Love Poems About Abundantly or Abundantly Love Poems
by White Wolf |
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Shadow not over the words of love Love is a language known only to the heart Hear it in the wind and the birds above Paint it on a canvas skin and call it art Eternal beauty walks among us all Seekers of knowledge may know its name But true wisdom lies in hearing its call As the oceans cause the moon to wane Its gentle touch, abundantly crystalline Euphoric in nature, its secret is kept With its healing powers all part divine Though many an angel from love has wept Compassion and caring, make love's trinity And kindness a guide that leads to bliss So make love your one and true reality For you are worth much more than this

by Paul Callus |
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I read with greed John Master's books,
to Indian culture introduced.
I grew to love a distant land;
by her allure I was seduced.

To Indian culture introduced,
I felt the urge to go and see
the striking beauty of her face,
the charms bestowed abundantly.

I grew to love a distant land
where the traditions are held high,
religion, races, culture, tongues
are deep-ingrained - will never die.

By her allure I was seduced,
this vibrant country in the east.
I plan to take a closer look
and let my eyes in wonder feast. 

Contest: Shall We Retourne
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi

by John Beharry |
Categories: bird, joy, love, music, mystery, nature, sweet,

Tropical Nightingale

Perched on a sturdy branch on yonder tree Pouring out your heart in sweet melody With a full throated birdsong rhapsody Filling me with such joyful ecstasy Do you sing sweetly to woo your lady Who listens somewhere on a nearby tree Her heart must surely melt at the beauty Of the song you sing so effortlessly Is your song a joyful testimony To honour nature's musical bounty Given to creatures from earth, sky and sea Whose music blesses all abundantly Or is it part of a profound mystery Heralding a supreme divinity Which pervades all silently and deeply O bird, I'll ever be grateful to thee

by James Fraser |
Categories: pain, sorrow, war,


Bore after bore fell silent eventually Abhor I do feel through my eyes Gore and sore now abundantly plenty Tore through clouds, wondrous skies Despair in abundance appears all around Where in the world has all our love gone Stare into our abyss, and see it abound There is no tomorrow, there is no dawn <*>

by Kewayne Wadley |
Categories: for her, home, longing, love, peace,

Anywhere There's Peace

I feel most at home
When I am beside you.
I am able to breathe freely & abundantly.
You speak kindly to my soul,
& nurture the points of direction
Which I grow.
My sanctuary of peace,
My birds eye view of serenity.
I feel most at home
When I am in view of your garden.
Offering the utmost
Of warmth & affection.
Make no mistake,
I am not there to simply pass time
Nor am I there out of the convenience
Of you.
Being around you takes me
to another world
& I am glad to share in the experience
Of you.
I am in awe at how you transform me
Into a moth, in terms of light.
I’ll follow you anywhere

by Kenneth Cheney |
Categories: dream, life, love, memory, poetry,

A Love of Poetry

The beautiful thing about love
Is the power to set soul’s free
The beautiful thing about dreams
Is dreaming them as you please
The beautiful thing about memories
Is remembering at your ease
The beautiful thing about life
Is living it abundantly  
The beautiful thing about poetry
Is it speaks to all of these

by Michael Jordan |
Categories: holidaychristmas, christmas, love,

The Lighting of the Tree

In our little town all is as it should be
We gather down at the Christmas tree

Us simple folk are not too greedy
We all bring gifts to give the needy

Light the tree and sing our songs
As everyone seems to get along

Especially bright this time of year
Everyone has Christmas cheer

I love the lighting of the tree
The entire towns hospitality

How everyone shares their love
Giving thanks to the Lord above

We live what Christmas is all about
Come on over and check it out

You’ll find love flowing abundantly
The night we light our “Christmas Tree”

by Caryl Muzzey |
Categories: love,

For Love of God

Flaxen stars splash 
coal colored heavens 
with luxurious
luster that captured
eyes from all lands
of darkness,
embracing love 
under a blue moon
luring embodied
souls to ignite
passion and romance
with old and young hearts
throughout ageless time
regardless of 
ethnic background or
sexual penchant
of human 
for the duration
of existing life- 
for eternity-
judging not
but accepting-
for love of God…

Copyright © 2016 By Caryl S. Muzzey


Fourth Place Winner ~ " Anacreontic Verse 2" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Edward Ebb
Feb.06, 2016

by Gunadevi Rajaratnam |
Categories: birthday, peace,

Where Is Peace

Where is Peace?

Accept failures bravely ,
Bestow love abundantly,
Convey ideas correctly,
Delete jealousy completely.

Eliminate problems wisely,
Face challenges boldly,
Guide friends properly ,
Hurt no one intentionally,

Intensify goodness wholly,
Justify facts strongly,
Keep your mind openly,
Lend advise timely.

Mince words carefully,
Never help reluctantly,
Oust selfishness totally,
Peace will be there gradually!!!

by Carmen Penchi Aka Sunshine |
Categories: christmas, happy, holiday, new year,

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all,  as we rejoice and celebrate
A time of magic and wonder in our lives to date
People of all nations joyously cheering
Partaking and enjoying the delights so endearing
Yule logs in the fire abundantly blazing
Heavenly warmth through the hearth, so amazing
Ornaments and tinsel dancing on the tree
Lights brightly sparkling sharing so much glee
Indulging all the senses with wonder and amazement
Drawing family in with love and jubilation, quietly
Announcing their arrival with  hearts full of praise 
Young ones having so much fun entertaining everyone
Silent becomes the night, with heavenly peace and calm for days

by Wendell Brown |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, happiness, love, romantic,

Alive In My Heart

What shows itself so
Very clearly each day
For every eye to see

Is also alive and
Doing abundantly well
Deep inside of me

For it tells all who
See your smiling face,
How much in love you 
Really are

At night if they could
look high enough, they 
Will even find it written   
In the stars

Alive are the many deep
Feelings along with the
fiery glow which can never 
be displaced 

For love is such a proud
Feeling which in one’s 
Heart knows no shame or 

For what exists daily 
Inside of your smile
Shall never my love have
A reason to depart

For what is seen alive
in your glowing smile, 
Will always reside, locked  
Deep in my heart.

by Brenda Rose |
Categories: blessing, child, dedication, deep, devotion, emotions, family, feelings, love,

A Sister's Prayer 2

Lord I’d like to ask you a favour
And I pray you’ll grant it too.
“Will you bless my sister abundantly
For she’s been kind to me like you?”

Protect and keep her safe, Oh Lord.
From all dangers, night and day
And if trouble times should be ahead
Have her stand strong and fearless all the way.

And if one day I go to Heaven
And I do pray Lord this will be,
When you call upon my sister
Give her a mansion right next door to me.

Now I cry out to all of heaven
How do I prove my love
The Lord replied "Without it child
There'd be no prayer above.

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, cat, dog, giving, pets,


A good pet is a heart song, sung to the rhythm of lifes enduring drum. Dog is God spelled backwards and its capacity to love, is same. Gods love by play, is laughter’s medicine; cats use it to effect healing. Where a bird provides laughter and songs of elation. Hamsters provide laughter by magic; escape acts, hard for any magician to follow. Fish are the hypnotists; providing serenity in a vivid colorscape and spiritual focus for a soothing meditation. The creator, gave us pet friends; species abundantly warm and incessantly giving of themselves; just like God. Love, healing and entertainment; Pets.

by Charlie Smith |
Categories: love, spring,

Love Affair

Rain's Grace
         Would Abundantly Oblige 
               Love's Blossoming Spring

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: flower, romantic love, rose,

Mister Lincoln

Mister Lincoln

Mister Lincoln rose
your perfumed romantic scent 
proves his love for me—
for thirty years you have grown 
abundantly you still bloom


Bite Size Poem no49 Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Line Gauthier 

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue - a Valentine Challenge in one of five ways Poetry Contest~4Place~ I was off by a syllable 
Sponsor Andrea Dietrich

5. Finally, you may create a Tanka that uses either the word "roses'  or 'violets" in line one of your ONE tanka. See rules for Tanka and what makes a good one.This could be serious or romantic, and i don't mind if you do the moidern way using fewer than 31 syllables in the total.five lines. 57577

by Walter T. Ashe |
Categories: imagery, paradise,



                    Perfectly Edenic In It's Serenity,
                    And It's Wonderful Calming Peace!
                    Romantic Thoughts In This Idyllic Locale
                    Ardently And Abundantly Increase!
                    Does This Place Exist On This Planet?
                    Is It Possible To See With These Eyes?
                    Seeing This Place Happens When You Find Love,
                    Eliciting One To Say "I'm In Paradise!"

                                 WTA-IV  3/28/2016

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, desire, for her,

Favorite Poem Contest- -A Haiku

Favorite Poem  Contest- -a Haiku

I ever do love.. O' that I love you so much I ever do love.. ~ the ever such touch the covering of your heart sweetness of your breath ~ I ever do love.. such a wonder of you I.. choose to love you true ~ so abundantly ever I do really do affections love true ~ come to me holy for we two lovers only your true love always
#1 FIRST PLACE WIN IN CONTEST 4/2/19 Favorite Poem Contest Sponsored by Lu Loo

by Micah Smith |
Categories: devotion

Im Lost

For so long I've pushed against the tide,
wanted to live righteously but it was easier to hide,

so many times i have sinned and live wicked and free,
but because of your grace and mercy im able to live life more abundantly,

this isnt meant to be a poem im just sharing whats truly on my heart,
from the start,

God was there to love and care 
and to teach us how to share,

the same,
and to tell the world about him and the glories of his name..............

by Brenda Rose |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, christmas, jesus, love, religious,

A Special Christmas

It will be a very special Christmas this year
Because I have learned to care
About our Lord and His Mother
On this day through Holy Prayer.

How it came about this day
I shall never know 
But I was blessed abundantly
About one year ago.

So I will celebrate with joy
For learning how to pray
And I will give thanks for this gift
On Jesus Christ's birthday.

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

by Francis Osho |
Categories: allegory,

Polarity Is Changing

aqueous medium of sustenence
we are provided abundantly
we dont realise
she was smiling an
electromagnetic event
exposed to the influence of
ionising rays of love from the
vast space unlimited
vectors of thoughts
the polarity is changing

by Natasha Prins |
Categories: emo,

Forsaken Love

A dormant volcano, it appears to sleep,
Stirring within, waiting to be freed.
It burns with such fire, so fierce & so deep,
Abundantly flowing, yet hopelessly seeps.

A love so intense, it's yet to be seen,
Her passion's explosive, overwhelmingly keen.
It runs through her veins, slowly going to waste,
Disappointment and heartache was all that she faced.

Buried so deep, a long lost treasure,
Hidden beneath her, this forsaken pleasure.
A love so suppressed, just seeking it's place, 
It patiently waits, to erupt in all it's grace.

by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: food, health, hope, life, nature, places, time, visionary,

Harvest Gold Trilogy (Haiku Series)

the golden harvest
reflecting love from above
God's nature at work
blue sky and white clouds
a blanket of protection
nourishing the fields
wheat for many souls
flourishing abundantly
fulfillment of love

by Justin C. Morgan |
Categories: devotion, friendship, love, passion, people, places, i love you,

In Return

Those places I go, you have to bare
I never meant to take you there

Not wanting to break anymore,
We must stop keeping score.

Abundantly you made it clear
Of what you wanted dear.

Displeasing you is my greatest plague
Crushing me with each crashing wave.

We share enough to be sure,
Some things should feel more pure.

Our pieces fit closely in this love,
We come together with just a shove.

What I’m saying here and now
Is I love you so much, so near, and how.

Those places I go, you have to bare
I never meant to take you there.

I’m sorry for troubling our thing.

by Brynda E Parker |
Categories: cry, emotions, how i feel, image, metaphor, perspective, self,

Touch My Tears, Touch My Soul


My Tears
overflow my eyelids
stream down my face
from the heart of my soul
A visible expression
of my inner laments and joys

My Tears - my soul liquefied
My Tears - the dictator
and victim of my emotions
Powerful, powerless,
warrant pity, love and trust

My Tears - presently restrained
only to exude later
in my moments of solitude

My tears
assuage my sorrows
cause my fears to panic
soothe my pains of happiness
appease my anger

Touch my tears, and you
Touch my soul

by Jim Pemberton |
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Jesus Speaks Sweet Peace To Me

Jesus Whispers Sweet Peace to Me! Jesus whispers sweet peace to me! And has brought life so abundantly! Jesus whispers sweet love to my soul! And has come and made me whole! Jesus whispers peace to life’s raging sea! And brought comfort and hope inside of me! Jesus whispers words of comfort and joy! His word in my life, I want to employ! Jesus brings victory over the power of sin! And has changed my life! I’m now born again! Jesus brings salvation and restoration! In him, I have freedom and redemption! Jesus brings this and so much more! He is Lord of all! And is worth living for! By Jim Pemberton