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I fell in love with you

I feel as a perfect thief:    
first I stole you a look,    
afterwards a caress, a kiss,    
until arriving to the valuable treasure: 
your heart.  

My lips smile, they express happiness;    
my skin is bristled, expressed shyness;    
my heart accelerates, expressed feelings.   
You have gotten it: I fell in love with you.

by Rick Berry |
Categories: fantasy, love, passion, romancebody,

Innocent Innuendo

Innocent innuendo
Illusion turns to reality
Clay oven, fire, heat
The kiss, passion erupts
Standing in the rain, frozen heat
Your body is wet, torrential rains
The kisses become more sensual
The rythym accelerates, faster
Rain dripping down your face
I can taste your essence
I can smell the feminine scent
Your body is wet, I feel fire
The taste of romance
Simultaneously, we collapse
Innocent innuendo

~Rick Berry 

by Patricia Moran |
Categories: cute love, i love you,

The things you do

Heart accelerates 
Birds sing to wonderous songs
He takes my hand

by Terry Hillen |
Categories: conflict, corruption, love, power, prejudice, psychological, relationship,

BF's girl

BF’s Girl

Man is identified by behavior.
I say man and she demands an
Accounting.  The definitive correlative
Can not be spoken.  The constant common
Can not be held in union.  I must discourse
All caveats else no communion, no love.
What of it?  I can stick a thermometer
Up her *** and she registers normal.
All biology, chemical registry, hormone
Therapy, cat scan technology yield
No abrasion any unguent could quench.
I say what harm I live and chose, too?
She speaks of a box she wasn’t raised in,
Impacts everything.  A falling body accelerates
Jubilant of nearing home.  Childproof or regret it.

by Aditi Anvita |
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Feelings of Love

True sentiments, confined not to promise,
Till the supreme minute ceases to exist,
Not the exemplary memoirs, a novice,
In unrivaled heart, emotions persist.

Togetherness not limited to intent,
Analogous to greed that rarely refrain,
Guiding crucial steps at time of assent,
And embraces to undermine the pain.

There's showering in innocuous hearts,
One accelerates similar to intense flame,
Smashing agony of darker past departs,
There flourishes unique immortal name.

The ardent quest of life for honesty,
Attains a genuine admirer of modesty.

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: imagination, inspirational, life, love, mother, mystery, nature, time,

A Breathing Life

A Pumping blood organ,
Feels pain,
When someone degrading  life,
Serving only by him.

Always having prosperity,
Thoughts and dreams,
Becomes living,
Blood runs through nerves.

Heart palpitates,
Fills a bladder of lungs.
Breath accelerates heart,
To breathing a life.

Blood, a Traveler,
Delivers happiness and sorrows,
Feels encouragement,
And discourages itself,
When it feels,
Someone had broken him.

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: adventure, devotion, faith, forgiveness, life, love,

Just Like You

Just like clouds,
Life wanders,
Upwards and downwards,
Backwards and forwards,
Circumstances as wind,
Accelerates breathing,
And brings hope,
As lungs,
Blows up and down and living,
Palpitates as heart beat.
And flows as blood in veins,
Without any headache,
Cold or heat,
Weather never disturbs,
Drinking, eating and sleeping,
Always gets tired and seeking change,
Only for taste, sweet or sour,
Only our efforts are. 
You targeted me,
My prey was an achievement.

Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, beauty, imagery, love, metaphor,


My love lit in darkness
absolute lightness that weighs,
subtle clarity in the dim
a gracious value that prays...
Paced current that accelerates
a freed engine that feeds
an artifact of love assembled
an arsenal of stored affection...
My love star curtain
a beam of light that transmits
peace of calm lake through life.
A well-constructed idyll that raises
a set of instigating purity
 the most it offers, most increases... !