Love Poems About Accedes or Accedes Love Poems
by Anthony Dover |
Categories: lost love,


Something in the way she stands there
Something she knows whilst serving serving all the customers sadly
But with temerity I approach whilst  stumbling over words to say
Rehearse and another till open
But I wont and accede my place
Still stumbling in my mind a phrase perhaps
And then a small packet of tobacco and then  some rizlas
She gracefully accedes knowing I have in truth no other here
Theres something in the way she smiles
When she gives me the packet 
And touches my cold hand lightly.

Categories: passion, night, longing, night,

Silent night. . .

In the dead of the night he attempts his surprise
Candlelight winks forming whispered pleas
The midnight moon casts a hint of light
Surreptitiously he beckons his love to his side
Tears glint in her starry eyes  tonight
His hand brushes past her flushed cheeks
She coyly tilts her head to one side
The sigh that escapes her suggests consent
Carefully he frees her hair so soft
Relishing the moment both so dearly want
Shyly she accedes, yet hesitant at first
Until desire burns with longing and thirst
In the dead of the night he attempted his surprise
Candlelight winked forming whispered pleas . . .