Love Poems About Academically or Academically Love Poems
by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: allusion, anger, angst, humorous,

poetry by numbers

Poetry by Numbers

I got an email naming the best poets from poetry site
 ...As expected they were love stories,
About loneliness and the mixed bags of
The poet’s monotonous candyfloss of anguish. 
All poems looked worked- shopped, the same
Phrases sometimes returned 
And they were all meticulous in show not tell
Which is a mind-numbing mantra.
For some, especially 
The academically inclined, making poetry 
Into a cross word puzzle 
I think all 100 poets had the same teacher who,
As many poetry teachers do, lives in New Mexico   

by maxwell collier |
Categories: art,


im the dumbest in my class, but everybody says im smart, i only am in crime, people laugh and i taste tart, im disgusting and repulsive, but i do try not to fart, they will need another clown, so im trying for the part. the county steals my money, there is so much in my cart, i wish i could give love, but i do not have a heart, i dont care if you go cry, i just want to be apart, i graduated from a school, but i did not get a start. academically im dumb, but i know i can make art, i never want to get a car, so i will just stick with Bart, im small just like an ant, but i am big as a mart, every time the people laugh, i feel they shot me with a dart.