Love Poems About Acceleration or Acceleration Love Poems
by John Watt |
Categories: fear, love, relationship, romance,


  I will go on this ride
  cling to my safety harness
  overcome my phobia of heights
  ignore those screams from the colossus-
  are they screams of terror, or screams of joy?
  I will embrace the uncertainty
  brace myself for every twisting turn
  each stomach-dropping, breath-stopping
  heartbeat of sheer acceleration exhilaration 
  as the tension mounts, she reaches for my hand
  do I speak of riding a roller coaster or falling in love?

written 21 Oct 2021

by Heart Hunter |
Categories: car,


love is like 
drivin a car one 
should think 
afar how to 
smoke the 
engine change 
gears and hide 
fears drive 
calmly and 
smile warmly 
know the right 
direction and 
how to check 
mirror lanes 
and evade 
footlines the 
soul that knows 
this is granted 
a licence.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: earth, environment, health, integrity, love, society, trust,

Climates of Descent

Energy descent
need not predict financial descent
by inviting cooperative ownership and governance instead.

Just as democratizing love descent
need not predict hate and terror and paranoid acceleration
when love could invite more polypathic
and polyphonic
and polycultural outcomes,
creolizing multicultures of omnipotent abundance

Just as climates of ecopolitical pathology descent
need not predict 0-sum 
Win To Lose Later
Industrial Capitalization Game-Over
when positive energy invites more diastatic flowing landscapes,
cultures of regenerative health
watering flowers
and not so much our weeds.

by Shahana Jackson |
Categories: love

Keeping my desires hidden

I put on a face
because truthfully if I did anything else 
it would give it all away

He can't know what I feel
what I wish could be real
because if the idea should arise
I wouldn't ever be able to look him
in the eye again. 

I don't want to ruin our friendship
with my silly little shenanigans.
The fact that I can't control my heart
acceleration when he is around is my own
damn problem. 

I've already shoved it off as a crush
that has already gotten beyond my
control but no one has to know 
I'll carry this little secret alone

Categories: how i feel,

Lockdown- 49th Day

I thought
flowers of this summer sky would be mine,
official increment would shine daily expenses

I thought
this year would be crown twenty match
in my twisted love

Forty nine fiery lockdown days
Almost eighteen thousand infected
Two hundred sixty nine died
My country peoples

The more lockdown days the more infections and deaths
Parallel acceleration

Today on foot to my office
As if I am in masqueraded town
Ghostly environment is activated in city officialese
Incremental veins and festival bonus are dead with infected souls

My thought making me stranded forlorn sand home

13.05.2020 (Chattogram City)