Love Poems About Accepting or Accepting Love Poems
by Bob Quigley |
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In youth I looked at life through my front window Everything was new and unexplored Expectations flowed like rushing water Nothing that I viewed could be ignored Paths untested prompted me to venture Inhale the fragrance of discovery Taste the nectar of a love awakened Embracing life wherever it took me Today I look at life through my rear window And savor the experiences I've had Reflecting once again upon my journey Accepting what life gave, the good, the bad The edges of my world are now more rounded The colors are a softer, warmer hue However, I have not a favorite window Through either one I've much enjoyed the view
Bob Quigley Sept 29, 2011

by Bradley Veals |
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To My Love

Forgotten in a sea of agony
Remembered in waves of regret
And the terror of letting go

Given freely in the warmth of a kiss
Taken quickly in anticipation
Of pain promised to pass

Her warmth surrounds me
Her strength becomes my own
Her skin holds the memory
Of the familiar touch of my hand

Her lips
Wet and wanting

Her eyes
Open and waiting

Her arms 
Accepting and mournful

Her body
Needful and forgiving

A wishful gift of life
Unable to be ignored or pushed away
As we lay together

Forgotten in the blanket of night
Remembered in the light of day
Increasing the terror of letting go

by Jimmy Anderson |
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Jimmy and Brianna

Jimmy imaginative, poetic learning, protecting, misjudging father, parent, daughter, child accepting, forgiving, understanding artistic, gorgeous Brianna
*Written for my middle child Brianna - daddy loves you!!!

by Emile Pinet |
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He Fears the Bogeyman

Love's light beams from the hearts and souls of Man but His insecurities shade its glow. And in shadows, hate and bigotry grow; though Man's conscience interjects when it can. But, like a child, He fears the bogeyman; facing repercussions, He lets hope go. Scared of storms, He revels in the rainbow; convincing Himself that it is God's plan. Evil overshadows the light of good; anonymity merges with the dark. And accepting truths, tethered to rumors, we mesh with the system as robots would. Yet, the love in Man needs only a spark, to exorcise fear's cancerous tumors.

by Eve Roper |
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This Is How Much I Love You

This Is How Much I Love You                                 

                                               He lays on the wooden cross 
                                           accepting the piercing to his flesh
                                                     with thoughts of; 

                                              “This is how much I love you.”
©By  Eve Roper3/31/2015

by Andrea Dietrich |
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I Love You

I look into your eyes – so beautiful.
Inside them I see reflected myself as you see ME.
The tenderness you feel for me,
the unconditional, forever love so true.
I know you see it too reflected back from my eyes
right to you.

Your gaze is constant and unwavering
like that love which we’ve both come to know.
You see into my soul. 
accepting me for all I am.
For this alone – I love you, but for so much more.

Darling, may you ever stay this way,
gazing back at me  with love and understanding.
My soul mate, I adore you forevermore.

Oct. 22, 2021

by Isaiah Zerbst |
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Son of Judah

My tale is from the time of Rome
Away across the sea
The tale of one called Jesus Christ
From distant Galilee

He placed Himself at God's command
Accepting all His will
Accomplishing the work of God
From Tyre to Olive's hill

He walked the streets and sailed the seas
He healed the blind and lame
Since Jesus came and changed the world
It's never been the same

He hung upon a cross of wood
To save from Adam's fate
He lived and worked among the poor
And died in low estate

He turned the world right upside-down
With nothing but His love
And now He watches us with care
From heaven's court above

 -- Written 1/14/2013 --

by Robin Davis |
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We Need To Change What Has Been Done

There is nothing I won't do
To try and finally get through
To a world who is not well
Somehow we all tripped and fell
Right into a hole of hate
I just hope it's not too late
For climbing out of the deep
Anger that we slowly seep
Into souls, quickly burning
Out the love, now it's turning
More and more into heartache
When are we all gonna take
A look at what we're all doing
To each other, lets stop screwin'
Around, getting back to when
All humans were happy friends
Accepting others, and not judging
Let's leave all the hurtful smudging
In the past and move ahead
Without any tears or dread

by Richard Keith |
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Revealing hidden treasure
Opening to view
Bringing unknown pleasure
Embracing something new

Romance long defended
Thwarting every chance
All the times expended
Movements through the dance

Advancing every dream
Repairing moments past
Inviting as they seem
Erased by Love at last

Kindling the flame
Rapture hard to take
Accepting all the blame
Takes away mistake

Souls embracing last entwine
Ascending to a Love divine

by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
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I'm not accepting your word of doom
I won't give in and seek the gloom
I'm gonna smile for a while and be so high
I'm gonna reach right up and touch the sky
I'm gonna live my life and feel free
I'm gonna find the good in all I see
You can't reach me with words that hurt
I won't be part of you're dealing dirt
I will laugh and I will love
And I will touch the stars above
This will be my finest hour
Your negativity will have no power
You can't keep me down; my life is mine
You can wallow in mud but I'm gonna shine.

by Donna Jones |
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Spinning World

Tonight, the big bright hanging moon is smiling
My spinning world is singing, lovingly accepting your ring

©Donna Jones

by Caryl Muzzey |
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For Love of God

Flaxen stars splash 
coal colored heavens 
with luxurious
luster that captured
eyes from all lands
of darkness,
embracing love 
under a blue moon
luring embodied
souls to ignite
passion and romance
with old and young hearts
throughout ageless time
regardless of 
ethnic background or
sexual penchant
of human 
for the duration
of existing life- 
for eternity-
judging not
but accepting-
for love of God…

Copyright © 2016 By Caryl S. Muzzey


Fourth Place Winner ~ " Anacreontic Verse 2" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Edward Ebb
Feb.06, 2016

by Kirstie Fontes |
Categories: childhood, family, father,

To My Daddy

I remember sitting on your lap and feeling completely content.
I remember sitting with daisies in my hair waiting for the big day.
I remember the smile on your face when I walked into the room.
I remember all the hugs and kisses to make the owies go away.

Most of all I remember the love. The unconditional love that you have always 
showed me. You always treated me like your natural daughter. Through all the 
love and pain, through all the loss and tears, through all the joys and 
disappointments. You have always been there encouraging me, loving me, and 
accepting me.

You are the Dad I am supposed to have. I thank God everyday for sending you to 
us and making us a family.

by Kim Robin Edwards |
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The One For Me

We all know that it's too hard to handle.
Accepting things that are so unreal.
So give it time, to fade away.
Accept the world, for what it is..
So glare at me, and you will see.
My heart's pounding, for some energy.
I'll let you know, and make it clear.
I'll give you everything, I've got to give..
So think it over, it's got to be.
See if you're, the one for me..

We all know that it's too hard to handle.
Accepting things that are so unreal.
So think it over.You must be careful.
See if you're, the one for me..

So think it over, it's got to be.
See if you're, the one for me..

Love Song by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1988,2015..ALL rights reserved..

by Keshan Govender |
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Reconciliation: the Silence Healed

Your failure, thought by your ear
Words of another, your dread spread
My shoulder, never not yours
Reconciliation; your voice heard. 
A misery, my own doing
My recoil, accepting the proximity
Sorrow, the feeling behind my joy
The pain untold, but written in silence. 
As your tears I feared; your side I embraced
A seat you offered, an honor remembered
Conversation alive again, its fragility accommodated 
Your speech to me, always a pleasure.
My smile true; my heart whole
Another day for some; a renewed dawn for me.

by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: retirement, sympathy, visionary,

Heaven Is a World

In getting into a conclusive unit

We may need a saturated balloon

From what we have got is far from accepting 

Those who insisted beyond lying pits.

Dear men under siege, from back and forth

who face scratching soil and the scorching sun

Yet have to account for what they have earned.

Who will call who into justice burst forth.

Heaven must have been right reward for them.

But libido instilled in them a love

Of touch, riches, mantle, mansion and fame

Waved their fat claimed hope, achievements... But tough.

No amount of clarion call to guidance
Will stay their world, if they won't be guided.

by Linda Thorne |
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When all of this is over
just as any war been waged before
It’s the lessons that we learn today
that tomorrow’s waiting for
so, help where help is needed
give of time of care of love
be patient and accepting
when it’s you their thinking of
If we choose to be our better self
If we choose to do what’s right
the world we have tomorrow
will be the world we want tonight


by Constance La France |
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Love Is Actually Acceptance

Oh, when two fall in love all is entrancing, magical, romantic- pure in every way; with bouquets of roses, dining and dancing, sweet kisses and whispering and great foreplay. Then, a change as the affair is advancing, you see little things that leave you in dismay; there are days gray when you notice your love's flaws, but love is accepting those flaws with no pause. _______________________ August 8, 2017 Rispetto/Love Is Actually Acceptance Copyright Protected, ID 928007 Written for the contest, Love is Actually _____ sponsor, John Anderson Seventh Place

by Kaylesha Cooper |
Categories: forgiveness,

Expressing Love

Love is about forgiving
when you really would like to hate.
Love is about letting go
When that seems like embarking on an entirely new day.
Love is about searching
When coldness is all that you see.
Love is about praying one day
Situations will change so each many discover their destiny.
Love is about accepting faults
without complaint.
Love is about giving each other encouragement
Even when emptiness remains.
Just wanted to take a second to express thoughts of love to you.

by Shanity Rain |
Categories: adventure, travel,

Road Trip

on the road trip I found
love sheds a light on all things 

I believe in love we must grow through pain 
Traveling through different States and Countries

In truth people all over , we want the same 
no mater how far , no matter how long you have travelled

There is a choice between light and dark
In meeting and accepting all people , embracing the differences 

in giving and taking , as "John Lennon " wrote
of course I will quote " The love you take is the Love you make "

be a poet , be  a visionary,  be a artist in design
on the road traveled , whatever road trip you find
always dance if given the chance , be true , be kind.

by Ale A A |
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I believe in lessons
 Reasons for building character
  I believe in being honest
    Chance for meaningful expressions
      I believe in accepting all feelings
        A reminder that we are human
          I will still love if I knew for sure my heart would be broken
            I would still give if no acknowledgement of receipt was forth coming
              Because my experience reminds me that I am living. 
                A state to be cherished more than just existing

by Pine Pup |
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An Angels View

Looking down on me.
Wishing you could be here now.
Accepting your fate.
Appearing in every dream.
You realize that I'll be fine.

by Anonomus Scorpio |
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You Are the One

Believing, I choose to care not be silent
You pierce my heart's pleas by trident
You're healing me with your genuine caring
The benefits are bold in what we are sharing
No catastrophe in us could ever possibly be seen
Your gentle touches I always feel what they mean
I'm buying in, heading for your other worldly charms
You're accepting that I always belong in your arms
You got the summers vacant scent; from me in the fall
I continue to give you the love, as I am standing tall
You are the only one I showed up for above and beyond all else
How could I have possibly known, you would return me to myself

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, betrayal, break up, emotions, feelings,

Today's But a Shadow

You believed all he said, but it was all a lie. And the saddest thing is, every lie made you cry. Your pain and suffering haunts the angels above. For your innocent heart has been damaged by love. Time's the only thing that can mend your broken heart. And dispel depression when your world falls apart. You cannot change the past despite your umpteen tries. And accepting the truth, you wipe tears from your eyes. Today is a shadow cast by yesterday's light. And that reality disturbs your dreams at night. Tomorrows don't exist in the moment of now. And you need to move on and let love go, somehow.

by Zahara Khan |
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Unfortunate Love

there is nothing more unfortunate 
than a love with no ending
a love so pure..
yet with no name to define it
a love all consuming
but in no way have you expressed it.

there is nothing more unfortunate than a love you took for granted
dawning on you late
but is already out on its way
into the arms of another prey.
the love which filled you with joy
day after day..
but you spawned it away
for your mind was not in place

there is nothing more unfortunate than the cry of unrequited love
resonating in the walls of my mind
akin to a bird in a cage
urging to be released..
accepting its fate..
it slumps in despair.