Love Poems About Abysmal or Abysmal Love Poems
by Kurt Ravidas |
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Four Elements

How bottomless you are, the lonely hell,
how dark and joyless, but the love I fell
in is much deeper. Oh, four words you said
so unexpectedly that my ink bled,
four elements, four natures of despair -
the water of my tears, the smoky air
of sleeplessness, the fire in my loins,
the earth of desperation that adjoins
insanity – the words you said in lieu
of reasons to break up: "I don’t love you".
How that can be? It was just yesterday
you vowed that… I go mad, I go astray
in most abysmal precipices of 
my hell in search of you, my faithless love.

by Susan Mills |
Categories: adventure,

Goddess Kali's Revenge

In life's surly tusks in the frost of high morn without sun's rays; yet,  the sky sheds sprinkled whispers of the day to become as a grizzly ray of scoped out hope in a hole of abysmal steely abyss as a meteorite's crater of earthy tones of red mud clay turned into heated golden bowls of fruit contained within.  To throw out over a mounatain top for Goddess Kali.  Three arms filled with arrows to dart back with boomerang like love into millenium's to surmise itself real-- as insanity envelopes and encompasses an out of touch reality in the arms of weeded truth!

by Sabina Nicole |
Categories: childhood, grave, growing up, life, recovery from, sad, youth,

I Miss You

I miss you
Where did you go
So many years ago
Golden locks of love
Embracing the universe with your smile
Treading on the pavement
In your hand me downs
Blowing in the wind
With your stride
Your pride
With years by your side.

I miss you
Where have you been
Fearless endeavors
No worries of forever
Youth dripping down your porcelain face
Dancing in the moonlight
Laying under the stars
With no trace of abysmal scars.

I miss you
Dreamer of dreams
Poetic gleam
Melodies silent at the seams
Virtuous beauty with static on your mind
Building mysteries
One moment at a time.

I miss you
Age Seven.

By: Sabina Nicole

Contest: You're A Little Kid Again
Age 7

by Valeria Iliadou |
Categories: inspirational, life

Evening Sky

A painter's hand has drawn this evening sky
With brushes pink and distempers purple,
An evening outlet to an Eternity of visions.
Whether you choose to melt defenses built,
Or to rest reserved in a Solitude of fear,
This sky is going to be your condemnation
And your redemption at once.
In the Love of an instinct fate leads this course
With roses stray on floors you climb.
This evening sky, this purity hides a storm abysmal and unexpected
Like the hand that grasps you from this world and takes you to the other side, 
Near these clouds, next to an evening sky.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: baby, baptism, jesus, love,

Running Through Jungles Not Knowing Why Welcome: To Babylon

Nineteen seventy nine and we don't even care ?
As restless as we are yet, tis so easy to get caught up
Within orphan Joey's perpetual season in woes this rainbow
Skidrow coloured their flesh but don't you know; smit the bit this lingo pit
Hanging on a tit suckled through a slit rin tin sin and his brother gin shoving grenades
In their blue blank daze sunless gaze abysmal cage crack'pot sage fortune teller rage feed the beast
Bowing to statues reaching for gold serving their belly this hate that they hold: king copula's gab'fest gabbling....
Crossing continents spheres as realms tis hard not to feel the pain you instill your evil ways darkened haze their babies.

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: betrayal, lost love,



Blackness in brimming day light
and heart sorely bled on my plight,
Abysmal love that I trusted found,
his pretense left me absolutely astound,

My thoughts are now so forlorn,
soul distressed and utterly torn,
Time swivelled joys to end in frown,
as whole world came toppling down,

As if drowning deep into lagoon of grief,
where empathy balm hurls no relief,
Yearning for one feigned embrace,
will evanesce every fraction of his image,

Flustered by the time's toss,
my esprit is merely an albatross.

Written Dec 2nd, 2015
For contest by Tommy boy

by John Rhinem |
Categories: hope, life, love,

American Graffiti


Iniquities vertical archways traversing twilights retro

Drafted abysmal shadows aneath the roses; gethsemanes inquisition

Coloured acrylic murals in acidic transcending medievils

Vague ambulant abstract mystique....

Embellished cerium charcoals as that of gothics in vitro, masque

Achromatic architectural envisioned designs; gomorrahs evanescence

Holistic gargoyles of the black plagues overture amid

Nefarious nepenthes, garden of eden....


....American Graffiti!?

by Oliver Samuel Chukwuebuka |
Categories: anger, art,



I hate being normal
'Cos normal is abnormal.
It throws norm-man into abysmal.
I'd like the sun in the night.
To shine,see the wicked's breast.
I'd like the stars,lay above the moon.
The moon in the day's boon.
Let' us sleep on the day
And in the morn rest.
Let there be nonexistent mourn
But in the spree of joy we'll eat corn.
Let kings turn servants
At least savants for once servants savaged.
Let poverty go extinct
Extinct from our instincts
Instincts that produce succinct.
Let tint of enmity demise
Demise 'cos love will pay the price.
Let trees grow only on mountains
Its certain our legs will heighten.
I hate being normal
'Cos normal is abnormal.


by Jill Martin |
Categories: life, loss, love, sea, time,


Beneath the weight of that 
your mind rifles for a memory of me. 

... a waltzing illusion 
of whispered lashes upon 
tear-stained cheeks. 
Slippery images of half grins 
and muddied promises 
left outside the door to find their own way. 

I’ve met untempered currents 
that dragged you beneath 
monochromatic layers 
of near death. 

I’ve raged against the forces 
that checked your wings, 
the pale blue of your gaze 
adrift on low tide 
that missed the shadow of me 
loving you. 

I hear your voice still, in words 
left for me. 
And I hear time abysmal. 
And time rules our worlds. 

So I wait.

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: analogy, fate,

Hard Lines

I notice a face with myriad bent distress.
With eyes that include a trace of sadness,
A dreary routine without a success story,
A vivid photo of the topic dyed with clarity.

His elements are unemotional and calm,
Seeing elapses on the aegis of life qualm.
Love has been his mate and accomplice.
He deemed it right by the slow compass.

A wiped-out execrable ruffled face is rough.
Neediness mutiny yet glad for his estate bluff,
The abysmal face conceals a delicate heart.
His soul is more aware than it seems at first. 

Written: June 19, 2022

The Pastel Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Craig cornish

by Audonus Taylor |
Categories: lost love

The Immortal Bleed

You don't know it, 
Sometimes, I reach for my personal 
with hopes of writing a truth 
for the broken heart's mask of 
false smiles and lying indifference.
It is here, within this vulnerability,
I see an eye full of my own sorrow,
and a suffer that fills my chest 
with the emptiness between blank

Should you now, 
or ever,
personify this image within the
sympathy of your thoughts...
Or find empathy inside these
bleeding words, 
At best, you shall know a
mere whisper of the agony 
your absence brings to me.

As this is an ache so arduous,
so surreal, so unbearably abysmal,
that even eternity 
lacks time enough to heal.

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: love,

America Graffiti

Iniquities vertical archways 
Traversing twilights retro
Drafted abysmal shadows
Aneath the roses bush...
Coloured acrylic murals 
Acidics transcending 
Medievils vague ambulant 
Abstract mystique ?
Embellished cerium 
Charcoals as that of gothics 
In vitro; masque'd
Achromatic architectural 
Envisioned designs...
Gomorrah's holistic 
Gargoyles; a black plagues 
Overture amid, Nefarious
Nepenthes, garden of her eden.

by Amelia Thompson |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love

Me and You

Looking back on our conversations,
Overflowing with sentiment and expressions
Dripping with the succulent taste of sugar
I smile.
Hearing you name tossed out in a crowd,
Flippantly like a piece of paper
Landing delicately next to my ear
I smile.
Watching the clock tick past the minutes
My heart in sync with the seconds going by
Drawing in a sigh of relief as the bell rings
I giggle.
Fighting through the hallway crowd
Ragging like a sea of abysmal depths
Roaring against the walls and ceiling
I giggle.
Darting my eyes around the room
Like a hummingbird weaving through the air
My eyes finally rest on your face.
I melt.
And all that comes to mind
Is to just…. smile.

by Mike Roberts |
Categories: conflict, depression, fate, feelings, kiss, sad, sorrow,

Abysmal Darkness

The terrible misfortune of one wretched lonesome
Poetic soul in an emotional life who travels helplessly
down a long tunnel with no ending in sight
Passing by the familiar face of abysmal darkness
Who speaks gently to me of eternal nothingness.
Tormenting my profound emptiness, a heaviness
That heaves me down to the bottom. 
Of the deep-sea floor like a longtime anchor of lead
with No boundless hope no glimmer of visible light
no one to passionately love no hand to gently hold 
No sensuous lips to merely kiss only loneliness

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: blue, dark, depression, lonely, lost love, sad,

Dancing the Blues

now sunless days on automatic pilot
skies from greys to blues to violet
feigning composure while on edge
he dances nonchalantly on a ledge

extract from my poem ABYSMAL CLOWN

AP: 3rd place 2020

Submitted on May 25, 2020 for contest BRIAN'S CHOICE U sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

and on March 1, 2020 for contest RITHIMUS DIVISA 2 sponsored by GREGORY R BARDEN

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: journey, joy, literature, love, mythology, poets, symbolism,

Lament For the Makers

The death of once-great swans I oft' lament;
     and ask in vain, “Where have all the bards gone?”
No more are written lines as eloquent
     as in the days of Poesy's ancient dawn,
when Homer sung the epic war for Troy,
     and the odyssey of a Greek-hero king;
or, when the poet Petrarch sung for joy 
     of Laura, his love; and Dante, whose dayspring
of the heart was Beatrice. The Romantics
     of bygone days, alas, are forgotten!
The lyric odes of Keats, the Byronics
     of George Gordon, are now misbegotten
by great reams of abysmal, free-verse styles
today ill-writ by mental juveniles.

by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
Categories: love,

Love's Abysmal Eyes

One dip into your eyes
And my itches get soothed
Just one dip
And I realize that in your depth,
Lies my anchorage!

Since when has one mere little dip
Been enough?
I shall thirst for more
And I shall grip you,
Claw at you,
So that your heart turns into an abyss
Into which I shall jump
To lose myself
From the drylands that I have been
Rooted on since the day I birthed!

by Richard Rodriguez |
Categories: love,


My heart is marooned
on the island of 
bidding that the days 
swiftly go by,
trying to maintain 
a hopeful attitude,
until visions of you 
met my eyes,
laid dormant;
are the passions
I felt for you,
with your scent
so fresh in mind,
and the love 
that’s so true,
dear lord;
why is happiness 
so hard to find?
As the wilted flower
struggling to survive,
my heart; 
deeply rooted,
will keep my love for you
for the rewards of this
Vigil, is immeasurable,
and failure of this quest
not so dismal,
for memories of us 
is bountiful,
of a love that was not so 

by Richard Rodriguez |
Categories: love,


My heart is marooned
on the island of 
bidding that the days 
swiftly go by,
trying to maintain 
a hopeful attitude,
until visions of you 
met my eyes,
laid dormant;
are the passions
I felt for you,
with your scent
so fresh in mind,
and the love 
that’s so true,
dear lord;
why is happiness 
so hard to find?
As the wilted flower
struggling to survive,
my heart; 
deeply rooted,
will keep my love for you
for the rewards of this
Vigil, is immeasurable,
and failure of this quest
not so dismal,
for memories of us 
is bountiful,
of a love that was not so 

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, creation, extended metaphor, imagery, love,

Poem To Your Incredible Indecifrable Eyes

Abyssal, abysmal, profound,
superficial, light, evident,
your eyes change color...
Cracks, gaps, ruptures,
labyrinths, anguishes, throat
your eyes confine my desires...
Precipices, cliffs, gullies
schisms, contractions, insights
your eyes sometimes interact...
Lovers, flirts, friends,
I forgive all this because
I love your eyes
and you... !

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: how i feel,

Winter Shock

fog covers the bier 
coffin on moaning shoulder
whitish grey the tears 
leaves in icicles dripping
cold shrouded abysmal love

-January 21, 2019 Chattogram

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: love, lust,

It Was Lust, Not My Love

once I saw a girl
beneath the shadow of Banyan tree, Ramna Park;
I fell in love with her;
I couldn't tolerate her out of my sight

once I felt
I sucked her,
drank her blooming honey
and I biologically gratified myself;

once I gave her freedom to her abysmal gloomy path

Now I understand; it was lust, not my love 

-Monday, June 17, 2019 Chattogram

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: death, love,

Death In Love

in the bier
my corpse

I know someone will burn it,
someone will hide into ground

fire and soil 
devours my flesh, 
drinks my blood

and then 
the existence is nothing
without ashes and evaporation

and they leave me alone
to the incomprehensible nature

with the soul
I'm more deep and eternal
than this abysmal ocean and sky
because I died in love

-May 21, 2019 Chattogram

by Tinita Pram |
Categories: anxiety, conflict, dark, depression, feelings, identity, irony,

Broken, Broken, Sad

I was alone you see, in this dark abysmal sea 
as far as I could see
There were waves crashing amidst the storm, thunder and lightning in the sky 
- menacing lightning 
Every strike revealed what I was hiding 
in these murky waters and every noise told me it was futile 
"Give into the push and the pull " 
" Go deeper, it's warmer there, you'll find out you love it" 
And in the end isn't that what you wanted? 
Pushing and pulling me 

But then again I wasn't looking for peace
Maybe I was the one who brought myself here
Fooled you, deceived you and played a part
Maybe I wore a mask

Because underneath it all ... was broken, broken and sad

by Hidayat Adams |
Categories: death, loss, love,

The Price of Loss

An ache too ponderous
Strangling my heart in
Coils upon layers upon folds of
		Relentless emptiness.

Pendulous, the desolation oscillates
From heart to soul to eyes –
Tears spill like precious pearls of water
The arid desert of my being.

This inconsolable tsunami of loss 
Nothing can alleviate.
Memories provide scant solace.
Your absence: 
                 A harsh reminder of 
                           Your once taken-for-granted presence.
Yet … your Spirit that still within me resides,
Shall (I know) eventually seal the abysmal void in my life.