Love Poems About Abuser or Abuser Love Poems
by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: drug, flower, love,

Poppy Love

A cocaine abuser named Norton
A fellow drug addict was courtin'
   It was love at first sight
   He'd found Mrs. Right
So he plucked her a poppy for snortin'

by Ashley Plimpton |
Categories: math, relationship,

Math Is

Math is 
A love/hate relationship

Start off good
Hold hands
Make eyes
Pass love notes

We vow
I will stay 
This time

Try again
Make it
For now

We never
Math is
A one-night stand
A bad idea
An abuser

Need to
Quit math
Time to
Let go

by Priscilla Cruz |
Categories: childhood, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, father, happiness, life, love, music, sad, school


Drain my brain of everything
And leave me with nothing
My heartache
My pain 
My sorrow
My depression
My grief
But mostly take my bad memories
No bad thoughts matter to me
Block out my haunted past
Of the abuser of my mind
I only ask you that you leave the memoires of good friends
Leave my family
My love
My soul 
My kindness
My music
My ability to laugh
And my only natural talents
Music and what ever art that I can be taught...

by Angel Love |
Categories: abuse, addiction, anger,

He Rides

Soft and wet she cries
She gave her soul to him 

Yet he just grunts and rides
And rides 

Deep inside he just rides

Her head is dizzy with love, pain & shame

His full of lust and pleasure
A man insane

He speaks kind soft words to get her here

She is grateful for affection, to be held near

Him an abuser
A sick and twisted looser

Her a precious flower, her spirit divine
Always drifting in love's moments
Forever lost in time

He rides....

by Sharice Lewis |
Categories: lost love, on writing and words, sympathy,

Domestic Violence

Abusive and know it's not right but you refuse to believe it is not your fault, 
you stay with him when he has beat you worst than a treat you less than a 
human; do you not realize it matters to your child and do you not see if you 
do not get away the cycle of violence will continue? Bitter hatred towards you 
he take out because he left his anger ball up, death soon will be your friend. 
I don't see how you can stay and you know he has become a threat to you and your 
child, no one knows but and the abuser; will you be happy when you are a morgue 
will you never realize what type of affect it will cause?

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: funeral, love, truth,

The Abuser

I've known the end is here for sometime now
but your sweet talking ways led my heart on
to think we'd overcome it all somehow
avoiding what is plain though love is gone.

But now the truth and all reality
comes to my mind, as sure as do your lies
and I must put aside what you tell me
but not the truth that's in your lying eyes.

How you could beg my love then go your way
into anothers' arms, I shouldn't know,
and time is gone when I'd have more to say
and so I'll simply bid you now to go.

   And if your fits of rage fall on my head--
   just one more time--you may wish you were dead.

by Peter Wilson |
Categories: childhood, family, social, abuse, me,


We all grow up normal
Our differences hidden by being formal
Mum and dad love me
However they may be
I refuse to comply to the evil regime
Mother continues to scheme
To bow and submit
Is to live a life of hopeless s..t
Stand up to the abuser
And become an inheritance loser
The illusive dream of independence makes me sob
Too damaged to hold down a job
It hurts to accept money from a criminal
I try to keep it minimal
A lifetime of squashed emotions
Can’t be fixed by lotions
Mental abuse is a crime
Parents can be bad, are mine?
It all comes together
Here comes the stormy weather
No more taboo
I can stand up to you
You can’t hurt me any more
Your abuse even starts to bore

by Catelyn Meeker |
Categories: absence, anger, betrayal, break up, conflict, dark, emotions,

Cold Girl

You are pretentious; I 
Am naive.

I don’t love you; I love
The idea of you that 
Arrests my throbbing brain.

Abuser, cheater, liar, snake.
You are rotten from the inside 
Out just like me. 

I buried myself six feet into the 
Dewy ground where worms crawl
Through the holes that once were 
Eyes, and I bang, bang against the 
Coffin because I forgot I’m
Still alive.

You albatross; you burden me 
With your incessant photographs
Of your precious, evolved life.

It could have been my life too.
I don’t love you...yet I do.

by Cheri Burtovoy |
Categories: farewell,

Go Back To Her

Angel of mercy, kiss of death.
The misty reflection of your putrid guilty shame.
Knowledge is the dagger that will pierce her innocence.
You are a thief, a murderer, a selfish bastard.
Love became her rationality and trust her own enemy and you her abuser.
An ill conceived plan for a useless goal is a devils wish.
You held fragility in the palm of your hands while standing on uneven ground.
Tread with compassion.
Forgive yourself, let go, love unconditionally.
Sweet boy, you have been seen.
Behind your shadow lies a gently flowing spirit,
it is no wonder she was jaded.
Madness slips through your fingers like hot grains of sand.
My God, stop trying to coincide with the devil.

by Kiara Lowdog |
Categories: life,


Have you ever been the loser?
Have you ever been used or been the user?
Have you ever been made fun of?
Have you ever wished that you were in love?
Have you ever wished you could hide away?
Have you ever wanted it to be a different day?
Have you ever been the victim or the abuser?
Have you ever felt like the loser?

by Warren Marc |
Categories: abuse,

The Great Abuser

I can lie like you wouldn’t believe,
Convince you beyond doubt,
I’ll back it up with reasons that make sense,
I’ll say it with sincerity,
Staunch and resolute,
Done so well I won’t need a defence,
I’ll play the victim,
Play the crowd,
I’ll play my part so well,
You can’t compete with me this is my show,
Your just a part I let you play,
And now that play is done,
You know this isn’t my first rodeo.
I'll play your parents play your friends,
I’ll play the public eye,
I’ll play them for their love and sentiment,
I can get away with anything because of who I am,
Because they’ll always pimp you for a settlement.


by Autumn Scruggs |
Categories: abuse, anger, deep, depression,


2019 worse year of all time
I loss my power, love, respect
For myself. As I pleased another
Man he beat me until I was 

2019 was my worse year I 
Found out love has many 
Forms. I was already a victim 
Of rape now domestic violence
Already feel like giving up.

2019 taught me my weakness
Taught me my darkness
Taught me my depression was 
Real. Taught me I failed at life.

2019 also was a wonderful year
I found my abuser and he found his 
Punching bag

by Juli Freda |
Categories: abuse, cry,

Silence Broken

Silence broken by teardrops on cold concrete echoing off apartment building walls.  A sniffle, a sob, a love child sits waiting for the hatred to die down, so he can go to sleep – forever.

Silence broken by screams unheard, unspoken, trapped inside a bound mouth, so small, so innocent, nowhere to turn, no where to run, waiting for the hatred to die down so she can sleep – forever.

Silence broken by phones, by protests, by anger, finally someone sees, someone talks, someone’s saved today, waiting for the hatred to die down so the abuser can sleep – forever.

by Chetta Achara |
Categories: nature,

Storms Full of Thunder

We like to think Earth
is a gentle mother
giving us loving gifts
like sunshine and flowers,
fields of golden wheat
and soft green meadows,
but suddenly,
like an abuser, her love
flips into anger,
sending us storms 
full of thunder and terrible
tumultuous tornadoes.