight's Glow

I'll ask you in a twilight's glow
to take my heart aloft into the sky
under an awe of a sunset halo
on the wings of love yielding we'll glide
to fly beyond in a tender embrace
where your beauty gives life to perfection
as our love inhales an unspoken grace
to tremble the height of our affection
when time offers its boundless compassion
to give in a lover's warm accession
from glorious interludes of passion
we leave feathered heartbeats in unison
on golden wings forged by love, we'll soar
as love is the ardent sky we adore