Love Poems About Abusive or Abusive Love Poems
by Maureen Mcgreavy |
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Battered Self Syndrome

In an abusive relationship
   In love with potential
   Not leaving

   This poem is not over

(this poem is finished, it's just not over)

*PCS Post Concussion Syndrome

by Ashley Evans |
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[i]Sweet Whispers And Warm Eyes,
  The Heart Loves What no Sight,
Shattered Hearts And Broken Dreams, 
The Heart No With No Mind,

Abusive Spouse, Scream Out Shout 
The Heart loves Without Doubt.
Controlling Or Jealousy,
The Heart Won't Tell You To Leave:
Cheating Partner  With A Loyal lover ,
Because the heart Don't care.

The Mind thinking No  But The Heart Cries Yes,
Causing You So Much Stress.
No Knowledge Can Save You,
Because the heart can't Change You.

Love Is Blind  And this true,
I've Lost Count Of How Many Times my heart Has Been Bruised .
So Say Want You Want  And Do As You Must,
There's No Controlling The heart When It Come To True Love


by Robert Heemstra |
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The Dog's Life

Some people say dogs are complicated
others will say we have mistreated them
some humans make dogs very frustrated
rarely are dog houses clean as a gem

man and dog have lived together for years
they’re not just men’s best friends they’re women’s too
and some owners and their dogs shared some beers
no one should think of doghouse as a zoo

as an infant a dog was always there
maybe that’s why I respect them today
I believe most dogs should be treated fair
some humans are abusive it's no play

dogs are just like children they want love too
pet them and love them and a bone to chew

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: angel, caregiving, faith, friendship,

For What Purpose

Contradictory remark consists of abusive material.
destruction in relations to develop blaming serial.
Love and trust fires hate and jealous for what purpose!
good friend or partner become enemy with anger dose,
relation cracks as earthquake disaster a concrete building.

by Jerry T Curtis |
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Mon Voeu Secondes

My Second Vow 

What I see when I look at your face
Is a reason for believing 
And in your eyes, the hope I find
Is what my heart is cleaving
There is no right or wrong
'Cause the future is elusive 
But our love, Is always strong
Though sometime seams abusive  
I love you dear, forever
The Saints know this is sure
So my spirit shall endeavor 
To be Knocking at your door
And if you go, or I go first
There is no need for sorrow
'Cause just like yesterday
I will seek you out tomorrow

by Jose Panicker |
Categories: love, sad,

'tortured Love'

I saw a pretty woman,
At the book store!
She was amazing,
As described in the folklore!

Her beauty glistened,
Under the yellow light!
I had to make sure,
She was within my eye sight!

‘What Men Want’,
Was the book she was reading!
I took a closer look,
N saw her right ear was bleeding!

Abused n tortured,
She was by her man!
I wonder whether she considered,
Hanging herself by the fan!

Humbled by her efforts,
To satisfy her man!
I wished I could go there,
N give her a hand!

Dedicated to all ‘Tortured Soul’s’ who have been or are in an abusive relationship, just
because they love their better half immensely!
Let us all say NO to Domestic Violence.

by Tiffany Diaz |
Categories: lost love, love,


Imposed love of debt
Seeking soulful releases 
Empowering self through lies
Abusive ways masked in gifts
While wounds are healed 
So eyes no longer see
Internally embedded as deserved
Becoming self inflicted 
Thoughts taught to believe
Brought upon self 
Undeserved of a better love 
He holds the Key 
Of a torture-some beat
Held in his hands 
Squeezed of blood flow
Restricting all vessels 
In a vegetative state 
Oxygen gone

by Linda Walden |
Categories: abuse, addiction, anger, confusion, pain, sad love,

Tears That Flow

These tears of mine
They wanna flow.
I’m just not sure which way
These tears of mine will go.

A life of hurt, so much pain
To see, my eyes are 
Flooded by your misery.
Why I became your wife, I don’t know.

Darkness, seclusion, and your abusive ways
Your alcohol has stolen my loving ways
And my sunny days. It is your disease that
Is seeing me to my grave.

by Ali Matheny |
Categories: brother, loveheart, heart, love,

My Heart

My heart has many feelings

They come in all different

Shapes, sizes, colors and uses

And it h a t e s when you're abusive

I'd show how much I love you

But then you would not listen

I had the chance to have you as my own

But now that chance is blown

You have someone to love, care, be there for and share

But you've left me with something better

You said I'm like your one and only sister

Thank you for not giving my heart back in pieces

Cause now you're apart of it

And I love you. .

by Joseph Matose |



With prickly porcupine
I am deeply in love.
To caress her thigh
I put on a glove;
Pricks to wisely cheat
A new generation
To sire or re-create.

A porcupine’s desire
Is God’s wise plan:
Patient men to sire
With abusive woman!


20th January 2014

by Olumuyiwa Onaf |
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Wavy Level

Kiss deceptive Also receptive 
I ain't saying it's abusive 
But sometime make ya submissive 
To that progressive Wave in the heart beat

by Robert Gorelick |
Categories: humor,

An Intrusive Poodle

There's a Poodle so rude and intrusive His loud barking is shrill and abusive A busybody pest An interloper at best But offers love both true and effusive

by Stacy Stiles |
Categories: husband, life, lost love, sad, wife, me, me,

Just Words

To you they're only words,
uttered out of anger.
To me they're forceful stabs,
with a jagged dagger.

Stating I’ve lost my will,
along with any drive.
Shouting I have no purpose,
nor will I ever thrive.

Begging me to forgive;
for only human you are.
Promising you’ll try to end,
this brutal vocabulary war.

But like any other battle,
one must try to succeed.
Realize I’m not the enemy;
It’s me you cause to bleed.

They’re “Only Words” seems,
to be your favorite line.
Even when I’ve begged you,
to see the abusive signs.

You’ll never change will you?
This is who you are.
My only words left to say;
I can no longer bare the scars.

by Sharika Sellman |
Categories: childhood, daughter, depression, family, fear, loss, mother, mother, me, me, mother,

A Mother's Choice

Broken homes and broken bones
Dads are gone and moms on drugs
At the age of nine I'm forced to chase my mother in and out of abandon homes.
Never felt more pain until the day my mom offered me to some strange man.
What was done plays back in my head everyday.
Never thought my mother would love drugs more than me.
At that point in my life I knew everything was wrong, and my childhood gone.
I tried to quickly runaway until i hear a deep voice say, "DON'T TAKE ANOTHER STEP".
Very abusive, he grabs my hands and throws me on the floor.
My mother sat there as it happened. 
This strange man constantly raped me as I screamed and tried to get away.
My mother sat there and had nothing to say.

by Jenny Linsel |
Categories: love, people, relationship,



Life is too short to waste
And we only get one life
So don't think all that you're worth
Is an abusive husband or wife

If a relationship is toxic
You have to let them go
People will try to interfere
But only you will know

How bad your life has been
And the things you've had to endure
They think your life's a bed of roses
But how can they be sure

Don't be afraid to seek help
Confide in a friend if you can
No-one should live in fear
Of any woman or any man

by Colin Marschall |
Categories: lost love, sad,

Beneath the Smiles

Does this divine deliverance delve deep
beneath shackled truths. Hidden behind words
was honesty, expensive deceit so cheap
like an orchid amongst dandelion herds.
Arrogance betrayed behind tears you weep,
snuffed sensibility beguilingly girds.
Friendship accords toasted with tainted drink,
forced to drown in soliloquies ink.

Captured the wisps of fuelled ego retorts,
derisory spouting’s like hammer falls
smelting meaning so it twists and distorts,
locked in the prison of abusive calls
while tittle-tattle tales bolster support,
like temporary struts to stop falling walls,
but cracks are many, so inside we can view
the putrid poison, reality of you.

by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: life, loss, love, abuse, , fate,

The Fate of Ourselves

Forget what they make
About sanitized love and delivery
Love is a war, abuse steps through
When strands get caught
Out on a limb
Your suggest new desire
And run back
To an addicted, abusive boyfriend
Youve coddled in his flaccid anger

When the broken daughter
Runs home, what does she find
Death of old things and control
Cold nights twisted around thumbs
I know you step without walking

Is that what you wanted?
When you strangled my hand
To show where abuse would land?
And give me the gift of caring?

He's discovered your limbs
And knows what youve been apart of 
Wretched in jealousy
We all have to care sometimes 
About the fate of ourselves
Regardless of words and promises

by Therese Schmidt |
Categories: caregiving, childhood, confusion, daughter, depression, family, father, fear, forgiveness, growing up, happiness, hope, loss, love, sad, social, me,

Daddy Mike

Daddy Mike,
What were you like?
You were gone 
when I was a very tiny tike.
Daddy Mike,
Was it because of me? 
Was leaving me all you could see?
Surely, you knew how much pain there would be.
A little girl needs her daddy.
Daddy Mike,
From abuse and pain
I shed many a tear.
Without you here,
I always felt fear.
Daddy Mike,
Abusive babysitter, playmate,
bullies, and family.
Nowhere for me 
to flee.
Daddy Mike,
Why were you 
not here?

by Joe Fisher |
Categories: death, life, love, love,

Oh, the All, the Blizzards Path

Oh, the wicked  romance,
oh, the abusive dance,
oh, the self-destruction,
oh, the love that lasts.

All the wilted roses,
all the concrete slabs,
all the memories faded,
all the moments frozen in the blizzards path.

Oh, the wasted chances,
oh, the cherished romance,
oh, the resurrection,
oh, the kiss of death,
oh, the dance of love,
oh, the love that lasts.

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: abuse, age, destiny, gender, health, integrity, love,

Widowed Compassion

Said the old widow cook
to the drag queen son
feeding his/her dying abusive dad,
while offering her nurturing donation:

"I don't want your money.
We're not savages, yet."

Other words
that might have come to
desecrating mind:
not for sale, yet
not that victimized
not that wounded
not that uncivilized
not that poor
not that disenfranchised
not that disempowered
not that unenlightened
not that devastated
not that resourceless
not that dispassionate
not that judgmental

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: caregiving, culture, earth, health, love, peace, power,

Rev Mlk Resync

"power without love is
and abusive,
and love without power is
and anemic.
Power at its best is
love implementing the demands
of justice,
and justice at its best is
correcting everything that stands
against love."

Win/Lose power
without win/win love is
lose/lose reckless
and abusive,

And win/win love 
without win/win power is
and anemic.

at our best is
love cooperatively implementing
win/win healing justice,

And EarthJustice
at our healthiest
and best is 
win/win correcting everything
that stands win/lose against
multiculturing beauty,
transformative love,
vulnerably peaceful 
and healthy communion.

by Swairik Das |
Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love, sad

By Prodigy

I implored, I fenced, I yelled
Yet I never tried to betray,
I brabbled, I was amiss, I dissed
Yet you never tried to affray,
I was insane, I was abusive, I was indurated
Yet I never evinced,
I felt sorry, I felt ashamed, I felt cheated
Yet you never peeved,
I left, I ceded, I was jaded
Yet my heart thumped,
I was hovered, I was baffled, I was hatred
Yet you never limned,
I cried, I lapsed, I pleaded
Yet I never lost my mein,
I was consoled, I was pitied, I was endured
Yet I never left you to feel one.

by Daisy Ward |
Categories: betrayal, boyfriend, feelings, love,

Hiding Behind the Mask

The day I met you
Was like music to
My ears
You were kind, gentle
An considerate
You was so loving that
You melt my heart away
One day your true colors
Soon arrived, the mask
You were wearing fell down
Underneath it was a
Cruel, cold human being
Abusive and disrespectful
At first you hid it well
Under your fake mask
Was a ugly human being
It was said, that a leopard
Always shows his spots

JULY 23, 2020

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: abuse, death, farewell, father,

May He Rest In Peace

May he rest in peace, my father was not the kindest man
At least to me he wasn't--he never ever said to me
The most important words a boy will hear, "I love you, Son!"
Never did he take me upon his knee to console me
When I needed it most, when I was floundering in tears.
He called for me, after years of silence, from his death bed,
He wanted to see his eldest son, I wondered why, but
I went, sat with him, placed cups of water to his parched lips;
I rubbed his cold feet, and comforted him as best I could.
He offered no excuse for his abusive behavior
I knew he had no training in parenting, his father
Accidently died when my father was merely thirteen.

Written April 27, 2021

by Amber Hurst |
Categories: love

You and Me

How pathetic are people To judge what they see How pathetic are people To judge you and me Life is abusive It's beating are long You think you're a mess I think you are wrong Though perfect is something You don't want to be Get used to it boy Because you're perfect to me