Love Poems About Accelerating or Accelerating Love Poems
by Justin Bordner |
Categories: gothic, heart, nature, women, endurance,

She Is Gospel

When a woman is just a woman 
the world waits not for her wishes and woes
It seeks to rape the rose of her youth and ravage her assertive reason,
she must become more than mortal meat, she must rise to where hot spirit flows
accelerating the bloodletting of her zen into a hostile zeitgist, she makes endurance a weapon,
the gestation of her gestalt confronting the civil and savage alike, sharp beauty is all she knows
becoming a love hunter with no remorse, womb driven, wasting no color of season,
learning to weep over the bones of bastards, to scream through shadows,
reaping light from simple eyes, heart uncommon
Eve believes God as she grows -


by Bonnie Jennings |
Categories: god, universe,

The Annunaki

And who is God, who made heaven and Earth? (10)
Is he, a she, or a god (7)
Designed, from them above, that spoke, of love? (10)
To whom man gives revered laud (7)
Universe, accelerating, decants (10) 
Physics, calculus, unflawed (7)
The answers to questions, obscure, yet close (10)
Searching for solutions, fraud (7)
Tongues lie, protecting, the godhead of Ra (10)

K??(The King of Clubs)
©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

Syllabic and Free verse exercise 
example 2

by Kristen Varwig |
Categories: love, science

Physical Love

Without warning, he asks me
And our energy becomes potential.
Stretched by my inertia and his kinetic force,
The whole cannot remain constant.
The velocity is staggering before I say a word.
We are accelerating through supersonic silence,
His question hanging, creating shock waves
That radiate, exploding the sky.
He is drowning in this supernova suicide,
And I, as his companion in this
Binary system, cannot outshine him
Nor can I resist his mass as we collapse
Underneath the weight of this gravity.
"Is this love?" he asks again, as we spiral,
Twisted together and fragmented.
"Is this love?"
And my answer comes beyond the event horizon.

by Mary Smith |
Categories: love hurts,


The sound of rain is better than your voice
As is the crashing ocean and the sea
Your sound is smoother than a new Rolls Royce
Your voice is a beautiful thing to me

Sadly your voice cannot beat fallout boy
Your voice may set my ears a fiery blaze
I may be dead but it is not a ploy
But would die to listen to you for days

Your voice is not everyone’s want or need
However its faults mean everything
Your voice has grown in my heart like a weed
The growth in my heart accelerating

You and your faulty crooked broken voice
Makes my heart ooze with feelings of rejoice

by New World |
Categories: beautiful, desire, emotions, for her, heart, love,

Secret Life

That third life we each live 

There alongside our public and private ones 
The secret life

You came into it on a freight train of building emotion
Slowly, powerfully, but constantly accelerating
Momentum building energy and force  

To fruition

Holding its own demise and rebirth 
Time and again
As if a train on an unstable track

One moment
Cars cascading past each other down an embankment
Metal rending into misshapen form

Riding as if on silk or a cushion of air
With sun shining

In a rhythmic dance to please the kings
A cycle maybe still 


For now in that secret life 
Exists only a


by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: love, life, love,

The Love of My Life

The Love of my life

Before now,Love is a dead and forgotten issue,
which had clog my blood and other tissue,
If love falls down heavily as rain,
I doubt whether I can love again.

You came into my life to remove this fear,
which has long stuck to my pinna ear,
For long I have been waiting on fate,
This came accelerating at a faster rate.

My love for you is right from genesis,
when I was stranded in arid oasis,
Your exemplary character is something to cherish,
Which made my business ventures to flourish.

Your absence is like a soup without thyme,
which will make my life to be without rhyme,
Your confident looks and smiles bring pleasure,
when I thought of them at my leisure.

by Linda Smith |
Categories: love, passion, people,

The Union

Two souls as one,
filling the void, feeding the hunger, embracing.

A slow awakening, built slowly,
brick by brick, enticing,
tempting, slowly satisfying.

Accelerating pace,
a growing need, drawing close,
hold fast, on a wild ride,
with reigns of flesh,
guiding the melodious movement
to a tetany of pleasure.

A symphony of locomotion,
with entangled limbs,
surfing the waves of ectasy,
both rising with the crescendo
and crashing into the trough
in unison.

Nestled together,
like spoons in a drawer,
toes unfurl, breathing relaxes,
the flight ends once more.

by Timothy Mattson |
Categories: 12th grade, confusion, science,


Our vision may allow us to see,
But it is only part of what we may know.
As we're guided along a certain spectrum,
Giving us a few seeds to grow.

This growth has given some direction.
To quantum scales unknown before.
While accelerating to epic collisions,
That become new scriptures and folklore.

This search for the elusive bonds,
Gives both discovery & confusion some gain.
As our learning seems to grow & negate,
What was once held, firmly in vain.

The gravity of this issue remains unanswered,
Darkened & veiled by the chaos found here.
While our love for this wisdom will remain,
Faithfully driven by an ignorant fear.

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: dream, emotions, true love, universe,


We continue wandering,
always you lift me up;
Never really completing the circle 
despite what you say is done;
Entering a different phase 
roaming where I have already been;
In a time I cannot remember,  
nor a moment I could ever forget;
Giving yourself to me again and again,
getting a little more lost; 
Nothing could be closer to found;
Intoxicating me with what I cannot see
ready to go deeper and deeper,
Each moment  higher and higher 
dead ends that never end;
Nothing better than accelerating 
at forever full throttle,
We continue wandering.