Love Poems About Baby or Baby Love Poems
by Aby M'baye |
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Feel Free

Make as you feel it 
In the sense of your feel
Without forgetting sense

Fais comme tu le sens 
Dans le sens de tes sens 
Sans oublier le sens 

Aby M.

by Aby M'baye |
Categories: africa, bird,

Eagle's Love

She cried 
All the tears 
Of her body 
Of his heart 
Of her mind 
Only his soul 
Can reveal herself 
Can transform himself 
In the flood of the Nile

This is the way it is 
That flew away
The first Imperial Aquila
In search of fourteen pieces

Of her Love

Aby, New York, 20th May 2022

by Aby M'baye |
Categories: desire, love, new york,

New York Fireworks

New York Fireworks

I didn't see anything 
Yet everything was there 
Before my eyes 
Behind my tears 

A great firework 
took everything away 

Giving way to the crowd 
of the great days 
carried away by the smile 
of an infinite sky on the rails 
of human despair

A great bonfire 
has carried everything away 

Giving way to joyless cries 
Thunders of lightning
Under a stifling heat 
And a grey sky 
Before a downpour of water 
On an ocean of misery 

Shared in all humanity

Aby, New York, 23th May 2022

by Aby M'baye |
Categories: childhood, joy, love, remember,

Love of my life

Just Receiving
will be your best learning 

Just Love 
will be your most glowing wisdom

Just Trying
will be your. highest savourous success

You are precious
Your are free 
You can fly 

Remember that 
All the time 


by Aby M'baye |
Categories: desire, giving, inspirational love, new york, night, true love, water,

Crazy Loves

There are loves that overtake you
Falling in you like a comet
Invading you like the most crazy rainbow

You think 
Am I crazy
Am I crazy
You even think you're going to have heart attack
Am I crazy
Two hearts beating in one body
Am I crazy
Never would you have imagined it possible

Two waves in one ocean
can they soothe such a feeling
so obvious
so impossible

I think I'm crazy
That it's better to flee far away
to the open sea this silent promise
Than a lunar day
or a solar night
two hearts will find each other
to savor
drops of crazy water 
I want to be crazy

Aby M.

by Aby M'baye |
Categories: dream, emotions, environment, funny love, hope, i miss you, love, moon, new york, night, sun,

Greetings from the Sun

I thrive 
Wherever I go 
Abundance and generosity 
Wherever I shine 

When I get up 
Even the horizon is at the party
With its sensual and welcoming colours 

When I lie down
Every second is a delight 
for the one who sees me 

The moon would only want me for herself 
But I have no choice 
I must love everyone 

Without getting too close 
At the risk of getting burned 

That's why we can only embrace very rarely 
Fatally destined 
To be separated 
But together forever

Aby, New York, 25th May 2022

by Aby M'baye |
Categories: dream, fear, lost love, love, new york, voyage, water,


Need to spread out
is stronger than
Desire to get along 

Aby M.

Besoin de s'étendre 
est plus fort que 
Désir de s'entendre 

Aby M. (french)

by Aby M'baye |
Categories: love, moon, sea, sky, stars,


On the moon a shadow

Colors in a crazy dance

Enlightened by the movement of

Anodyne stars 

Naked and fragile under the unveiled sky


by Aby M'baye |
Categories: heart, love, new york,

New York Jolly-Boat Time

When the urge takes you 
to move forward in you

Touch of Waves 
Under your feet 
Wind's flavor 
On your nonchalant neck 

Straightening of the spine 
To the four winds 
Trembling sensations 
of a torrid sunset 

Sweet music of the heart 
that allows the lovers
to find themselves for a moment 
in the shimmering flames 
of their newborn present 

Aby, New york 26th May 2022

by Aby M'baye |
Categories: art, beautiful, miss you, new york, simile, true love,

FullMoon Haiku

Getting to say it 
In this real life
Even if we said it

To each other
Without saying it
 To each other

While saying it
To each other.

Aby M.

by Aby M'baye |
Categories: animal, art, inspiration, joy, romance, sweet love, voice,


Have you gone 
Beyond the bounds 
Of naughty wisdom 
To unlock the limits 
Of naughty reason
To finally screw up, 
To be delirious 
To be delicious
To be quickly disillusioned then 
Resume as if nothing had happened
But still keep alive the embers of 
Of our secret delicious love 

Aby M.