Love Poems About Abusers or Abusers Love Poems
by Laurette Van Der Merwe |
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Love Is Not a Sound

love is not a sound.
love is an action.
love is a smile at your child,
as she walks into the room.
love is a hug for someone
who is hurting inside.
love is a helping hand
to a physically challenge person.
love is giving a gift to someone
who doesn’t expect it.
love is cooking a special meal
for your husband
to show that you care.
love is giving of your time
to those who don’t have time left.
love is lending an ear to those
who just need you to listen.
love is paying-it-forward to those
who cannot pay it back.
love is rescuing a person
from injustice and bullying.
love is saving an animal 
from the hands of abusers.
love is a verb and not only a noun.

by Andrea Dietrich |
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Cell Phone Abusers -For Whine and Cheese

You’re at the intersection in your car,
that damn device held pressed against your ear.
You’re unaware, but we know who you are: 
the one away from whom we all will steer!

My class has barely started.  Suddenly,
inside the room is heard the strangest sound.
You leave - or worse - you talk right over me.
Is there no place a cell phone can’t be found?

I’m at the movies. Bleep, bleep, bleeping bleep.
Another one. . . and music starts to play!
And then you start conversing? Why, you creep,
you’re begging just to “make somebody’s day.”

Just turn it off!  You think we love your voice?
NO, Big Shot, we're just victims with no choice.

An oldie from July 31, 2011

by Verlena S. Walker |
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A Love Poem

To dampen essence is joy unknown.
As a couple, we have united our spirits to 
      manifest our souls fulfilling our 
emotions as integral parts.

Lovers’ spirits amalgamated.
      Your depth has fused.
This love affair will intensify.
      We are users of lover’s lair and
abusers of the time we have.

      We are brought sense not borrowed.
We take chances not risks.
      If we fail, we knew we probably would.
Let us gamble on love and our existence.

This is just a love poem.
      An odd that has its forewarning 
that our life is meant to each other.
      The omens are worthy.
Penned April 27, 2014!

by Francis Justice |
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Kaunar Allah

"Kaunar Allah", let
me tell u what it
means in English,
its a love like a
fire that you can't
no wonder am a
Nigerian this love
is making me look
I don't have much
but with this love
am been rich.

I wake up every
morning to viewing
ma t.v screen,
only to have visions
that my pasture will
be green.
That time shall come
i shall no longer
my abusers will even
kneel to kiss my

Such an affection
from the God i
even though i don't
really deserve.
Father, of you am so
that's why i've to
write this piece

by Raphael Smith |
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You Are Here Do Not Fear

I am a covering to all who are hovering in the chasm of love's last spasm, take you in and
love you like a brother and kiss you like a sister and hug you like a father and feed you
like a mother....even so was i called to this world and i am yours my love stuck,
fear-strucked little girl...I will be a light from the might of those that harm...I will
take you into my arms...molesting spirits know my Light and fear it...I am a hired gun...I
got Love's bullets...abusers run...I am like a mullet...and i am stacked business upfront
but all party and rejoicing in the back!!!

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Women Who Stay Have Dog Love

Women who stay have dog love.
Beat me.
Kick me.
Demoralize me and my children.
Put me down.
Call me names.
I will love you no matter what.
Women who stay are waiting to recapture
The love that was, 
and hold onto the
What still might be
He didn't mean it.
It was only once.
He's a good guy.
Women who stay have dog love.
Their abusers depend on it.
Stay all you want, women,
But could you please 
send out the children?

by Judy Ball |
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Single White Vampire

Single white vampire,
Seeks companion for the evening.
Adventurous and full of fun,
No prima donas preening.

High society's just fine,
Or simple down home girl.
No Heavy Metal Rockers,
To make my toe nails curl.

No smokers and no drinkers,
No drug abusers too.
Clean and wholesome is the key,
If I spend time with you.

We'll do whate'er you like to do,
Go where you want to go.
Perhaps we'll slip out for a bite,
And then take in a show.

We'll sit beside a cozy fire,
Or maybe dance till dawn.
Then I must take my leave, My Love,
Farewell till day is done.

by Grant Baker |
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Shattered Hearts


From the moment I started dating my shattered into pieces because I realized that all the men I have dated were losers and abusers, when I was younger I knew I should’ve date none of them.

Then the love of my life appeared, 
He has been so nice and caring, responsible and romantic the most romantic thing in my life almost to good to be true. 

The best thing in my life was so messed was so messed up but then he appeared and turned my life around and I would do anything for him and I know he would do the same. 
Because he loved me so much and I love him all the more.

by Shawn Oussifi |
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My Idol Cried

My idol cried,
Feeling hurt and abused,
She sat on a stage crying,
Under a bright light of hues,

She had a bitter break-up,
With a gemini of many minds,
He left her bewildered,
Whimpering into her mic,
Wish I could hold her,
Give her a hug, say it's ok,
But to her I'm a stranger,
Kind words won't take the pain away,

And if the truth must be told,
I could once relate,
Psychological abusers,
Can fill you with hate,

Never ever,
Never ever let down the wall,
They try to break through,
To break you down and make you fall,

Never love them,
Never love them or their games,
Their twisted love,
Will only make you go insane,

Know your worth.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
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Love Doesn'T Hurt-

For those who are spousal abusers love doesn't hurt For those who abuse children love doesn't hurt For the injustice in justice Just this imagine it All of the gall I seen it all Yet in still love doesn't hurt 6/30/22 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2022©

by David Smalling |
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Why Do I Write

I do not know why I write again
But I know 
I do not write for schoolboys
You think nights are diamond studded 
Black lace,
I do not write for fawning girls who
Adore sunsets, but grimace
At the thought of umbilicals and blood.
I do not write for old ladies
Gardening, and pulling up weeds
While let the protected serpents live.
I write only for the undefiled,
Those who see sin and start a forest fire
Burning evil in its desire
I write for love of children
And the rivers in their eyes I long to sail
Hunting abusers like men hunt the quail.
O but tell me,
Why do I write again? Why?

by Trudy Schrader |
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Like a little princess
With magic wand in hand
I skipped passed abusers
With my "forgiven" granted
To you, and to you, and to you
Believing my work of restoration

Then, here she comes
I saw her plain as day

My "forgiven" releases others
From answering to me
But in the light of TRUTH
Nothing has changed

Like a bramble
Blowing in the Nevada desert
There they roll
No way to connect to others
In LOVE because they can not 

...receiving faith freely

Written by Trudy Schrader on 08-06-2023