Love Poems About Abused or Abused Love Poems
by Buhagiar Victor |
Categories: pain, poverty,

A Wind That Blows Loneliness

The wind blows softly over the lonely,
The suffering think of themselves only.
A world of chaos, racism, and turmoil,
Utmost egomanias spoil our toil.

An old man groans, no decent place to live,
Are there relatives? No comfort to give?
Blow softly oh lonely wind, they care not,
They are comfortable, and all forgot.

Somewhere a child is crying his heart out,
Can anyone guess what it's all about? 
Is the child hungry, lost, or cast aside?
Much abused, ill-treated, or love denied?

There are millions of cries heard on the wind,
Alas no one bothers: is man unkind?

by Jean Murray |
Categories: adventure, future, moving on,

Past Present Future

P erhaps it's time to let it go.
A ll that pain you suffered so.
S train on your heart and soul.
T ime to release and let go.

P eer around at your life now.
R elish the love your children give.
E njoy your work as you always have.
S it and relax at end of day.
E nergised by renewed hope.
N ever again to ever succumb
T o being abused by anyone. 

F acing the future with a smile.
U pteen reasons to celebrate. 
T he joys of living and giving.
U ncertainity will always remain.
R emember to count your blessings.
E mbrace often those you love.


by Daniel Turner |
Categories: mother son,

Letter To Mom

Dear Mother,
Conceived in love, your passion gave me life
The very blood this heart pumps through these veins
A dream fulfilled as mother and as wife
I wonder now, if I was worth your pain

I did not walk the path you set me on
The gifts you gave to me are still like new
My body, I abused, A wasted pawn
I sang my song, performed my own soft shoe

But each thing I have done, I gave my all
Regardless of the deed, I did my best
I never asked you once to break my fall
Nor steal the grass or twigs that line your nest

At times in life, I know I've made you cry
Your passion, is my only alibi

                       Daniel Turner

by Clifford Woodell |
Categories: daughter, hope, love,

I Planted a Lily

I planted a lily
A long time ago,
And was given the chance
To watch the plant grow.

I'm sorry to say,
That chance I refused.
A delicate flower
Should not be abused.

It needs to be nurtured 
With plenty of sun.
Not shoved in the darkness
Where damage is done.

I planted a lily.
I hope you can see.
That without my presence
A flower's set free.

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: me,

Meet Bg

Barbara Jean Funny, friendly, bashful and sometimes bone-headed Little sister of Dr. Daniel Merrill Lover of the written word, my grandchildren and the natural world I feel wonder at new life, love for my friends, and confusion with math Afraid for the environment, abused women and children, and afraid of snakes I would like to see Machu Picchu, my mothers's face once more and The Giants win the World Series Resident of Vacaville, Ca Gorelick

by Heidie Buys |
Categories: angst, life, sad


I withdraw into the dome of only me
Floating unaware through your reality.
Warm and cozy in my zombie state
To the one in the glass I won't relate.

I laugh and dance for I'm insane
Repeat your thoughts although inane.
I'll cheat this life for all eternity
Send my hapless soul to purgatory.

Incessant chatter a barbed refrain
As I swim through the waves of pain.
For all you do is talk and talk
Alone and scared I walk the walk.

Desperately I embrace my own insanity
For all I see in moments of clarity,
I'm not immune nor even above
This horror you call eternal love.

So break the glass and pour the wine
In you empty promises I'll recline.

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: faith, peace,

Response To Shattered Glass

I found a beautiful shattered heart
Floating out in space
I gathered all the pieces
It's sadness to erase

Each piece was filled with love
That was the glue I used
How could this thing of beauty
Have been so abused

Once it was reconstructed
Each part perfectly placed
I prayed to my Father
To have the scars erased

Now it has been retuned
Healed and so much lighter
Filled with the Love of God
It now shines even brighter

Dedicated to Elizabeth O'Driscoll, after reading her poem "Shattered Glass". Please take time to read her Poem, it is beautifully written.

by Robin L. Gass |
Categories: confusion, introspection, love

Soul Surfing

and tossed
dazed, confused
tired of tears
and being abused
I am trying to grow
and find a much better way
I have two choices...leave or stay
loved with such anger tears me in two
trying to figure out what I should do.

by Will Thomas |
Categories: age, courage, love, old, poems, spiritual, truth,

From Heaven To Baby

Who wants to be old,
All achy and cold,
All wrinkled,
All slow,
Unable to hold...

Onto anything dear, 
So filled with fear, 
So fragile,
So weak,
So stuck in one gear... 

Like a car that's been used, 
Sometimes abused,
So dented, 
So broken, 
So battered and bruised...

With a long white beared, 
With vision impaired, 
With teeth missing, 
Nose running, 
And still no one cared...

But now I can't hide, 
From the joy inside, 
From meeting you, 
Before I died!

by Luis Salinas |
Categories: history, lost love, me, love, me,

You Played

You Played with my emotions
You Played with my life
you took away the only thing
i ever seemed to have
you used me and even abused me
you left me blinded and hopless
you betrayed me and rejected me
forgot the love i once gave you

Now days go by and i sitll remember
why cant i just seem to forget you
why does your name run through my brain
I dont know
bloddy tears seem to slip
they drip and fall and even poor down

Your name is not forgotten
now that i've brought it back to reality
i dont need you i never did
this was all pointless
it was all just a wast of time

i will love again
just not now
but forever i will stay 
true to myself

by Jade Gamble |
Categories: heart, loneliness, lonely, suicide,

Dots Dashes and Death

Dash dot dot (D)
my heart pours out into a puddle of sludge
its been overused 
overly abused
everything gone

dot (E)
the last thing I remember is you all 
shooting your words like bullets
I took the pills one by one
for your satisfaction. to numb the pain.

Dot dash (A)
Crazy how when my lifes on line 
your my friend
when you said it was all for pity
I was blinded by love

dash (T)
I ran
far out of my parents reach
they called me
the police called

Dot dot dot dot (H)
I was found
taken to hospital
pumped with medication
all because of you

dash dot dot (D)
Dot (E)
Dot dash (A)
Dash (T)
dot dot dot dot (H)
The thing I almost faced that night

by Dorett Cope |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational,

Crimpled Soul

My crimpled soul has found its place
As my spirit I release
Into tender hands so strong
What can go wrong
My body dent with grief
Beaten down like tin can, increase
With flavored salty grease
My mind abused with words confused
I give to God to stroke with love.

by Poeticmonwa Monwa |
Categories: heartbroken, hurt,

My Heart Has Been Used and Abused

My heart has been used and abused 

Into pieces it was broken
It broke 
Couldn't function 
like a person hit by the stroke
I then lost trust in love
lost hope
Couldn't cope
Sometimes got tempted
to take a rope
and end this pain
driving me insane
End this misery
causing me to break physically 
and mentally 
Since then my mind was never at peace 
Since then my heart was never at peace 
because it was used 
Because it was abused.


by Ariane Hill |
Categories: heart, love, romance,

Heart of Mine

O, heart of mine! You've been so confused. 
In the past, you've been nothing but abused. 
And now that there's someone I want to let in,
You decide your patience has worn thin. 
But heart, I promise! In him, you can trust!
It's so much more than sentiment; 
It's so much more than lust!
This is it! It's the real; it's the truth,
Though such hasty development is so uncouth. 
I'm exposing my emotions, my thoughts to unveil
The simple fact that this just can't fail. 
I swear it to you; I won't ask again. 
Just one last time, please let him in!

by Willow Matthew |
Categories: betrayal, love,

Ocean Eyes

I should have known,
You with your silver tongue and charming smile,
This was all but a game,
You tricked me and lied to me,
You used me and abused me,
You left me in the dust,
When I need you the most,
But I know if you were to gaze at me again, 
With those ocean eyes of yours,
I would happily drown in them again,
Even if it meant that all I am is lost.

by Mario De Paz |
Categories: culture,

Democracy of Culture: I, Icon

Some people “culture” holding
Maintains far the others
Their “unculture” scolding,
Assuming peacock feathers.

I, being a scientist with skill,
Always was close to all
Trying to achieve their will
For democratic culture call.

I think no culture may ever be for few
And common language can be used
To carry beauty and love for true
While complex words are often abused.

Intuition and discovery are at hand
For everybody if stimulated well
Knowledge construction may be grand
If arrogant judgmental are sent to hell!

Contest: ..... I, Icon 4/18/2015

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: best friend, betrayal, desire, for her, for him, friendship, love,

Friends With Benefits

Your friends with benefits are no true friend:
as (au contraire!) your friends when used are a
perverse weed from which you must then defend
against when trust and friendship sweep away;
your friends aren't lovers' toys to be abused
or spent on reckless nights of screwing (them)
where prudence is forsaken and unused
because you just feel like it on a whim.
But if you choose to love your now good friend(s)
then do so at your own risk and danger  
as oftener than not you'll in the end  
only create just another stranger:
     if you err in this but ne'er broke your word, 
     then this you may forswear you read or heard.

by Lucilla Carrillo |
Categories: love,

Love Was Inocent

Love was Innocent At one time, love was innocent. At one time , love was pure. At one time, love was true. How I wish that time - came back, when two people fell in love at first sight. After that their love would grow. Love was innocent long ago Today, love is not what it used to be. The word ( Love ) now is used too freely. Love is not innocent no more. It has been taken advantage of. The word ( Love ) has been used and abused...
06/17/2014 By Lucilla M. Carrillo Note: Someone has to agree with me on this...

by Alvin Thomas Ethington |
Categories: childhood, confusion, depression, introspection, life, loss, lost love, love, sad, hate,

They Took Away My Innocence

They took away my innocence—
A child, but merely two years old.
My soul left with ambivalence;
I hate myself as I grow old.

A child, but merely two years old—
Abandoned, glossed over, abused.
I hate myself as I grow old;
Completely left confused and used.

Abandoned, glossed over, abused—
Why would a person hurt a child?
Completely left confused and used—
Naïf, so trusting, meek, and mild.

Why would a person hurt a child?
My soul left with ambivalence—
Naïf, so trusting, meek, and mild.
They took away my innocence.

by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: life, lost love,


Broken hearted
Abused, beaten, bruised
Aching, hurting, wanting,needing

by Ettie Christian-Bowling |
Categories: abuse, bullying, social, society,

Our Society

There is a little girl,
Thrown into the cold,Worthless is what she is told.
She is beaten,abused,and then left on her own.
Their words cut her to the bone.
echoing in her mind,so many times.
Ugly,Fat,not tall enough.
Everyone that she thought was close,Shows her distrust.
Her heart feels like its going to bust.
Her mind is filled with so many thoughts,
Of how everyone could be so easily bought.
She feels that love is something she can no longer find,
But this Society still climbs

by Miche Ulman |
Categories: childhood, confusion, dark, devotion, faith, farewell, father, fear, forgiveness, funeral, growing up, hate, life, lonely, loss, lost, mystery, prayer, religion, son, sorrow, sorry, suicide, write, me, me,

Confession Chamber

Forgive me Father for I have sinned,
for being born with you to begin,
its been a long time since my last confession,
I don't wont your blessing,
lies and resurrection.
I don't believe in love, I don't believe in faith,
cant stand my own kind,
humble in hate,
I don't believe in truth, I don't wont to be saved,
erase me from your list,
buried, unmarked,

Abused as a child,
bloodstains of a man,
only shovel awaits,
forgive me if you can.

by Elizabeth Alexander |
Categories: gender,

A Woman ,Not a Bloke

Myself being in love with you
was just the wrong thing for me to
my heart was broke, I almost choked
I was a woman , not a bloke.

To be betrayed in the worst way
my fault, because I gave you say
my soul was bent and almost broke
I was a woman, not a bloke.

I was badly used and abused
my heart was blackened , and so fused
my life was almost gone, I choke
I was a woman , not a bloke.

Elizabeth alexander    21/3/2016

by Gina Young |
Categories: animals, death, pets, sad, abuse,

Animal Abuse

..."Animal abuse should be a felony."

Animal abuse should be a felony.
No creature should be beaten, tortured, and abused.
I have never known how anyone could be
Malicious and demented, so cruel and unforgiving.
And for what, what is the reward for you,
Laughter for a moment, looking big, showing off for your crew.

Animals, I have seen, 
Bloodied, beaten within an inch of their lives, dying.
Unloved, unwanted, neglected, abandoned
Starving for food and love, in my head I can hear them crying.
Every little piece of love is needed, every little soul needs fed.

Written by Gina Young
for Write It Deep and Dramatic, Please
on 9/4/11

by Hani Gholami |
Categories: break up, freedom, hope, hurt, inspiration, lost love, wisdom,


Are matches useless once they are used

Can love be love if someone's heart is abused

Can you love someone else, if your heart is still bruised...

We are hurt, yes, but not broken...

I wanted to leave her but before i could say it, I would start choking

I'm usually a joker but this time I wasn't joking.

She was once my queen, but I am no more her King.

Empty promises and broken dreams.

I learned a Promise Ring can turn into just a ring.

So a broken song I now sing.

We are hurt, yes, but not broken.

So I keep my chin up and keep hoping.

To meet the one I deserve.

Give her all my heart, even though it's missing a third.