Love Poems About Abysm or Abysm Love Poems
by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: analogy, moon, passion, soulmate, true love,


found midst the moonlit sheets I swim your soul my flesh, wild water bound by blue beams swirling, deep your sea ... lost. Written and submitted on June 7, 2020 For the "Ninette" Poetry Contest Emile Pinet, Judge & Sponsor.

by Patricia Henriques |
Categories: angst, art, life, love, mystery, philosophy, me,


I turn my eyes to the abysm,
twisting my hands nevoursly.
I don' t love anymore, I brood over.
This stormy sea in me - it's an obsession
that calms down only when you come in
and then, when you did I remember,
all the sorrows were gone.
with the messed waves
Your faded face,
I wish I could feel it through the picture but I can't.
Oh, this abysm...
When I turn my eyes to it
it looks me back

Patricia Evans