Love Poems About Acceptance or Acceptance Love Poems
by Susan Woodrow |
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Hall Pass

Had a room been open   in that passageway
as a foreign night-ship, you’d have sailed by
Love would’ve been what?       I couldn’t say
Life: an inveterate humid ply____________

Perhaps has passed with its pernicious waves
Acceptance            rising like ocean’s eustacy
Sometimes, perfunctory was a skin-cut shave
So much more, was propitious ecstasy~~~~~

Parts of us shall never be contrite
As connoisseurs of our own fate, we played
Rage now mostly contrived in dying spite
though candid caustic thoughts can still prey…

Our ultimate perfidy
We should've kept astute custody.


by Donna Loughman |
Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, emotions,

Blood Stone Jewel

An iridescent sapphire cuts into the night’s sky clearly 
a gift unasked for and predestined appears solidity
love is the luster smelted inside the eastern chambers afar
Hooked upon the waxing moon’s burgeoning smile that shines
mesmerizing silver shadows dance under your bloodstained beams
beckoning freedom in an heavenly escape reflects back unconditionally 
A tantalising call nurtured on the precarious wind surrounds the soul
shaded Sacred Heart images dance beckoning inside chorographic unison
never imagined acceptance of grace awaits in your tender loving embrace

A co-written piece by Liam Mcdaid & Donna Loughman 

unrhymed tercets

by Dana Smith |
Categories: depression, friendship, introspection, life, uplifting, beauty, beauty,


Leave the broken in the past, Renew the beauty with sun-light; Nothing's ever meant to last So won't you make this moment bright? Dwelling on who causes pain, And feeling guilty now and then Will only pro-long pouring rain, And damage who you are again. Whether it be self acceptance, Pessimistic points of view, Even social-tied reluctance Or seeing beauty through and through, See yourself for who you are, And love yourself for only that Before contentment strays too far And you can never bring it back.

by Iacomi Neta |
Categories: angst, death, forgiveness, love,


stop pretending you care, you never loved me
but your eyes filled with bliss my every day
i know i'm not her, i'm not trying to be
all my hopes of acceptance will fade away

polite words of love do me harm
stop saying things you dont believe
i could cover my corpse with your arm
but its worthless since you shall deceive

i dont want to admit who you are
the purpose itself is in vain
depressed angels could start war
seeing my dieing reflectons of pain

please tell my weak heart you cant
you are not, you shall never be tru
for,my love,deep dreams i shall haunt
everytime black leaves are drowning in dew

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: baptism, christian, devotion, god, light, love, spiritual,

Blood Stone Jewel

An iridescent sapphire cuts into the night’s sky clearly 
a gift unasked for and predestined appears solidity
love is the luster smelted inside the eastern chambers afar
Hooked upon the waxing moon’s burgeoning smile that shines
mesmerizing silver shadows dance under your bloodstained beams
beckoning freedom in an heavenly escape reflects back unconditionally 
A tantalising call nurtured on the precarious wind surrounds the soul
shaded Sacred Heart images dance beckoning inside chorographic unison
never imagined acceptance of grace awaits in your tender loving embrace

A co-written piece by Liam Mcdaid & Donna Loughman unrhymed tercets

by Marty Windsor |
Categories: friendship, love,

Explaining Everything

I need counseling and you are a therapist.
I need support and you hold me up.
I need acceptance and you are non-judgmental.
I need love and you give more than I ask for.
I need to talk and you are a good listener.
I need to listen and you always know what to say.
I need to be quiet and you hold my hand.
I need you and you are there for me.

This is what I mean by everything.

by Huberta Van Akkeren |
Categories: grief, leaving,

Grief and Loss

Loss, the parting
 Leaving grief’s dark depth
Acceptance is knowing 
Nothing will change
Love then drizzles light on
Memories that allow us to move forward

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: lost love, heart, heart,

Because I Loved You

overwhelming passion
so convincing was your game
frail heart spun like a yo-yo
until at last the toy, like you, didn’t return

broken I lay
     huddled in sheets of despair
          empty bed, my new home

anguish seemed to last an eternity
sadness made way for anger
anger led to acceptance
acceptance to complacency

hidden I remain
     heart within an impenetrable fortress
          only night, not a knight, seeks passage

darkness everywhere
memories expelled
because I loved you
I shall never love again

*by Carolyn Devonshire for Dana’lynn’s “Secondhand Emotion” contest

by Misty Mccoi |
Categories: love,

Without Love

Without Love

Without love there is no laughter and joy is never in sight

Without love nothing matters and pain is welcomed to gripe

Without love compassion is unheard of breaking all the rules

Without love is ruthless and the acceptance of fools

Without love there is no escape the sky cries to the heavens

Without love only hate lonely hearts can never mend

Without love mankind isn’t kind

Without love pain is all you’ll ever find

by Kevin Lawrence |
Categories: divorce,


Divorce sucks!
But,... marriage is worse.
"It doesn't have to be like this."
Life flows and we sink,
Swim or float.
Our choice.
Not every eddy
Or every rock
Presents a fearful
Love regardless
Means acceptance.
A forever entanglement
Not broken by
Cyclic patterns of resentment,
Fear, anger, or violence.

by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: age, appreciation, beautiful, i love you, wife, woman,


Admiration for you is easy to find
Admiration demanded can’t square in my mind!
Light even in dark you always find
Acceptance of people of any kind
My soul harbours darkness I can’t let control my mind
The contrast is so vast as your soul is the essence of kindness
Your soul is a glow in a world of darkness
You’re everything right in a world of madness
You have a quality so rare to find
Darkness can’t loom in your beautiful mind.

by Kc Seligman |
Categories: desire, emotions, i miss you, love,

I Miss You

I miss the touch of your blond hair when the sun shines through cotton candy clouds.
The long sweeping grass doesn't feel the same anymore,
It's stories don't make me smile like you do.
The day tickles the trees, only to tell them of flowers growing in open fields.
None as pretty as the ones I get from you.
And as night falls, the stars dance across painted skies of blue and black.
They don't search for acceptance, only bliss,
Which rolls off the mountain tops into hidden streams
Rushing to reach undecided ends.
But when the water runs thin, I will catch those last rain drops
Just as you have caught me in this tangled web.

by David Smith |
Categories: age, analogy, baptism, bible, caregiving, character, love,

Tolerance By Itself Is Not a Virtue,

Tolerance by itself not a virtue,
Nor is acceptance,
As they generally come with poor eyesight,
No insight,
Are hard of hearing,
And tend to be motivated by fear.

The good news is that,
We still have patience and understanding,
To turn to.

There are abilities that we can call on too,
That can help us understand, 
How to truly help,
How to truly Love,
How to work towards a peace,
That will last,
One that is not based on fear,
One that any heart that is open can find.

by Regina Wilson |
Categories: angst, life, love, mystery, passion, sad, me, me,

Dream Me In Black and White

Color me pretty
The way that you see me but not
The way I see myself

Wash me pure
The way you look at me
With eyes of unconditional love
You overlook my indiscretions
Judgment you never pass
Acceptance is all you offer
You make me a better me

Dream me in black and white
Like old time photographs
Torn edges
Jagged with time
To preserve the image that you hold of me

Paint me in red
The sweet blood that I left behind
Etching my name in the grain of eternity
So as to never be forgotten

Burn me into ashes
Let me dance on the winds of tomorrow
To feel the freedom
The release from my personal hell
As I soar across the sky of time

by Michelo Mweetwa |
Categories: care, change, child, devotion, dream, faith, fate,

Give Me New Eyes

Give me the eyes of the blind
To blacken the world’s ugliness
To take every laugh as happiness

Give me the eyes of a baby
To make me laugh at anything
To stare curiously at any being

Give me the eyes of a stranger
To ache for belonging and acceptance
To endure an amicable suspense

Give me the eyes of true love
To trust and believe in the future
To experience it with a mind picture

by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: love,



True love speaks not of an aching deep desire
To take, possess and hold exclusively 
But acceptance of existence without prior
Condition, just the will that thou may BE

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: character, christian,

Aka Love

A.K.A. Love

faith, hope, charity
which one of these
seeks not vanity
does not behave irrationally
will not intentionally hurt another
endures pain
gives, gives and gives because of its kindness
a bottomless well of patience
acceptance and courage
will die for another?
a.k.a. love


1st Corinthians 13:13 

STRAND SPECIAL 2 any form,any theme Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

by Jayme Kunstman |
Categories: confusion, hope, life, sad, life, lost, life, lost,

Lost Little Girl

There's a lost little girl
Roaming this world
Searching for truth and for love
Aimlessly seeking
Never reaping
All she is deserving of

There's a lost little girl
Giving life a whirl
While living her life all alone
Hidden inside
Is where she resides
Ever since she's been on her own

The little girl's life
Has been about strife
But now she tries to mend
Still lost and confused
She's easily bruised
For love she still contends

Her acceptance is grief
Her guilt has no relief
When her past comes chasing her down
Still she holds on to her rope
With a glimmer of hope
That her life will soon turn around

by Abigail Faison |
Categories: angst, confusion, death, depression, hope, sad


I tried to cry out,
I tried to say something,
I tried to speak up,
speak up and ask.
I tried to ask for help,
I tried so hard to be heard.
And no one heard.
I kept trying,
I kept calling and crying out.
Would no one hear me?
I tried to reach out,
out for help,
And no one heard.
Until it was too late.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,

A Lesson Missed From School

That opposites attract would seem the rule.
In chemistry and physics it is found.
And samples of this principle abound
from magnates to the smallest molecule;
from X to Y in our genetic pool!
In courtship too this law proves rather sound
albeit that some exceptions can confound,
but I, for one, missed something from my school.

Past meeting, polar minds need intersection-
acceptance, awe, same goals desired to seek.
Else how can there be mutual affection
if two cannot match up?  Love can be bleak!
Where’s a plain equation? Now dejection
has taken hold of me. I scale no peak!

For the Equations Contest of Anthony Slausen

by Madumere Chidiadi |
Categories: caregiving,

Down Syndrome

My face may be different but my feeling is the same.
I laugh and I cry and take pride in my gains.
I was sent here among you to teach and to love as God in the heavens looks down from above.
To Him I’m no different, His love knows no bounds.
It’s those here among you in cities and towns that judge me by standards that man has imparted,
But this family I’ve chosen will help me get started.
For I’m one of the children so special and few that came here to learn the same lesson as you.
That love is acceptance, it must come from the heart; we all have the same purpose, though not the same start.
The Lord gave me life to live and embrace,
and I’ll do it as you do but at my own pace.

by Jillian Veitenheimer |
Categories: art, growing up, hope, love, nature,

Rainforest Floor

From the sky it falls
As do many others
Where will it land?
Only calculated formulas can tell

As it is suspended
And hurled down
It is confined and alone
Not bound to another

Some will land in an ocean
Others lakes, ponds, creeks, puddles
Even into earth beneath the trees
Left to find another source similar

A journey short for some
And tedious and suffocating for others
To be hurled into acceptance
Or to travel until it is found

When we splatter from above
And bind with another
What will you wish fo
An ocean of options
Or a rainforest floor

by Joe Flach |
Categories: love hurts,

An Unfortunate Circumstance

My heart is being held prisoner
In her dungeon of coquettishness
She hasn’t fully rejected me
But my advances she coyly deflects

I haven’t given up all hope
She still smiles at my innuendos
But when I approach for a carnal dance
She just steps all over my toes

My heart is being held prisoner
In the shadows of doubt’s darkness
As if she is waiting for someone better
Before donning her wedding dress

I wish that I could just escape
To pursue another’s full acceptance
But it seems my heart is forever staked
To this unfortunate circumstance

by Dana Smith |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend,


Once my words have reached your ears, And my lips have brushed with tease, You'll no longer feel control at all, For my acceptance be your ease. My ravish and my charm be sweet, And my sensation be your thread; Each word that slips from easy sounds Will forever roam your head... One day, if not tonight, you'll see, And you'll forever squirm so willing. And looking back at things thought 'charming' Now you'd only find them chilling. So you shall wriggle with denial, And soon you'll cry yourself to sleep. But until the day you see me truly, Your forgiving love shall seep. ~Game Over

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: love,

Place of Acceptance

I rest at his feet...
And humbly, I find
Place of acceptance
Solitude and rest-
Love’s sanctuary

So many falls
Yet, forgiven
Because I fell
I can forgive                                       

My neighbor
And myself
For God calls 

Each one
To his


For:  "Love Yourself" Diminished Hexaverse Contest