Love Poems About Academic or Academic Love Poems
by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: faith,

Measuring Worth

Though countless hours slip away
With memories unregistered
There are moments that define us
By the love and comfort offered

Portfolios filled with kindness
Will take us to a higher plane
Than resumes of apathy
Or PhDs of the inhumane

Some brains are blessed with intellect
To achieve academic height
But spiritual souls rise higher
As we enter the final light

It’s not the gifts we have at birth
But the ones we nourish and grow
By which our value will be judged
And passage to heaven bestowed

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: addiction, humorous,


I love weed; Afghan Red to be precise
It is my favourite illegal vice
I do it in the bath and in the hall
I smoke it in summer and right through fall

I smoke in class and in canteen
I smoke when cops are on the scene,
I light up when in academic gown, 
a practice that made my former
Wife frown

And on the bus it is a hoot, to fill the
Air with devil’s suit; to draw it in 
And keep it down, is much preferred
On trip through town

So if you feel life’s closing in, forget
The doctor or the gin, it’s weed that 
Makes the world go round, its soothing
Pleasure…it has no measure... this
wicked vice, I'll always treasure

by Poet. Undertaker |
Categories: humor,

Motto Husain

Once there was an academic entrepreneur  called Husain
framed a motto for his institution titled “Routing the sane”
“Live Love Learn” no good
“Love Learn Live” too good
Bloody Husain my motto in life “Love Laugh Live” sane?

by Alayande Stephen |
Categories: education, life, people,


Sycophancy they celebrate
Insolvency they worship
Profligacy they cherish
Grandiosity they love.

Impudence remains a force 
To reckon with 
Indolence rewarded 
Amidst pomp and pageantry
Intolerance to dissent
Views became the hallmark

Thesis plagiarizing became licit
Academic placid legitimatised
Megabyte prowling encouraged
Supersonic pillaging sanctioned

Persecution became acceptable
Intimidation remains excusable
Exploitation officially allowable

All these only during the
Dark days of an “Ifa priest”
With the so called magic wand
In the garden of life
Christen U and I.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, books,

My Book-

Love so I my book
It's big and academic 
and it's main pages 
and it's mighty attitude
as it stands I read much more

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2020

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: growth, leadership, meaningful, political, truth, vanity, wisdom,

Being Real

It doesn’t matter
may it be politics
preference of love
art requires honesty

free expression

without it
there is no life --
the difference
between simply breathing
and soulfully relating

lies may get one wealth
academic honors
worldwide accolades
of other vanity sorts – 

but they will
never make you real!