Love Poems About Accent or Accent Love Poems
by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: love, senses,


The senses are intended to mislead
a man in love. I know, his watchful eye
can see the angels flying in the sky
but drawbacks of his ladylove, indeed.

He's ears sharp enough to hear a bead
of water working rocks, a quiet sigh
of endless starless space and even thy
conspiratorial whisper, thinking reed.

But he is deaf to platitudes, buzzwords,
suburban accent, vulgarisms and odds
and ends because he listens to the sound

of metaphysic harmonies inside
his own heart. He keeps eyes open wide
to see love crossing its transcendent bound.

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beauty, desire, love,

Night Muse

She prefers to love
hours after midnight
the scent of her perfume
makes the night bloom

Southern accent and sweet breath
teases my naked skin
she tastes salty and tangy
like the waters of the sea

We meet in the secret world
of smooth warm fleshy thighs
I love the way her fingers
leaves furrows in my hair

SInging the sweet night song
we float softly in the moonlight
feeling such a tender release
lost in the clouds and rain

I suckle dark lovely breasts
acting like a greedy child
we are opposites drawn together
moths drawn to the flame of love...

by Lei Strauss |
Categories: jealousy,

New York Accent

Been in New York when I was young!
This accent is so innate in my clever well tongue.
You don’t understand how I say things,
Guess you’re a stupid one who just so love to sing…
Stab me behind my back!
Just doing the same in my own rack…
Forgive me for being so unique.
Can you just copy my same proud technique!?
This New York accent is a highly wow!
Bad as you are like a filthy mad cow…
By the way, you’re such an ugly petty Betty!
You’re a downer who usually makes me so messy!

by Daniel Cwiak |
Categories: childhood, devotion, holiday, hope, love, seasons

A Childs Wreath

A child, I remember the door decorated by a fir circle,

Circle that it was, it always was fresh and new.

New as the season, new to accent this place.

Place now the wreath, the circle of green,

Green to remind us of a coming Spring.

Spring, when the snow is swept away by water,

Water which proclaims  our baptism in the Lord.

Lord of All, Bethlehem's wreath of promise...brought to us by A Child.

by Chante Reeves |
Categories: adventure,

A Love, Part 2

a love so defiant
so powerful
our embrace caused the Hudson River to go up in flames
as the passion inflamed us
out of fear 
I refer to this obnoxious love in the past tense
my past
too intense
prayer lifted me up to you
just with thought my plan would ricochet 
your English accent caressed my ears that day
the night 
you became my knight
yet here I am
looking for you

by Ale A A |
Categories: people, miss you, sound, miss you, sound, i love you, giggle,

Picture Imperfect

I miss you baby
The sound of your voice 
The way you say my name
The I love you and you are beautiful
The way you sometimes make fun of my accent 
I want to hear your laugher which makes me giggle 
The random declarations of past discretions
The fact that you think I am funny
The glimpse of your brilliance
The sound of your voice
I miss you my love

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: beautiful, girl, love,

A Three-Way Shake

Remembering when I was a young lady a few years ago
As gazing through my best friends guest rooms window
Spellbound her twin sister fondling herself passionately
Watching two beautiful women making love, on a video
Then suddenly my girlfriends housekeeper entered and
She was the most gorgeous creation; Angelica in white..
I had long adored her British accent, as her warm heart
Seeming surprised a bit shy until; amid beauty's desires.

by Michael Smith |
Categories: flower, love,

Petals In the Wind

She loves me, she loves me not
Drifting gone one by one
I pluck away my many thoughts
Heart strings play scarlet skyward loft

Are petals rose forever lost?
So gentle into minstral wind
Or a prisoner of love escaping off
Thus, once, twice, thrice again

How shall I ever know…?
The person that you are
Amid this whirlwind of to and fro
In continued passions from afar

Quell my heart from its bitter swell
And allow true assurances to begin
Appease the soft June petals fall
To turn around in wayward winds

Alas, upon their return, amends
To this man of yearning
Evermore than merely friends
To accent the wildflowers blooming

By Michael G. Smith 2013

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: nostalgia, retirement,

Got To Go

I stand here and implore you to believe me
No, I am not Jack White 
Although you say I’m a liar
This shaking all over, is over
I’m going home to track my youth
Leaving your accent behind, put on my I.D
And look literal life in the eyes,
I need to get away, my Rock ‘n’ Roll has died,
MTV is full of four-letter words
And love is not one of them,
I’m taking the next train back to nostalgia
Then an airplane across boisterous seas,
Satisfied to live with memories
Along the highway of vinyl,
Where old labels are still shining
Unlike me, long after their demise.

© Harry J Horsman 2018

by Brenda Rose |
Categories: appreciation, dedication, deep, emotions, friendship, love, spiritual,

Hazel Mary

I know a lady of elder years,
Hazel Mary is her name.
I tell her H.M. means, "Her Majesty"
It's just a part of a fun filled game.

She speaks with an Irish accent
Which I can spend hours listening to.
She's tall and quick to action
And she makes it clear she's no one's fool.

She's loyal, kind, and honest
And she knows what a friendship means.
She's proved it many times to me
As I watched her for, "A friend to be".

"And now with the Grace of God
She is now friend to me!"

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: cute love, fantasy, fun, funny, hope, humor, humorous,


He shall come in time, 
Like no other before
Like no song ever sung
Like no flower ever bloomed
He shall come
Walking like no other
With eyes keen on you
Dressed stylishly
With an accent only you can understand
And you shall know that it is he,
And he shall come
In unknown colors only revealed to you
Only known to you
Straight down he shall come to you, 
From a flying saucer
Yeah, from a UFO

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Pure Heart

The hurt on my heart stand steel melt butter what is pure will

Up all night sound of a barrel weight of time let absolved

Morning of label feet of will content value motion accent

Rare fit God I am here a God fear man

The hurt on my heart ten and ten can’t bring my will

Up all night sound of a barrel weight of time let absolved

Pure Heart.

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: christian,

Wings Sing-Bt

secs, saint so still.
no restraint when
great wisdom - faint
from accent spills.
has my back - God
of love - soundtrack
keeps no record 
of wrongs, slow to
anger. i’ll go
where stirs the heart’s
former brr, warms
the soul, prefers
the morning song -
its airborne wings 
of the reborn.

Bauk Than - Than Bauk
Sponsor: Charles Messina

secs - short for seconds
brr - cold

by Phindile Mgabashe |
Categories: best friend, birthday,

My Birthday Present

Can I have you as my present
Because you have a good accent
Your beauty is more than a cent
And I love your brilliantine scent
First time we met, we became friends
Because I was attracted by the way you love
It was my first time to have a girlfriend
Now we always together like hand in glove
The reason I befriended you
Is that I'm a poet and you're a poetess
I placed you in my heart like a tattoo
Because there is one thing I knew
That tattoos are not easy to unglue
Oh how I wish to have a poetess as my present
Oh how I wish to have a friend
Like you in my birthday at the year end
Our friendship stands no end
Because in my life, you're a good scent

by Hadi Ebrahimi |
Categories: lost love, peace, sympathy,

Stolen Land

The land I was born in 
has been stolen
Has anybody seen it?
The immigration officer asks:
“Nationality and reason for asylum?”
I tell him I am looking for the thief of my land
Do you think he might be kind and return my stolen land to me?
With a Texan accent he says:
“Write a letter to John Ashcroft
And make a copy to George W. Bush.”

I drafted an ad today
And sent it to the media:
“In this Global Village
I am lost

by Sara Zahed |
Categories: people,

The French Guy

I have a moustache with a curl at its ends
                   Accompanied with small hair on my chin

                      I wear a suit that's black in color 
           And sunglasses that make me look like a counselor

                     I am French with a funny English accent 
          With a heart filled with love that shines with the crescent
                           I am Francois the French Guy!!

by Ernest Martinez |
Categories: august, desire, encouraging, happy, hope, love, romantic,

Down the Hill

Taking our time
Flowing, going, stepping smoothly down
Conversing with her from out of town

Walking, floating, introducing ourselves
So pleasant was the talk, I postponed my run
Eucalyptus lowered branches to hear our fun

Slowly, time fleeting moving closer towards her
There was pain in her eyes, I could only smile
I had been there, from which I walked awhile

It was so nice to meet, my heart fluttered
I wished her luck, “fue un placer,” she replied
Off I go, telling myself at least try 

Jogging my thoughts stood on that chance encounter

Hoping, thinking that I would look for her again
That by any luck, love let me not relent 
For Teresa and her Cuban Accent

by Emily Kroeger |
Categories: faith, family, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, hope, husband, life, love

Beautiful Fairytale

The woman stares out the frosted window,
Shoulders covered in her cream colored shawl.
She begins to sing “beautiful fairytale, beautiful fairytale.”

Her husband’s truck rumbles around the corner of the little
Dirt road, She lights up like a shooting star across the night sky.

She stares at the dark complexion of his skin, and his golden brown
Hair, and his ocean blue eyes, as he walks up the path lined with white
Picked fence. 

He twirls her around and plants a kiss on her soft pink lips.
She Flashes him a smile.

She says to her husband: “My, I sure am happy  your home” with her
rather southern accent.  

“Me too. Me too.” He says smiling down at her.

by Kushal Poddar |
Categories: allegory, art, caregiving, dedication, devotion, faith, family, fantasy, forgiveness, friendship, happiness, health, hope, introspection, life, love, mother, nature

Shelf Life of Sunshine

Shelf life of lights 
A thoughtful commentary on the shelf-life of sunshine 
flares up on the kitchen; here her quick hands have been 
getting pickled and spicy, with each turns of time she’s spent.

Days are, of course, growing thin; like her little family 
which has been unfastening. Son has gone to the town;
his dad has lost appetite; the vegetable patch’ve dried.

She looks at the brown cat, it seems to attain bodhi.
The salty air teases her hair, unknotted it.
“You look great.” The wind’s accent, slightly slurry, comes inside.

It reminds her of youth, insouciant, innocent. 
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

by Sneha Agarwal |
Categories: dedication, motherhalloween, halloween,

Halloween of Ideal Beauty!

It’s a new modern technical generation
Still Mother love doesn’t need a reason

I desire to give a dedication as present
Celebrate with Halloween as an accent 

Went with this thought to buy an outfit
Fairies and Queens shown as best pick

Suggested by friends to have eminent
But feeling of soul is not just an element

Struck with an idea to proceed ahead
Prepare a Halloween of natural thread

Traditional crimson red draped – Saree
Ornament of natural flowers lined by Zari 

Ardor day for the selfless care of Mother
Shelter to millions the whole world rather

Perfect Halloween of no tales or fantasies
Natural decor of unmentioned classics!

by Amy Kramer |
Categories: fantasy, happiness, life, love, passion, romance, travel,


it was a Valencian love
hot and heated
the warm breeze blew 
I was not cheated
sweat dripped onto the sheets
as the fan slowly churned overhead 
it was not enough to keep things cool
it was not enough to follow the rules
there were no rules
only passion
I found his one true gift
was beneath his accent

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: beauty, lost love,

Bare Truth

Bare Truth

my dear
black bear
are you
my pooh
my pie
in sky
so sweet
to eat
one piece
to feast
to dine
so fine
on plates
of fate
to doors
of yours
the gap
the bridge
to ridge
of glad
not sad
let me
in thee
to pose
for rose
let me
in thee
to rhyme
of time
let me
in thee
to bake
a cake
to ice
it nice
so sweet
we eat
and let
of gloom
and doom
last vent
so weeds
can nose
smell rose
can scent
say you
i do

connie pachecho


by John Weber |
Categories: love


Sparks flicker from honey lips.
Shower me in purest fire.
Gravity lathes my ellipse
as we bask in our desire.
Shudders quake when passion grips
this yearning howls to inspire.

My mantle once longed to drift
in shame and disappointment.
Your voice charmed a brilliant shift
spurring my blazing accent.
Dancing comets praise our gift--
this hallowed ordained event.

by James Lukas |
Categories: love

Sonnets Fair

Your reverbarating 
heartbeat silhouettes 
the love that we're in, 
your proverbial eyes 
hide the fate that 
terribly awaits, all my 
life i've wondered 
where you've been, the 
sudden sound of wings 
as birds migrate. I love 
your smile, your accent 
too, i'd be there right 
now, if you asked me 
to. Your softest touch, 
your, rosé voice. You're 
glamorous face and the 
things you do. You 
heave to kiss with lips 
so rare, your laughter a 
sound of sonnets fair, 
your hair falls down 
your shoulder bone, 
one gaze from you and 
i'd turn to stone.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: nostalgia,

Disappointed She Is Not American

Haley Mills played Pollyanna
We kids thought she was American
We claimed her as one of our own.
When she got older she began using her British accent.
And we could neither understand her
or love her half as much,
so disappointed were we.
Anyway, I was.
I do not even speak British English.