Love Poems About Accented or Accented Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
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My Love Is Real

A pre-lit Christmas tree sparkles the entrance Monet, Van Gough, and Wassily Kandinsky prints adorn the walls of her sitting room a dozen painted roses sit in a faux crystal vase and the smell of apple pie lingers in the air coming from her Scentsy candle warmer resting upon her replica baby grand piano The seconds tick loudly from the tree house looking cuckoo clock as I wait patiently I wait down the stairs she comes waltzing ever so gracefully ever so elegant in her bright flowing yellow dress accented by beautiful costume jewelry my heart skips a beat as we kiss hello and I know yes I know This love is real

by Tim Smith |
Categories: deep, love,

Who We Are

Seductive tones filter the slumbered night
swashes of seda fill up an accented view
swirls of honeysuckle flicker in the breeze
and again the beauty of you is inhaled

Strip down low to the bare essentials
drench your soul in the waters of me
embrace fully in the arms of self content
and unleash chaos holding a being at bay

Enter into my entranced persona offering
let sacred dreams spill over silent borders
unburden that heavy heart hidden away
guarded, we are not who we say we are

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: life, lost love, recovery from...

I Don'T Want To Rhyme Anymore

First, I tried to rhyme 
with your spirits...

For I really thought I saw in it
our own beginning, without end
and my heart accented to love 

I gave my very best 
and you surely know that 
‘twas 100% rhyme

Yet after years of enjoying my soul 
marinated in your wants and wishes
I noticed your words, drifting like heavy rain 
that my big palms barely hold them

Have you ever considered my being?

That this morning, after a shower 
rinsed the great pain I kept 
in my breath, I opted to walk the sun-lit
corridor of free verse, where I can be me
just as what I always wanted to be... 

Without engaging my dignity
in too much psychedelic wars

by Brittany Gentry |
Categories: adventure, animals, devotion, happiness, life, love, nature, passiontime,


The colors retreat with the setting sun
Telling me my time has just begun
Its time to come on out
And show the world i'm still about

I shake my smoky coat
And feel my stress
Just melt away
Like summer did the snow white frost

I look above and see the moon
Its silver lining against the dark sky
Accented by flecks of stars
And the colors dancing throughout the night

An instinct
As i let out a howl
 Signaling my season
To find a mate

by Kewayne Wadley |
Categories: black african american, black love, crush, imagination, moon, stars,

Of Hellos

We stood in the dark
Not a word spoke between us two.
We hardly knew each other yet,
We saw each other whole hearted.
The stars began to light up.
The moon above our heads.
Our eyes half full.
A civilization coming to life in the blink of an eye.
With millions of thoughts going on.
All that separates is the simplicity of hello.
The interior of our souls bright to see.
The clouds like weeds.
Once removed life begins anew.
Slowly descending the depth of truth.
The groping of eyes accented by arch.
Another world awaits the simplicity of hello.
To smile again and again just as the stars.
The spread of influence

by Kewayne Wadley |
Categories: black african american, for her, love, music, song,

Revised Song

Shes the song thats constantly written
then revised in my head.
Only then is she able to come alive and be herself.
Accented in beautiful curve.
Revised in the moments shared in thought.
The slightest touch ; her voice truly heard.
Perfectly arranged in broken prose to unseen eyes.
Beautifully composed; the way that she gives.
Finding purpose.
Constantly singing in my head