Love Poems About Acceptant or Acceptant Love Poems
by Unseeking Seeker |
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Easy Breezy

Let us take a chance and soften our stance, in acceptant mode, with heart our abode. Urges manifest at ego’s behest, we choose to disown, as seeds we have sown. Our vaporised self, this way frees itself, by feeding not thought, that’s ego begot. Dwelling in the void, sees desires destroyed and as the mists clear, bliss beats within spear. Magnetic rapture mind cannot capture, transmutes body-mind, now with love aligned. 29-July-2022

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Zen Mode

premonition, deja vu and clairvoyance reveal that life as unveiled has already occurred impulsed by soul in the ethereal domain there then being only limited free will being response to life as it unfolds where if we be tranquil and acceptant nothing at all need be done for all is well recognising that this life is but a lucid dream and time itself is an illusion replaying vibrations already created but played out in slow motion solely for our heart's delight and soul growth which we have ourselves so chosen to feel resolving conflicts in the cauldron of love in time transcended blissful stillness 29-November-2022

by Nassira Merahi |
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The Drops of Nature

The drops of nature

Nature is beautiful, powerful, logical…
Give 1 drop of kindness…
It would end up domestical.

Nature is glamorous, fabulous, adventurous…
Give 2 drops of awareness…
It would turn affectuous.

Nature is inspiring, adorning, breathtaking…
Give 3 drops of love…
Its roots will then start burgeoning.

Nature is sweet, complete, discreet…
Give 4 drops of respect…
Its favors in return, no mortal can beat.

Nature is elegant, acceptant, conservant…
Give 5 drops of humbleness
Its response would be nurturant.

And we can keep on adding drops…
Of excellent qualities….
Nature has fields full of crops…
And oceans of bounties.

by Unseeking Seeker |
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We have a yen for zen,
for we are a poet,
choosing to sing our song
without inhibition,
taking mankind along.

We have a yen for zen,
so follow not the herd
but carve our path through life,
moment to moment thus,
joyous, aglow, bliss rife.

We have a yen for zen,
free from fear and desire,
with malice towards none,
acceptant and at peace,
knowing we all are one.

We have a yen for zen,
so abide in silence,
connected to our soul,
dispersing love and light,
here in our earth life role.


Writing Challenge - 'Z' Words Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Constance La France

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Earth Life Dance

“rest in peace, oh hermit, for all is well
just abide in silence and desires quell”


Having opted to dwell in delusion,
for experiencing duality,
there is then no cause for agitation,
for true self is blissful tranquility,
transmitting love in continuity.
Upon re-cognising our true nature,
we are not mind body caricature,
we then become empty and acceptant,
head and heart love aligned, as we mature,
vibrant in the rapturous bliss current.


by Unseeking Seeker |
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Fullness In Emptiness

First cessation Stillness and silence Agendaless celebration In rapture of blissful parlance Second unhurried joy assimilation In a timeless meditational continuum Thought rested tranquil calm orientation Cognisant to bliss throbbing at our sensorium Third simply being a formless awareness attentive Doing nothing save choosing with love alignment As a witness consciousness contemplative Aspect acceptant mood contentment Thus by magnetic resonance Witnessing our blossoming Bliss throb permanence In being becoming 03-December-2020

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Dance Divine

“knock not oh hermit, there is no one here,
save blissful love awareness, self aware”


Negating nothing, acceptant spirit,
mood joyful and mode celebratory,
view nonjudgmental to fault or merit,
self luminous in bliss vibratory,
flows thus in serene continuity.
Essence of our presence as a bliss mist,
transfixed in rapture of joy that persists,
doing nothing, imbibes the elixir,
in nonchalance as an earth life tourist,
renewing our divine reverent fervour.


by Unseeking Seeker |
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Slow Boat

With God our guide, we gently glide
Cognisant of the life current
On a joy ride, with love inside

Life dignified, thoughts bona fide
Ego decadent, soul vibrant
With God our guide, we gently glide

Bliss throb within, never subsides
Unveiling soul luminescent 
On a joy ride, with love inside

Nonjudgmental eye, none we chide
Softened attention, acceptant
With God our guide, we gently glide

Heart open wide, why would we hide
Emoting loving sentiment
On a joy ride, with love inside

Erect is our stance, bold our stride
Unhurried about our ascent 
With God our guide, we gently glide
On a joy ride, with love inside


by Unseeking Seeker |
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Our Shifting Perspective

Wheel of time slowly turns as we too learn, shifting perspective, our view more expanded, with attention now softened, looking beyond near horizons, with single eye vision spherical, heart open, acceptant and forgiving. Life does teach us if we choose to listen, our fulcrum shifting from head to heart, as we reclaim lost innocence, taking life as but a play, with empathy for all in joy and laughter, our mood lighter, each moment throb of love. 15-November-2020

by Unseeking Seeker |
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The Fizz Is

No steps to take
Once ego we forsake
For all the doing
Enabling our becoming
Is automatically taken care
By our choice to pair
With the love vibration
Simply by entering cessation
Our orientation acceptant
We flow in the current
Imbibing the bliss elixir
Across all body vectors
Heightened climaxing delight 
Throbbing within day & night
Such is is-ness of being-ness
In a continuum of stillness 

At play within


by Unseeking Seeker |
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Inviting Grace

What a tranquil abode, our heart haven Free from narrowness of our lower mind Flow of silence therein, blissful heaven Radiating hues of love and light, kind Softened attention invites divine grace Our hollowed out form, magnetised by love Vaporised self beholds God face to face Heart both fearless lion and gentle dove Soul acceptant, feels a surge of power Through highs and lows, we never lose focus Recognising God as our soul saviour Steadfast thus, along the divine locus There then thus being nothing to be done Our Father and we, already are one 27-July-2021

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Rapture Continuum

Wonderment & astonishment 
Our childlike orientation 
Vibrant & innocent 
Bubbling elation

Our hollow form
Mode meditational
In magnetic vibe warm
Acceptant to divine miracle

Aligning our consciousness 
With the love pulsation
One with Oneness 
Joyful jubilation 

Joy hues renew
A tease beauteous
As soma nectar spews
Ecstatic climax continuous