Love Poems About Accents or Accents Love Poems
by Ricky Muse |
Categories: lust, sexy,

Stone In Love

I removed her clothes with my eyes again
she smiled then discretely leafed through my mind
our warm heartbeats tolling in unison
the sunset accents this moment sublime
small talk became a petulant old bore
wrong and right grew trite under evening shade
suits of bone and flesh fresh from the tailor
deep lust peers through a scope then fires away
the footprints on the ceiling can’t be true
this joyous toil leaves morality soiled
a night to remember yet days to rue
hinges, springs, and minds all in need of oil
our passion travels at the speed of thought
reveal secrets to a sole I think naught

by craig schaber |
Categories: art, imagination, love, i love you,

Look okay I have NO clue what to say

Look okay; I have NO clue what to say,
To be honest your
Peanut to my butter
Moon to my ocean
Di** to my Con***
c*m to my v*g . 
Yes I went there.
But I love you so much 
You are always there for me. & I love your many accents
We can be on the phone for HOURS and have no dull moments.
We both enjoy the love for soccer & both enjoy the love of men. 
We both know each other’s secrets (;
& we both get each other’s joke.
& I swear your goanna be saying
"I need the lord”
"Oh my goodness"
"This is too much"
Before the end of this month.

by Brenda McGrath |
Categories: desire, funny, love, relationship,

These Redneck Guys in Georgia

I’m not a redneck, but in Georgia I attract them like flies.
They all have the best pickup truck that money can buy.
With heavy southern accents, they lay their line on thick.
Calling me honey and sweetie, which is refreshing to this city chick.

I don’t need a lot of money from the guy I choose,
I only ask for love and respect, and no short fuse.
I’m looking for someone to make my passion ignite when we kiss,
So these redneck guys in Georgia, I will not dismiss.

by Tiffany Diaz |
Categories: art, creation, dance, love, lust, music, urban,


Twirling into the wind
Steps moving to a pace
Hips swinging to the beat
Ears Feeling the Timbre
The tune to a melody
Its base a Bongo
Shaking to a Maraca
Accents to a Trombone
He is the Lead
So she follows gliding
Rhyming with all shes got
His moves 
He hits the spot
Rhythm of the Heart
From start to finish 
Till the end they repeat
Twirling into the wind

by njeri hunjeri |
Categories: dedication, tribute,

Thank You Poetrysoup and Soupers

Thank you for the love 
Thank you for the laughter
Thank you for being a family
Thank you for listening to me
In my darkest
And in my lightest

We meet in words deep from the core of our souls 
We meet in our lines
We lift each other in our commas 
And we hug each other in our full stops

We, in our differences, in our different rainbow hues,
And in our different penned accents
Become one.

Thank you poetrysoup, Soupers. I love you all! 
May God bless the wonderful human being behind poetrysoup creation. He/She only deserves gold 

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: nostalgia,


My country is the Land of Song
With roving hills to walk upon
Valleys deep where rivers flow
Smiling people where err you go.

Lovely beaches to enjoy
Castles galore to explore
Sporting country where Rugby is played
European champions at this game

A red dragon is on our flag
An unusual one I guess
Once seen never forgotten
It surely  does impress

We love to sing, have choirs galore
Brass bands too abound
Our accents make us sound so cool
We have music all around

Cymru is what we call ourselves
Our language is unique
To those who haven’t guessed our name
Its’ WALES  of which I speak.

by Donald Meikle |
Categories: love, seasons, summer, fruit, summer,

American Pie

Sweet fruition twisting on a bent and laden branch

Tart yet heavy wet with Summer rain

Dry from working fields, entranced
accents chatter mutter murmer almost heed.

I stop to feel saliva wet the backside of my tongue
And wish the fruit were ready as my need
Alas, I pass,though I can taste
The memory of last years fruit so grand;
The tartness of the first still stops my hand.
Across the back pasture the smell of pie
Lifts the leaden weights from my dusty boots
I feel her see the difference in my step
Sharing joy I walk on air
See her at the open door

Tart yet heavy wet with Summer rain

Ripe, so sweetly ripe,it pains
This fruit as ready as my need 
And waiting

by nya marsh |
Categories: black african american, uplifting,

B is for Black and Black is beautiful

Deep mahogany
Honey brown
Creamy hazel
Hershey dark
Smooth caramel
No doubt,
Black is beautiful.
Full big lips 
Passionate dazing eyes
The most unique swagger
No doubt,
Black is beautiful.
Strong accents
Strong men
Strong women
Real love
No doubt about it,
Black is beautiful.
Hip hop
No doubt,
Black is beautiful
The things on our bodies doesn’t make
Black beautiful
Or neither does the shade of black either
It’s the soul deep inside that enhances the color
And that’s what makes black 
So beautiful

by Lord R. e. Taylor |
Categories: depression, introspection, loss, sadwords,

The Complete And Utter Lack Of Words

Does anyone talk anymore?
Talking has gone the way of the dinosaurs
Using your thumbs to text a message
Looking at a screen watching words appear
That is what we have become
A world without the spoken words
Accents, emotions and personality
Don’t exist any longer
No one ever speaks face to face
People don’t even stops to say hello
Smiles are reduced to a :).
You never have to meet your best friend
Falling in love is through words only
People are just pixels on a computer screen
Is that the way we should live?
No one will tell me because no one talks
And that is a shame

by Ferris Jones |
Categories: love,

Today 8

I met a new day, it had a new smile
It reached out a hand, warm and fertile
It was sculptured by pure genius,
Shinned passionate accents all the while.

Its devotion falls from a mountain height
Its swelled life spills, with such delight
I stole the melodies, it offered,
Thank you so much for the invite.