Love Poems About Acappella or Acappella Love Poems
by Jeremy Street |
Categories: art, love,

Someone Call Up Wang Chang And His Brother Tang

Houston, We've Got A Thang....
Bang Bang, Rush It Through The House
Where's My Butt Hole Mouse ? How Mow Brown Cow
Black Cinderella, With Her Tic Track Fella Singing Acappella
Do We Have An Accord Take It To The Board I'll Be Your Lord Horde
Miss Piggy And His Ziggy, Stardust She's A Must With This Bust Bed Time 
Red Line Where's My *uckin Mouse Chorus Boris Blue Light Tender Thighs United Lies.

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, baby,

If Your Going To, San Francisco

Thinking of Whitney Houston for some reason ?
Her beautiful voice like flowers in your hair rising....
Acappella and such a strange vibration; people in motion
Spirits, love's potion ? Nay these altars nor volcanos; sacrificial
Blades their children ghostly gods they chant; pin stripped podiums
Cauldrons a watchful brew poison ivy garments beating drums nighttide
Jungles sand dune dreams his Amazon sleeps, tonight ? Don't walk away she sings..
Gossamer wings the golden gate, and I don't want to cry anymore ? A kiss for love We, smile.