Love Poems About Accepted or Accepted Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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Embracing a Dream

Today, I'm feeling overwhelmed by love, beyond happiness; I'm soaring above. An emotion imbued with such power, it lingers like the scent of a flower. I thought that I understood who I was, until I felt the magic that love does. I cannot put my feelings into words, they eclipse the sun and outfly the birds. Opening my heart, I accepted love's gift, and my inhibitions were cut adrift. Love is an extraordinary feeling that titillates and sets my pulse reeling. I'm afloat on billowing clouds of bliss; embracing a dream, love blessed with a kiss.

by Gordon Mcconnell |
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Being Accepted As I Am

Having lived my own life
lessons you learn through time
ones that count for life
to forget would be a crime

Stammered every day since birth
enduring it all incredibly tough
but better things around my corner
believing it could be enough

One day God broke through
revealing His love in His blessed son
who had died for all my sins
to indwell me shows salvation's done

This God assured me of one thing
He accepted me just as I am
nothing I bring just to Jesus cling
this truth eternally brings me calm

(I have written this to pass on the main life lesson I've learned throughout my life that this  has kept me calm and how to live in the forward direction.)

by Christopher Grieves |
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Tea For Two - ::new audio::

Take us just as we are;
The rough and the smooth.
Accepted and loved.
With nothing to prove.

Need us too;
Or that's what we hope.
Ask yourself this:
Are you sick, phat or dope?

Gather together in twos, threes or fours.
Uplifting each other.
House and hearts;
Open doors.

Share the mountainous journey,
the struggles, the views.
Friends are honest and patient.
All colours. 
All hues.

Whoever they are, whatever they're like;
Be they short, wide or lanky,
called Steph, Steve or Mike..
We should give as we take
and be present, for sure.. our friends are forever.
And maybe.. some more.

by Kim Rodrigues |
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Reflected In the Honeymoon

ripples of water torture accepted
the wrinkle of time descending
mannahly marantic romance
torticollis dribs and drabs of syringe
honey’d seeds remain; cakes fade away
dawn will erase; placidity will forget
but the depths release their seamonsters
reflected in the honeymoon, between palms
with firework stars overhead; eternal bliss

Sponsor: William Kekaula
Impact and Metaphors Poetry Contest

*mannahly - mannah turned into an adverb

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: muse,

A Self-Reflection Sonnet

I rarely ponder who I am or why.
I’ve just accepted God made me this way -
a woman who -but if she tried – might fly,
yet still I’m crawling to this very day!
I fall into routines. The things I do
are things that bring me comfort – nothing more
and nothing less, for I don’t aspire to
great lofty goals; I’m simply asking for
some answers which I pray that God would give
to me, but maybe I’m unworthy of
the help I seek though I sure love to live!
How would it be to feel God’s warming love
to buoy me up? I’m grateful, after all,
yet sometimes I cannot help feeling small.

Oct. 29, 2020
for Chantelle Anne Cooke's Inward Reflections Poetry Contest

by Stephanie Whitley |
Categories: forgiveness, lost love, sorry

The End of It

Yeah, it's true.
I hated you.
You hated me, too, though.
As you can clearly see,
The playing field's even between you and me.
You hurt me.
That's clear to see.
I, in turn, hurt you,
Not that it was right for me to do,
But I did.
Apology accepted?
Yours is.
Can't that be the end of it?

by Anna Hopper |
Categories: feelings, i love you, sexy, sin,

My Why

I breathe you in
I taste your skin
I’m starved for you
My sweet sin

Your fingers comb
Behind my ears 
When we’re alone
You calm my fears 

You place your hands 
Across the line
Our spirits dance
We intertwine 

The moon and stars
See it all
A love like ours
Is doomed to crawl

Beneath the bars
Of what’s accepted
Less than par
Left rejected

But when I see
Your underneath
It occurs to me
Why I breathe

Why I’m here
Why I live
Why feel fear
Why forgive

At the close
Of every day
I’m glad to know
Why to pray

by Eric Boddie |
Categories: bible, encouraging, faith, god, philosophy, spiritual, truth,

God's Own People

"God's Own People"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Great are those who Accept And Honor Faith
Only His Love Has The Power To Keep us safe
Damnation from sin will surely be forbidden
Salvation For The Soul Can Only Come Through Repenting

Once Christ Is Freely Accepted
Wisdom Of Choice Will Only Be Reflected
Nothing Else Should Ever Be Expected

Praise His Name And He Will Protect you
Eternal Life Is All we should ever pursue
Obedience, not perfection, is all that one needs
Prayer And Love Are The Only Required Deeds
Life Absolutely Has No Meaning Without God
Even the worst of us can be redeemed if we only Ask, it's not odd

by Venetia Crasta |
Categories: spiritual,

Where Has My Saviour Gone

Darkness has enveloped the earth
Men stagger like drunkards and lean on each other
For they have rejected the Light and accepted the Philosophy of the World
But the Righteous are sheltered under His Wings
He guides them by their heart and they have nothing to fear
For their Salvation is at hand.

He is ever watching over me
Every thought he knows before I can do the deed
He corrects, holds me, calls me out
Before its too late or before I can fall.
Oh I love this God of mine
Call out to Him when there is still time.

by Regina Elliott |
Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade, blessing, celebration, christian, forgiveness, jesus,

Christian Lioness

I'm a Christian Lioness
of the Lion of Judah,
I had a tumultuous youth
and came to redemption.
To be forgiven as to forgive.
In His blessed mercy 
I have pardon.
In Him there is pure love's
In Him there is forevermore.

I sing to Him in exultation,
or softly as an April whispered
As I lift prayers to my Yeshua,
Rabboni, I cherish You!
You love humanity,
despite our grieving You,
and accepted willingly my
prodigal return with my
heart in joy for You.
I'm a Christian Lioness
of the Lion of Judah. ~

by Dana Redricks |
Categories: change, conflict, daughter, family, forgiveness, lost love, sad,

Please Forgive Me

Author Dana Redricks
July 12, 2018

I know I have made 
a lot of mistakes along
the way, but you must
remember,  it is all a part of
being human in a fallen
the world, but I still must take my part
in what I did
If I could take all my mistakes
Back I would
many of them were done out
trying to be accepted
in this world, it can be lonely
Please let go of the blame
 Even if you do not pardon me
remember I will always love you

by Abraham L |
Categories: life

Learn How To Say No

People don’t like to hear the word no
They’ll push you as far as they want
You to go. Saying no is not a crime,
People pleasing is way out of line.

It is natural to want love, and be 
Accepted by all, and in a balance way.
If there comes a time when the answer
Is yes, it would be comfortable to utter
As your doing your best.

by Sellamuthu S.Kandasamy |
Categories: philosophy, universe,

Virtuous Life

Love even enemies with humanity
Endeavour ever for creativity
Live united with smile until death
Add eminence to parents for birth
Let truth alone remain in the universe
Aspire for flawless life with perseverance
Ensure peace persists everywhere
Make poverty and disparity among people rare
Acquire doubtless knowledge
Impede united against evils you judge
Preserve the accepted holy epics
Also admire philanthropy and ethics 
Hate hatred and corruption in every walk of life
Adopt Ahimsa as the right path for eternal life.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: eulogy, image, introspection, longing, love, wisdom, words,

The Death of Love

Love is something I have always
sort of accepted...just went with...
needing no manual, nor preacher
to entice me – I miss those days:
when a heart was free from hyper,
sonic bands,  puncturing the eyes of 
internal waves – those innate crests
I once surfed with mental impunity....

by Louise Picek |
Categories: devotion, faith, love,


self deception,
a world of lies in my soul,
I thought I knew it was true,
but oh-
it was a self depreciating infatuation.
I thought it was love,
but found out the truth,
just another infatuation,
like an addiction,
unhealthy for my heart, soul, and mind,
but clinging deep inside.
With this error in my past,
I've learned, 
accepted who I was.
Now there is a true love in my life,
not a pitiful infatuation.
true to the core.
I was pulled from the mire that overtook me,
Saved from the life that laid down before,
and I feel acknowledged,
loved without disappointment,
and know that there is no longer an infatuation.

by Augusto Munoz |
Categories: family, people, mother,

William the Conqueror

I knew a 
Guillermo or William, 
who had a liquor-flavored 
tongue that conquered my 
mother and peeled her
skin. His words were 
alcoholics on a three
day binge, my mother 
was the house that they
laughed in. His voice
turned my mother into a
beggar, she pleaded not 
to be a victim of his love.
The portraits that hung in
his home were images of
his hand imprinted on
my mother’s suspecting 
face. He played pity 
so well. So well, that my
mother accepted his
violent imperfections
and learned to live in an
imaginary home. Where
are you now father?

by Shem Wamani |
Categories: desire, feelings, heart, imagination, love, word play, words,

Woman of My Dreams

Her smile gave the attraction
i went without any calculation
and gave her an explanation
that her sight gave me the admiration

i told her she was my destination
my every imagination
i needed no demostration
to prove my affection

after along conversation
she gave me her expectation
and asked my intention
because she expected no separation

she gave me no limitation
because she had accepted my application
in her heart i was in the first position
and her every sensation

by Iolanda Scripca |
Categories: art, hope, imagination, love, romance,

Then I Can Die

If all I did  was made you feel so real
Among aortas of much needed love
With silky shoulders of stern Pacific layers
Disturbed by memories of wings...

If I defected life and accepted  wrinkles
Of heated rhythm in tempera of love
Although the shyness of a maiden wouldn't vanish
I long to get to know you in your destined life...

If all I did was made you stop and watch me 
Smiling from a frame of wooden Jacaranda wonders
Then I can die forever in immortality of love -
The Anonymous -
                        in the "Wax Museum of 
                                                  the Hoping Souls"...

by Deon Burger |
Categories: feelings, forgiveness, love hurts, relationship,

Apology Accepted

Trying to say 
I am sorry
takes every fibre in my being to new levels.
I cannot fathom out
the uncontrollable hurt
and sense of loss
burns within me...
Sorry - 
a shallow grave of vocabulary,
a sham of emotion
but how can I prove
that all I say is honest
and true,
that all I feel is what I do...
Love, caring, doldrums of hopelessness?
What acidic retort will I get in return?
Probably a shoulder of ice,
a frozen relic of the past - 
ignorance and foolish pride...
Whatever you do,
I don't mind
at least I would have been a man...
and said I am sorry!
Copyright Deon J.H. Burger 2014

by Kerri-Ann Codrington |
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A vague vision suppressed by my pass life
my future seems blurry, yet rich and enhanced by my present life.
Life as a student as taught me so much 
To hate and to love, and even not to trust

I've learned to take life just as it comes
with the up hills and the down hill and the crazy things it throws

I long to be accepted but instead I get
the oppose of what i lust

I trust no one and I've never believed in love 
i create my destiny and I can mold yours to 

And that's because I'm you
I am others just like me 

And I am who I want to be
A blur yet making an impact on the life of others

A silent partner climbing the hills called life
taking on that everyday strive.

by Olise Egbune |
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America America

?America America

the beautiful land across the Atlantic

that once desolate land:

where like sardines in can; we were shipped

to labour with our blood and sweat.
oh America, the greatest

that distant land;

we’ve all accepted as home…

give us this day our liberty,

and forever remain blind to our colours, stretch forth your hands in love and embrace the beauty within.
America America…

my sweet America,

land of our heritage…

in God we trust;

and the dreams of our fathers we must keep alive.

by Thoubert Larus |
Categories: confusion, life, love

Life, Twisted Life


Doubt not life
Babies are born and  grow
Existence continues, be your self!

Twisted life:

Universal love, 
I have grown  and accepted
Existence ends with me and you

Thoubert Larus :dedicating  against discrimination. UN acceptance of equal rights 
and non discrimination for sexual orientation.


by Ra Shagun |
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The Way

I like the way.,
you entered my life,
and like the way.,
you blush and smile..,

I like the way.,
you shut us up,
and like the way.,
you take each sup..,

I like the way.,
you move so slight,
and like the way.,
you change your sight..,

I like the way .,
you don't talk much,
and like the way.,
annoys with a simple touch..,

I like the way.,
you accepted my rose,
and like the way.,
you nudge my nose..,

I like the way.,
you let me hold to,
and like the way.,
you made me fall for you.

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: birth, caregiving, cute love, deep, encouraging, freedom, future,

Forever Is Freedom

I need to pray to make myself free. 
I love freedom because freedom is not free.
I have freedom but not forever
There is no forever.
Even the word forever is not forever. 
I don’t push and insist to be free
I just guide myself to make it free.
What is important I accepted freedom?
I will do the things right.
My strength is my weakness.
I am my freedom
Forever is freedom!

by Lu Loo |
Categories: humanity, love,


Humankind should show benevolence to those in pain
Unselfish concern needs to be put first when kindness is in need
Mercy and generosity may fulfill one’s daydream of being accepted
Altruism with clemency can reveal a true desire to be understood
Nations should coexist in permissiveness and gleam with righteousness
Inside everyone of us is a light ready to shine with exuberant inner beauty
Tenacity and perseverance should be showered with soft-heartedness
You and me should bestow compassion to those deserving of love

Humanity-Acrostic Contest
John Hamilton
November 17, 2017