Love Poems About Accentuates or Accentuates Love Poems
by Maria Williams |
Categories: feelings, humor, i love you, love, parody,


She asks him if her butt looks Big In last years summer dress My dear you look Hot in that It accentuates I must confess And are these streaks too brassy On my mousey shade of brown My dear you pull it off with style You wear it like a crown She points to her crows feet Are they getting worse each day It lends character to your features And that's my final say Then she goes for closure Will you love me till I die I'll love you to the moon and back He whispers with a sigh So ladies the next time you declare In a voice so strong That you are ALWAYS RIGHT And He is ALWAYS WRONG And if your man agrees with you IS HE RIGHT OR WRONG???

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: inspirational, love

All Ways, Always

All Ways, Always

Bestow love; begin the beauty.
Cheerfully cherish; live charming.
Happy hearts grant heavenly hopes.
Let loveliness lead new lifestyles.
Hold honesty in your thoughts.
Merrily make marvelous days.
Determine to adorn delight.
Admiration aimed amplifies.
And affection accentuates.
Approach life tenderly, all ways.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 11, 2010
Poetic form: Alliteration

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

Soft Shades of Blue

Scattered the droplets splay a sheen not really seen soft shades of blue filter from the form that is you azure streaks of summertime bliss electrifying my sky a mere twining in your eye accentuates and erupts feining the sun I've come undone as the strings untie the past waves wash over our fears bravely admonished to lie near trailing footprints traverse holding on to an outstreched hand farther never felt so close

by Andrew Delapruch |
Categories: life,

Go-Go Dancing To Rob Zombie

from russia with love 
inna moves like waves 
in the
deep black sea, 
brandishing long strands 
of soft dark hair 
flush from side to side
(a controlled torrential 
white t-shirt tied in a 
knot at the waste that
bringing out the tight 
stomach, accentuates 
the curve of her hips 
as she stretches along 
the light oak floor, 
moving in sync with
the industrial beat,
muscles flexing out 
with every loud shout 
of the synthesizer, 
arms flailing out & 
round with every 
guitar twang passed 
through the wa-wa
pedal---she commands
the empty dance room,
she reigns alone as she
practices her moves to
one day dominate a 
world stage.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance,

Addressing Passion

She wears a slightly see-thru dress of pleasure That of which night accentuates the curves more Her chest showing nipples in equal measure Drawing power of acquiescence on shore Her form leaves me meandering towards lust That dress just blends into her skin, like her bust It all becomes one, shows off all her glory She has my heart, her love I sure do carry
Russell Sivey

by Gerald Legister |
Categories: allusion, dark, dream, engagement, friendship love, romance, stars,


You are as close to me as my skin.
Through my pores, you invade me.
In untouched places awakening.
I can feel your presence endlessly.
Where existence began progressively.
In my heart emotions drifts, along
You made the candace of hope grew strong.
In the zone where the twilight belongs.

I breathe the breath renew in your perfume.
The sweet essence that accentuates my life.
fragrant scent that melts my dream.

With a silver line of stars to shine.
Draw into twilight the flutter of hope.
To dance and dined with flavored wine.

by Rhonda Rieck-Rush |
Categories: dream, good night, image, moon, night, passion, sweet love,

Moon Dancer

Her silhouette in moonlight’s gaze
accentuates her splendid curves
she dances in moon’s golden glow
feet tiptoe ‘cross the velvet turf

She floats through night’s gentle breeze
as if she were a lullaby
enticing only lovely dreams
amid a velvet midnight sky

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: allusion, analogy, beautiful, butterfly, color, imagery, nature,

Song of The Agrias Butterfly No 10: ABAB

The whole world down, to our floaters of love,
be the Agrias Butterfly, from South
and Central America. In awe of
their mystique hues and mid-sized, word-of-mouth
spreads 'neath tropical forest canopies,
their delicacy is rather putrid,
from decaying fruits to rotting fishy.
Their family name is the 'Brush Footed
Butterfly's, because they have four hind legs
used for walking and two short, sort of front
legs slash brushes, hairy sensory pegs
that tastes and smells. A basic tool to hunt.
Beauty accentuates hidden splendors ...
tropical Impressionist ascenders.

by Lewis Nyaga |
Categories: allegory, allusion, best friend, cute, cute love, dedication,

Pretty One Rue'

She is dark she is pretty
She has an easy grace
When she smiles sky's open
As she walk beauty accentuates
If me alliterates she's beauty me beholds
In her hugs me befoulded as am beffuddles
The in her me spy genna

Me spying beautiful l meadows of genna
When with her me fathom lilting nivarna
Her essence a paradise of carousel emotions
Her name is Rue an enchantress gem is she..