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by Susan Palli |
Categories: forgiveness, god,

The Sun Shines On the Righteous

The sun shines on the righteous,
But on the unrighteous too.
So those who aren’t aware yet,
Can know that they are loved too.

The righteous are not perfect,
Hence, they do make mistakes.
However, they love their fiends
To spur their hearts to remake.

Their model is the loving God,
Who gives us all the rain,
The moon, the stars and yes the Son,
So happy all remain.

The righteous are not quick to judge,
They wish to shine their light,
On those who are the victims
Of the dark world and its might.

To all, the glorious trumpet sounds
Announcing God’s Goodwill,
Who accepts us sinners if we repent,
And begin to do His will.

(Matthew 5:44-48)

April 13, 2016

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: appreciation, confidence, growth, woman,

A Journey To Self-Love - Potw

Gone is the scared, insecure girl inside
   Judging herself harshly. She's now free
Of self-loathing. Look at her now; all woman...

           Wearing a brand new attitude!
    Broken pieces of herself glued together;
       Virtues and vices, she accepts fully.

Poem of the week on 08/29/2021

Submitted for...
Your Favorite August 2021 Poem- Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance La France
Date: 08/31/2021

Bite-Size Poem no.18 Poetry Contest (Winner: 1st Place)
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Date written: 08/26/2021

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: forgiveness, lovelove,

Open Arms

My heart accepts your apology,
And welcomes you home again.
The love I share is warmer than the sun,
And I too, forgive you of your sins.

These open arms receive you,
I’m ready for the making up to embark.
Clutching you to my chest, I wont’ ever let go,
For these arms are the extensions of my heart.

Wrapping you up the whole night through,
As I whisper in your ear how much I love you.

For Brian's "My Dear" Contest

by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: family, love, granddaughter,

Simply Dixie

My sweet Creole Pixie
(My granddaughter Dixie)
Still loves her Paw-Paw
In spite of his flaws

'So you do or you don't'
'So you will or you won't'
Accepts with no strings...
'It's simple' she sings

No matter what I say
('It's all right...You're okay!')
No matter what I do
('So what?' 'I love you!')

by Emenaha Godwin Holiday |
Categories: age, anniversary, february, happy birthday, holiday, i love you, me,

It's My Birthday

The mind cannot grasp its beauty's
even though it count the colour's
just like rainbows _ pretty's
the heart accepts its glamour's

your heart accepts its glamour's
till the sky falls from the heavens
a conundrum so candour
with tears from the eyes of a raven

adding radiance to life's breath
saying goodbye to hurt and lust
love that is stronger than death
calls us back _ when we're lost.

by Ame Val |
Categories: emotions, gender, international, pain, sad, social, voice,

Am I Legal

Am I legal?
The law announced yesterday,
That being me is illegal.
For  every passing day,
The malady becomes more lethal.
I didn’t want this, If I got to pick,
I try every remedy, every trick,
But each coming morning I am more virulent, more sick.

They call me an atheist,
An abomination to any deity.
But I believe in god,
The immortal, the almighty.
But I am yet to find a religion in this world, that accepts my being.
That gives me love, for which I’ve been praying.
I have concealed myself so long, I could use some fraying.

And for the lack of courage or shame,
I choose to remain censored.
Till someone could comprehend,
Am I legal?; a question unanswered.

by Michael Jordan |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, inspirational, life,

Desert Sky

So beautiful we can’t help but cry
As the sun sets in the desert sky
The horizon with all its colors to share
Strip the soul and leave it bare
Leaving one to contemplate
With all its trials life is great
The parched earth has turned to dust
Returning to it, we all must
The tragedy is with those left behind
With all the memories they try to find
I have seen it all before
Nothing less – nothing more
We give our hearts to those we love
Place our faith in the Lord above
As the horizon accepts the setting sun
Just like this day my poem is done

by Christine Phillips |
Categories: courage, inspirational, love, romantic,

My Fire

I will be a sudden silence
to calm your burning soul,
 and quiet the words.
Lay down and let thoughts sleep,
escape to a place that accepts you with flaws,
Stand with me there, and be one with me.
Awake from sadness and shout!
Laugh without control!
cry for joy!
I will hold you and never let you go.

©2013 Christine Phillips

by Litan Dey |
Categories: betrayal, trust, wine,


I do not have the drink
Drink itself has me!
Controls me when I am  out of control
Reduces my stresses
It helps to forget you

I salute alcohol
And a million thanks to its inventor
Neither wine harmful nor me
Evil is your world
What is the purpose of life?
Work, husband, and stress!

Everyone treats me as a waiter
I was always ordered
Money has purchased my love,
The world of my care

He accepts me as I am
share my woe
He is in my blood
We can not live separately

I am in love with alcohol
And I respect its inventor

by Jodie Williams |
Categories: hope, lost love,

I'Ll Die Loveless, With Sixteen Cats

I'll never be normal, or a hot trophy wife
I'd rather die lonely than trade in my life
No stranger of lust but a virgin of love
It seems there is none who accepts me enough
Written by hand but never by mouth
Before being buried I'll dig my way out
I guess I'm too weird, but I'll never change
I can't find a soulmate who loves that I'm strange
Cupid's a leper, my heart, a taboo
I guess I'm not wired to love like you do

by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: love, wife,

My Wife Supernova

With her motherly self
At peace with herself
A flawless expression
Of Mother nature’s rendition

A brimming supernova
She’s still my inamorata
Through to her third trimester 
Glowing with carefree laughter

She’s beauty and grace
A delicate, but uncertain face
Yes, she accepts her responsibility
A lioness, this she does diligently

Hormonal maybe, I still love my wife
I've never seen a stronger force of life
She's a sensual life giving soul
I’m indeed a fortunate fool

I don't purpose to ask why
When she breaks down and cry
I let her know it's okay
I love you (both), I care

by Ellen Fahey |
Categories: faith, love

He and Me


He created me...
             He loves me.

                             He knows me...
                                        He loves me.

                                                          He accepts me...
                                                                       He loves me.

                                                                                    Just as I am...
                                                                                             He loves me.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,

Language Or the Kiss

He seems to love the sound of his own voice,
and if he does not get his way, he balks.
A hug from him would make his gal rejoice,
yet little of affection does he give.
For love of science he will always live,
but friendships matter, so he talks and talks!

He’s fond of many things and knows each fact
about his favorite sci-fi shows, and his
use of language naturally is exact.
His gal prefers a kiss to that which he
spews from his mouth, but eccentricity
defines him. She accepts him how he is!

May 9, 2018 for the 'Rhyme Time 3' Contest of Laura Loo
Topic 6 is my title.

Dedicated to the characters Sheldon and Amy from one of my favorite sitcoms: The Big Bang Theory

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: love, philosophy

The Abc's of Love

Accepts, believes, cares, dotes, esteems, feels, gives, hopes, increases, jubilates, keeps, laughs, 
mends, notices, offers, praises, quenches, radiates, satisfies, teaches, uplifts, venerates, watches, 
x-halts, and yields with zeal.

© July 22, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: ASPECTS OF LOVE 
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

by Thea Lazenby |
Categories: love, me, me,

The Man of My Dreams

The man of my dreams stands beside me, he compliments me, not only by flattery.
He understands me, he gets me, he accepts me as I am.

He makes me feel loved and wanted, his actions speaking to me louder than his words.
He shares his passions and dreams with me, he doesn't promise a relationship free of obstacles and challenges, but one with love and commitment.

The man of my dreams isn't a perfect man, he doesn't have to stand 6'1 or be a perfect 10.  He doesn't have to drive a flashy car or throw his money around to win my heart, his character and who he is is what matters to me.

The man of my dreams is out there somewhere, I will be waiting patiently until the day he finds me.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: christian, faith, god, inspirational love, meaningful, perspective, wisdom,


Truth can be found in the Bible
if one disregards the minister
and accepts the heart

Interpretation is just that
more fiction than fact--
to stop a living word
is to define it

Love needs only freedom
and not chants and icons

Christ never left us

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: love,


Amber eyes bewitched 
Young gentleman in the street
Deciding to ask
The lady if she accepts 
To speak in the coffee shop

Example for Cynosure Poetry Contest

by Shernilia Dennis |
Categories: anger, relationship,


We argued, and said the cruelest things,
We knew the words that would hurt the most,
I’m sure neither of us meant it,
But it’s already been said.
All we can do is ask for forgiveness,
And hope the other accepts it. 
In the heat of the moment,
We became so cold,
When we both know, 
We’re each other’s world.
If we take a breather, 
before we talk to each other,
Maybe this can change,
When the anger subsides,
Our love will bloom again.

by Raymond Emeka-Mbah |
Categories: friendship, happiness, lovelife, love,

For the Bride and Groom

Strangers they truly were 
Acquintance they later become 
Friends they agreed to be 
Lovers their emotion speak 
Soul Mates the journey turns to be. 

They've chosen to be with each other 
How Beautiful she is in his arms 
How Handsome he looks when with her 
Two Hearts beating the rhythm of Love 
Oneness of life their purpose now is. 

She accepts his maleness with the flaws 
He accepts her physique with the character 
In their eyes their Love only they see 
In their hearts alone lies their shortcomings 
A blissful life their hear truly yearn for.

by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: allegory, faith, hope, life, love, passion, peace, philosophy, sad, seasons, time, prayer, autumn,

Serenity Response


The winds of autumn blow 
Creating change

The crux of the matter
Do I bend or do I break?

Willow knows the truth
She may weep besides waters deep

But she drinks in courage to face the future
And bends when winds do blow

And in her serenity - she survives
'She accepts the things she cannot change'

© Brenda V Northeast 24th Jan. 2011

For Nette Onclaud’s- Serenity response

The Serenity prayer  by Reinhold Niebuhr

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference Amen

by Jonathan Hopkins |
Categories: care,

Sweet Little Gumdrop




by Valerie Staton |
Categories: appreciation, dance, feelings, happy, love, mother son,

She Dances and Poses

When he sees her, he can’t contain his joy
His gallant heart leaps within its bony cage
A fan, he has been since he was a boy
Of the beautiful woman up on the stage;
It gives him contentment and sheer delight
To watch her captivate the crowd with her poses
Like a stalker he shadows her each night
And each night gifts her with crimson roses;
She cheerfully accepts the floral tokens
And on each cheek, she plants a kiss
Thank you she says, though no words are spoken
His thoughtful gestures fill her with bliss;
“Good job”, he says, “great dancing and poses.”
“Thank you, son, now enough with the roses!”

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: destiny, heartbreak, sad,

Tragic Chapters

Time after time, I recall fondling the book,
Hour after minute, delaying the inevitable look.

The pages lay dusty, fading undisturbed.
Tears fall in drops filled with love grief throbs.
I strain my eyes to attempt each word.
Imagery leaps at me, emotional pieces I cannot free.
A soft, aching sob sits now, curled in fear's quake,
Dreading chapters lost in shadow times of us.

Worst, the pages neglect to say why
and my heart accepts sad is her only ally.

... CayCay Jennings
July 27, 2016

by Brian Johnston |
Categories: love,

Love Does Not Require

... rain softened air perfumed with pine, 
... a mountain stream's rocky incline, 
... a path untried, 
... truth be denied, 
Love does not require you here with me.

... a gentle touch in morning light, 
... impassioned talk into the night, 
... a fond embrace, 
... a fall from grace, 
Love does not require our alibis.

No need for smiles followed by sighs, 
No need to reconcile the whys, 
No need to change, 
Or rearrange, 
Love accepts us how and where we are.

For love requires just this as rent, 
That there may be no requirement.
Love's quiet flow
Proceeds just so -
Love accepts each of our destinies.

Brian Johnston
For Deborah Eppstein 4/12/79

by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: character, devotion, friendship, poetess, poetry, trust, wisdom,

Qualities In a Friend


Exceptional kindheartedness
And unsurpassed allegiance
Traits that are virtuous in anyone
Trustworthy beyond degree
Yes, this is what a friend should be
Generous even to a fault
Qualities you don't often see
Someone who accepts you unconditionally

There is one such person on Poetry Soup
Who fits this description, and so much more
Her poetry is filled with love and harmony
That comes from days of yore

12 June 2018
For the contest co-sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire and Jack Horne