Love Poems About Accentuate or Accentuate Love Poems
by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
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Placid haven between the mountains

Accentuate the idilic romance between

Romantic couple who was enjoying

Anniversary celebration for the ten

Days of a second honeymoon

Inspired by the sacred vows

Solemnly pledged with an amorous 

Enchantment for an eternal lifetime

For Paradise Acrostic Poetry Contest
Sponsored by John Hamilton
Ninth Place

by Anitha Jayasankar |
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An Alliteration On Alliteration

Alliteration adorns muses
Artistic aesthetics appealing, 
Repetitions reasonable form rhythm
Voices of the verses accentuate. 
Children literature adores
Its cadence and charm. 

Paper holding his passion
In patience and poise, 
To portray Pen's ponderings
Yearning to sense
Her soulful sprinkles, 
As she travels through
Recurrence of patterns
Carved by consonants. 

Beauty of poem enriches when 
Bedecked with alliteration. 
Sweet sounds evoke
Flow of music 
In reader's mind when
Repeated in harmony. 
Children love the fun
To read it aloud, 
And it makes easy
To reckon and remember.

Date: 01/30/2021

by Gaye Hemsley |
Categories: care, celebration, friendship love, i love you, january, new year,

A New Year Wish

N     Now the year has ended

E     Every day has made its mark.

W   What shall be remembered as we ponder in the dark?

Y   Yesterday has gone, tomorrow is today.

E   Eliminate the negative as you travel on your way.

A   Accentuate the positive, it's not so hard to do.

R   Reach out and take a hand and whisper, 'I love you.'

by Courtney Dyer |
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The Poppy Seed

Wanted but not appreciated
Some admire the beauty
Taking a seed to plant to accentuate their garden
Some admire its hyponotic powers
Taking its seeds to grow more poppies 
To help people reach eurphoria
Barren, so much has been taken
Without a thought to the flower
Poppy gave the gifts she possessed gladly
But, didn't want to be forgotten
Wanted visitors to gaze at its beautiful petals
Instead of bleeding it dry of all of its usefullness
And leaving it to dry up and decay

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
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Never Rub Salt Into the Gash

Never rub salt into the gash,
Making not bad things even worse;
Say sweet inspiring lines instead
That are found in the poet's verse.

Never let difficult status
Turn into harder condition;
Nor allow the painful feeling
To become damaged emotion.

Do not ever accentuate
The negative circumstances;
Neither aggravate the problem,
Nor intensify the cases.

Let not the upset mind and heart
Get more frustrated and angry;
Allow them not to bring the love
To oblivion of harmony.

Never add harm to injury,
Never hurt the wound, cut, or slash;
Never neglect the shattered soul,
Never rub salt into the gash.