Love Poems About Accessed or Accessed Love Poems
by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: christian, faith, love,

God's Grace

God's grace Marvelous grace grace deeper than all sin God's grace, pardons, cleanses within Jesus
Inspired by PD's contest Written May 7, 2013 Traditional Cinquain Credit to: "Grace, Grace, God's Grace" An old hymn.. Can accessed by typing in the title and type in YouTube

by Sigrid Ermine |
Categories: appreciation, courage, emotions, journey, love hurts, me, mountains,

Melded Decades

Abounding thrill elates me, blown away
By beauty accessible, the chances
To make tomorrow my ultimate day
Road split with intricacy of branches

Confronted with unexpected crest
Summit draped under silver mystery
Steep climb denotes scope will become accessed
War torn heart grabs gradient gingerly 

Hands surrounded in shroud mount the challenge 
Pulled pebbles scatter below while I'm held 
Mist bliss invades injured brain's imagine
Pinnacle opportunes suppressed dreams' meld 

Love for another bolsters oxygen
With delve into mountain peak porcelain 

        5th October 2020

        Written for Contest : Love Sonnet
        Sponsor : John Hamilton

by Randolph Byrd |
Categories: absence,

A Woman Brings

The duality of love, a woman brings, is the only possible thing,
that can save a man from himself. An untagged stray, harboring pain buried deep and unreconciled, unable to be healed and forgiven, by himself or others.
Inevitably causes the love the woman has brought, to move away, reluctant to be accessed, unless things could feel right again one day.
The man, his eyes now open, considering what's best for her, clearly no longer reachable, must recognize his self inflicted wounds, and start to heal them today.
And his gift for her? Fading silently away.