Love Poems About Accelerated or Accelerated Love Poems
by Ram R. V. |
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Romance, a scientific definition

Romance is a science:
it’s all about some equation, 
not necessarily based on calculation,
but certainly on chemistry
 (which is a mystery),
strengthened by physics,
particularly by conduction and radiation, 
thereby forming an electromagnetic field,
which facilitates certain biochemical reactions,
setting up and, in turn, accelerated 
by a rhythmic process,
 which may lead to reproduction!


Composed on July 27, 2017

by Anuj Ghimire |
Categories: lost lovelove, me,

If you thought

If leaving you thought
Would make this fool go
You thought it wrong
Like you thought of me 
And if hurting me
You thought would
Make my love low
You just accelerated it more
If never coming back
You thought would make me forget you
You thought it wrong
Just like you did with me
You just made this poor heart
To wait for the love that he’ll never get
And still a proud heart to hold the blame…
The curse 
The mistake 

by Fuzzy SK |
Categories: love

Something about Love

Love is overrated
Coined by this heart accelerated
Today exhilarated, tomorrow sorrow filtered
Emotions exuberant 
Loneliness exonerated 
Time extinguished
Togetherness envisioned
Oh what splendor
This love dreamed

Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor, humanity, love, passion,


         Accelerated pulse,
            boiling blood,
              beating heart,
                frantic movement,
                  inflamed soul,
                   crazy head,
                     loose is the beast...
                          in love... !

by Aruna Cathciyal |
Categories: 12th grade,


As I lay here on the meadow
Looking at the bright and the ineffable sun
The smell of the meadow,
The Sunshine,
The warm summer breezes,
It reminded me of her,
It reminded me of her love,
Her magical words,
Her magical touch.
My heart accelerated in desperation,
In desperation to ignore the feeling,
But it was too much,
Too many feelings,
Too strong to ignore,
Too strong to forget.
The sunshine will always remind me of her,
For she is the sunshine of my life.