Love Poems About Accept or Accept Love Poems
by Akkina Downing |
Categories: happy, inspiration, love,


Love is a thing

You can't see it nor can you touch it
But you sure can see and feel its effect

A deep affection that fills you joyfully 
You are drunk on happiness

It's always understanding 
To accept the good, the bad, and the weak

It has no cultural condition 
It sees no boundary nor race

It's fearless and flawless 
It just flows limitlessly 

It's God's love
Nailed to the cross for you and me

It's in you and me 
It's I love you and you and you and God

I am drunk on happiness 
Because HE loves me unconditionally 


  Akkina R Downing

by Craig Cornish |
Categories: loss,

Do Angels Cry Too

The curtains on a somber evening fell
as weeping angels hush and pull me near;
assurances of love they softly tell,
to calm a soul who lost a love so dear.
Like ribbons on a memory I reach
to tie them all together in a bow,
now wrapped in every prayer that I beseech
and warmed within the heaven's lovely glow.
But, why are Cherished stolen from our midst
before we have a chance to say goodbye -
regrets for one last time we could have kissed
or even one last time we could have cried.
Yet, still through angel tears that damp the dawn,
I can't accept the thought that you are gone...

by Bill Baker |
Categories: happiness, introspection, life, love, marriage, relationship, soulmate,

Living Life as One

Like clouds drifting through a sun-brightened sky,
My thoughts start to ask, where, what, when and why.
Why am I here with you, what must I do?
How do I determine what’s really true?

Love offers something we can hold on to,
You pledge to me, as I pledge love to you.
We’ll give as freely as we will receive,
Accept the oneness in which we believe.

Peace is embellished by those who are quiet,
Living in the present, no end in sight.
Forget your past, all happiness and strife,
Easing tension like slicing with a knife.

This is the way to live a mindful life.
Two living as one as husband and wife.

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: dedication, on writing and words

A Tribute To the Highlander

His talent as a Bard explodes
From an exquisite mind it flows 
Through an instrument of script
Flooding parchment reverberating
Through the psyche creating waves  
Reaching the far ends of the universe 

Words of truth deep sentiment flourish
Propelling legitimate personal emotions 
Giving due praise to brave loyal and true
To God nature his love and fellow Bards and
The magnificent highlands he loves so well
Always uplifting inspiring and sharing 

Accept this tribute from an amateur a friend
With gratitude for reading commenting for 
Being just who you are, The Highlander

by Susan Jeavons |
Categories: blessing, faith, heaven, inspirational, jesus, spiritual,

Our Fathers Love

God touches us with healing hands 
if we will just believe
he’ll take away our every pain
our sorrows when we grieve. 

He’ll hold us in his loving arms 
and wipe away our tears
and in the darkest part of night
he’ll ease all of our fears. 

For God the Father’s love is pure
much purer than the snow
and when we accept him in our hearts 
it’s then that we will know 

that no other love can ever compare
to the love we feel inside 
for a father who loved us all so much 
that upon a cross he died. 

Even in our darkest hour 
his love will light the way
so that we might have eternal life 
with him in heaven someday.

by Lisa Ricci |
Categories: blessing, celebration, love,

Sealed With a Kiss

"sealed with a kiss"

I wear pearls you gave me
but they are not my jewels

I accept flowers you give me
but they are not my beauty

I look to the stars above
but they are not my light

pearls flowers and stars
are all pale compared to you

your love is more than this
always sealed with a kiss


by Michael Jordan |
Categories: faith, hope, life

Simplistic Views

To love that which can not be loved
Is to accept grace from the Lord above

To hate that which should not be hated
Is to let one’s self be eternally degraded 

To think that which should not be thought
Allows your own soul to be easily bought

Most things in life are very easy to see
If you hold simplistic views like me

“It is what it is” and it always was
The reason why, “Just because”

What shall happen shall come to pass
Accept it gracefully and show your class

As you live out the story of your today
Let Jesus Christ guide your way

In doing so you will be able to see
The Lord guiding you to eternity

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: appreciation, cat, peace,


So soft and colorful, I simply stare at you, Gratitude! Love in totality, wordless Blinks flashing your, Cattitude! You never correct me. You just accept me, kind Attitude. Your snoring in my ear, Erases all my fears, Plentitude. Walking with sweetness, On God’s earth, Beatitude!

by Deb M |
Categories: how i feel, simple, truth,


There is an ease when l am with you
The way it should be
Never an awkward silence
Just a realness and honesty

No judgements made
You accept me completely
I am me and you are you
Just as love should be ….

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: love, peace,

- a Charlieku 4-3-2 -

to create peace
accept all 

from the heart
true strength

the love

life quality

                ~  Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Charles Messina   ~

                               ~ 2nd place in the contest  ~

Sun :) A-L Andresen :)
4-3-2 syllables
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: hope, love,

Beating Heart

                                       Heart.                      Heart
                                    Is beating.                Is beating
                                  Sending hope and    promises.....
                                     pumping    ideals and   ideas
                                       reducing  life's  stresses.
                                          ready to look for love
                                             to accept to take..
                                                   for always..

by Lucilla Carrillo |
Categories: change,

I Can Not Change

I Can Not Change I was born the way I am, I will not change. Don't ask me to be - what I can not be. Accept me the way I am. If you love me - let me be and if you don't then set me free. I can not change, my love I give to you freely. From you, I will take only what you want to give. If we stay together - I will be true. If you leave tomorrow, I will be sad, but I won't change for you, or anyone else...
06/24/2014 By Lucilla M. Carrillo

by Jan Allison |
Categories: love, romantic,

Bid On My Love

In the auction of love my heart is the star lot The gavel will go down as Cupid’s arrow hit the spot I fall on bended knee and offer you a diamond ring Please accept it my beautiful Queen, and I’ll be your King Contest: Bid on my love Sponsor: Tammy Reams 11~27~15

by Ryan Wegenast |
Categories: loss, lost love, lovelife, lonely,

Oh Love, Fair Love

It is but of your fire
That I whither to this pain
This lonely life of love bemired
This shouldered weight of blame

Oh love, fair love, return to me
The glory once inside
For if a chance there ever be
I accept and offer pride

Oh love, fair love, return to me
The dignity of self
For so it seems that in this dream
Beauty lies in stealth

Oh love, fair love, return to me
The rhythm of thy heart
A lonely beat is lost at sea
With a life torn apart

by Keshan Govender |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, dance, dream, for her, love, passion,

Our Dance, Must End

The lead you own; your charge I accept
Your feet lithe, my eyes mesmerized 
My joy suppressed, hope found
Your hand in mine, my dream alive. 
Points important, the moment more 
As you glide, my wonder is nourished
A spectator, a partner; my roles, both
Your delicate motions, I relish. 
Each step an accomplishment known
The first twirl, my fear shown
The second, aggravation grown
The beginning forgotten, but procrastination key
As the dip is done, my body is numbed
The end of an assessment; the loss of your grasp.

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: break up, conflict, heartbreak,

Gusty Winds

The storm that thundered is fading still
Reluctant to let go the reign of dark
But the nascent light behind the clouds
Unfolds the scene that's changing fast

On a happy note then she proceeds to allot
Augury of goodwill forgetting the past

And he sees things the way they used to be
Holding hands of love he finds her near him,
Not a blemish in view of his serene imagery--
Snuggling her closer, he reaches for a kiss

But gusty winds return razing his reverie
Blasting cold air on feelings of warmth
Taunting his dreams to accept the fact:
She's the one who unleashed the wrath

November 25, 2018
Placed first in standard contest #145 by Brian Strand

by Karen Powell |
Categories: appreciation, day, deep, emotions, humanity, people,

24 Hours

24 Hours

My observations are my own,
   They are a product of my realm.
I see good people reveal humanity 
I feel the desperation of an innocent man
I acknowledge the appreciation of my gift
I determine narration to be lies
I witness the love between mother and son
I loathe drunk drivers
I impose pride for vinyl collection
I depict pain in my son who lost his
I let the lyrics of my spinning disc alter my mood
I experience the gift of empathy to share with a friend.
I receive gratitude for guidance I give to the addicted
I witness the numbing of pain
I accept rewards for my passions
The properties of today will navigate my path in life

by Donna Golden |
Categories: faith, god, inspirational, me, heart, heart, me,

It's Not For Me To Say

It’s not for me to say
What’s right and best for you
It’s not for me to judge
The things you say and do
It’s for your heart to gauge
And measure every step
It’s not for me to blame
And refuse to accept

Your heart is known to you
And mighty God alone
It’s not for me to point
And cast accusing stone
But is IS for me to LOVE
And treat you as a brother
For judgment is for God
And not for any other

by Nico Jagga |
Categories: absence, love,

When I Die

when i die
the clocks will keep ticking
the earth will not mourn
even you my love will not miss  a heartbeat
nor will you pause to hold your breath
all the warmth and emotion inside will escape me
the earth will accept me cold

and all this makes me wonder 
will i be treasured inside you
even when memories of me grow faint
will you still see me in your surrounds
will you hear my voice

or will i my love,be no more
out of sight out of mind,,,,

by Faye Gibson |
Categories: bereavement, death, dream, longing, love,

In Dreams

In dreams I see you just like you are here,
the lonely years fade pale and drift away;
we are together in a distant sphere
beyond life’s disappointments and decay.	

There, enjoying happy times we once knew
before death’s greedy sickle swept the grain
and left me longing for love’s rendezvous 
in some glad tomorrow beyond earth’s pain.

I wake to mundane days as they are now,
blank and persistent sameness to my way;
I acquiesce to fate and humbly bow,
accept no partner in my sad ballet.

I shall wait; sodden skies must someday clear.
In dreams I see you just like you are here.

Copyright, May 8, 2022
Orphan Sonnet Poetry Contest
Emile Pinet, Sponsor

by Martyn Oakland |
Categories: deathtime, me, time,

The End

Place the coins over my eyes,
and lay me down to sleep. 
This mortal coil has sprung its last,
its time for me to leave.

This time has been no time at all, 
its true they say it flyes, 
Id like to be a fly on the wall, 
to see the truths and lies. 

I was taught as a child that we die and move on, 
but i refuse to accept that is true. 
For as long as you live and as long as you love, 
i will live on through you.

by Agnes Krampe |
Categories: love,


I want to purify 
my love for you,
cleanse it
of all expectations,
of all desires,
of all that is about me,

until it runs clear 
like spring water
that I pour for you
when you are thirsty,
without asking 
anything in return,

and you can
accept it from me 
without second thoughts,
as you do not question
the spring that flows
in unconditional abundance.

From my new collection The Eden of Perhaps (Spartan Press, 2020)

by Shabna Rafeek |
Categories: forgiveness, love, me,


Heart aches a great deal.
Feeling the guilt' real.
Pouring through my eyes is tears;
Unable to put in words my fears.
Though am the partial wrong doer'
I wouldn't like to justify, as it is over.

And to you i sing this apology song,
As i cannot forget you for a second long,
For the mistake i committed,  knowing,
Just avoiding your advices from following.
Frightened, that the love you bestowed would cease,
I plead you to forgive me and bestow your love in ease.
Punish me with word or hand.
Never ever band me from experiencing your love,
As you are my second mother,
And my heart gives  no place to another.
Accept my apology!

by Louise Picek |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, love,

Heal Me

I bow my head,
I'm at your feet.
Can you see what is covering me?
I love you deep,
but love this more.
Can you still truly accept me?
My heart is buried,
beneath scars and wounds.
Can you still place your hand around it and hold it tight?
God I've struggled
with a world that I loathe and fear.
Can you somehow remove me from here?
I bow my head.
I'm at your feet.
Can you please heal me?

by Andrew Jacob Jung |
Categories: love, music, relationship,

Ten: a Dark Love Story

I travel in time twenty-five years
And see my lover in the passenger seat
Shifting currents gliding us toward
The tangled fates that we must meet

So many reasons why to go 
But I can't see beyond these walls of stone
The oceans between us only grow
And who we are truly can't be known

You hold out a tattered glove 
And remember the coming winter chill
I scratch out your name on the wall
And meekly accept my morning pill

I will send you a thought like a butterfly
That at least we're both still alive
You will chase it away with a whispering hand
The very moment it does arrive

August 27, 2016
For "Rock 'n Roll Rhyme Fest" poetry contest