Love Poems About Absurdity or Absurdity Love Poems
by Deb Wilson |
Categories: happiness, life,

Glass Half Full

There's a lot to be blue about these days.
In that there's sure no mystery.
And I can easily slip into doubt.
Especially given my history.

Darkened skies may hang my head.
But I refuse to give them a voice.
Life can enslave you in heartache.
Yet really now,it's your choice.

Like an old cat in winter you can creep
along the gray and dismal wall.
Or run through the rain,hair in ringlets.
Laugh at the absurdity of it all.

You can paint up your world with happiness.
Swing on a cloud chandelier.
I choose music,laughter and love.
These things are reason enough to be here.

written January 31st,2013

for contest"chasing the blues away"

by Catman Cohen |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion, blue, blue, me,

I Prefer Crazed Blue Eyes

I prefer crazed blue eyes
How  they
The ache 
I have
To make your insanity 
My own

I prefer crazed blue eyes
How I take 
Your flesh
And make your absurdity
My home

I prefer crazed blue eyes
Don’t you
Wackity wack wackify 
My soul

Let me look into your 
Anarchic mind
Transfixed by those 
Wild baby blues

Let’s share the final
Gasps of time
While we wear
Each other's shoes

Let me hold your body
In such strange ways
Even monkeys
Would be ashamed

Let’s meld our chaos
Lunatic babe
One body joined
Perverse, deranged

I prefer crazed blue eyes
Delirious blues
In the way they 
Stare at me
All Sturm und Drang
Who I Am

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: imagination, love,

Cyber Love At First Sight


When he sailed
across the buzz
that hums

love at first ....byte(?)

Keen vibration
Zips through twilight
bumbling bee to tumbling star--

Dangling through cyber spaces
Dancing with
Northern Lights subliminal beauty--
Physics masterpieces 
Musical perfection
minute and inexplicable as Mozart

magnetic in simplicity
His eyes drew mine

When he sailed
across the electron buzz
that hums

It was 
in that instant



Victoria Anderson-Throop

by Peter Atsu Adaletey |
Categories: abuse, anger, bible, crazy, desire, heart, motivation,

Love Is a Reality of Absurdity

Coz of love
	I risk my life to save a life
Cos of love
	I became a fool for the fool
Coz of love
I denied myself the only bread that makes me survive only to see a soul

Love is a reality of absurdity

Coz of love
	I became poor for a dying soul to become rich
Coz of love
	I was trapped in the pool of debt, ridicule and sorrow 

Love is a reality of absurdity

Love, whether in a relation
For friendship
Or relationship 
Geared towards marriage, 
It’s that which positions your heart and mind

To Generousity without Expectation
To Tolerance without Limit
To Acceptance without Judgement
To “folly” in Goodness

Love is a reality of absurdity

by Ashek Rahaman |
Categories: lost love, love,

Return To Me

I want you in no uncertain terms
 You will only be mine,
 I know I am selfish,
 I never think about your troubles/ diffuclties, 
I devote my life to you, 
believe me I need you,
 I know you will never get this note, 
come back to me, 
my beloved,
or set me free, 
this is my only plea
I want to Reach you, 
with everything that I have Insde me
absurdity, insanity
my beloved
return to me

by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
Categories: devotion, imagination, mystery, peace, philosophy, lost, lost,

Fallen Angels

Angels, descending from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love
Angels, weavers of dreams,
Harbingers of nightmares, they bring screams
When fallen they become, lost is this world
For the heavens become hells, fiery and all curled!

Angels, fallen they may be,
Yet, they shall not remain so for eternity
The ONE above is full of pity
For his children lost in absurdity,
Feeling like crazy beings in a reality
Where Time is Fool's stupidity!

Angels, descending from above, shall try with all their might
To bring harmony to the land of the dove, where lost is the light!

by Bob Shank |
Categories: introspection, life, social,

The Colors of Humanity

Manacles suppress a beautiful mind 
decayed by the stench of putrid bitterness
created long before Mr. Whitney
made you expendable

yet you loathe me
despite my relation to Harriet

uncle Tom was never relevant
nor did his cabin provide shelter
unto your bitterness
its wood burned food for thought

could one become a christian
to be born again
and return as an abolitionist
the absurdity of it astounds me

but chains will always bind us together
regardless of our ancestry

linked through the color of love
red hues splashed in anger
dipped in disdain 
tainted by the past
we live to paint
the pictures shadows cast......

Bob Shank-Nov.20th, 2006

by Kaelan Fox |
Categories: color, confusion, fear, lost love, society,

Colour Blind

Flickering light,
the piercing of fluorescence every time
the dark becomes light.
Lying and waiting
for the next flash of dullness

Thinking about the absurdity of colour
when the world forces
this black and white resolution.

But it remains so that we can see
clearly between right and wrong.
Until another factor obstructs the view
and sentiment arrives.
The plague of colour infests our judgment,
hurling the simple world into disrepute.

The only solution is to stay;
with black and white comes peace.
Residing within this bland existence -
at least I am safe.


by Paloma P |
Categories: allegory, allusion, conflict, crazy, dark, love hurts, poetry,

Diagnosed Absurdity

graduated cum laude 
with a PhD in madness,
practitioner of your
  own philosophy as
    the harbinger of doom,
tales of darkness where
the deck is always stacked,
what's the sense of light
   to an austere night
or spring's flourish 
   mid winter's brashness,
you don't need to be
      a rocket scientist 
    to diagnose absurdity

by Ikenna Igwe |
Categories: love,

My Eleanor


Darling, yet another day is past gone,

While we rest from the battle; losing not just one.

As the wind of pain blows round our camp,

Affixing to many hearts its bleeding stamp,

I sit, on the warm sand, gazing at the moonlight,

With thoughts glued just on you, my sunlight;

The only object that holds my sanity
In this jungle of blown absurdity.

I gladly call to mind our parting act,

Drenched in showers of the passionate art.

I long, unbridled, for your charming form –

A comfy shelter from this storm.
Till we meet again, after this dreadful tour,

This is from me to you, my lovely Eleanor.

(c) Ikenna.C.Igwe, 2012

by Xavier Keough |
Categories: devotion, faith, introspection, life,


Are there spires of salvation
tearing through your sin
anchors of admonishment
splintering hypocrisy to wood
Would you die for your beliefs
beaten bloody and religiously raw
mocked as a penniless sycophant 
crucified before a mother’s love
Do you cry for the suffering
like disease ravages the poor
dressing their weeping wounds
with the righteousness you abhor
Do you believe in blasphemy
the absurdity of an ethereal grace
judging a man’s convictions
for the apathy in his wake

by Bo Vigoren |
Categories: beauty, growing up, imagination, inspirational, life, love, metaphor,

Absurd Beauty

Anyone can find the absurdity in life, 
But only the strong can make it their wife. 
Nay, not the strong in the arm or the shoulder, 
Nor the behomoths who love lifting boulders,
I mean the sort who's heart always smolders,
A fiery love, of every day older.
One so much smarter than everyone knows, 
One who thinks harder than they'd ever show. 
I think that's just what afflicts us the most; 
We're so much smarter than we even know.

by Melissa Wadkins Patterson |
Categories: confusion, lost love, love,

Closed Book

I don't know why I love you,
only that the question sits with me
like a bear at the edge of its den,
stubbornly still,
yet so ready to claw the answer
into tiny bite sized clues
if it dare meanders near

Maybe love prefers me blind
and ignorant and bound to its side
in the cold hibernation
of all it shan't dream

I wouldn't know,
I've grown comfortable 
in this grey, dank cavern
pondering the absurdity of love
in all its awful ambiguity

by Lacey Petty |
Categories: angst, friendship, introspection, love, teen,


Heartbeat trumpeting in my throat,
Her presence,
It does that to me, sometimes,
I force myself to
To neutrality, absurdity, mask,
We talk,
I remain, the elephant in the room,
I talk,
No one mentions that I am the elephant in the room,
I remain,
Iron cored neutrality,
Masked girl,
Forever masquerade,
Questions set me grasping for straws at the end,
Each day,
Best friends, always,
My heart still beating in its cage.

by Glenn Jr Marchand |
Categories: lost love

Refuge From Athena

Athena looked into my eyes, 
The frigidity of her heart
Softened. Athena panic’d 
Within innocence of my 
Eyes. I couldn’t help but 
Crumble at her feet. Athena 
Burst into tears. We held 
Each other until the sun rose.
How do I again hate? For 
Love is the pain of Yahweh.
I now ponder within thoughts of
Non-objectivity—Athena has 
Slipped through my fingers.
God! Hast thou ever loved me?
I search for Athena: desperate
Eyed, Byzantine bewitched, 
Afflicted from cloudberries, 
Crawling through grottos
Of absurdity. I yin a hovel
Of refuge to rescue me of
My love of Athena. Is there 
Such a refuge? Athena! Hold me.

Glenn Jr. Marchand

by Atef Ayadi |
Categories: art, love, passion, peace, philosophy,

Surrealism Iv

Words are eating commas,
Phrases are eating the page
Pages are eating  the parallel space
The end of Quantum Mechanic
Is reaching its absurdity
its maximum entropy
It is cold
I have to burn my journal.

by Robyn-Jade Hosking |
Categories: lost love, teen,


In a small green tent I reached for midnight
Above our stoned embrace my lies
Emptied in an indifferent trickle of desire
We giggled, fingering each other’s faces
The strange familiar- absurdity
In the doef-doef music and the scale of my fish-nets
Two teenage screw-ups, a clichéd poem already forming
On lips bruised with vampire kisses
With which I stroked your smile, coaxing truths on which to feed

by Ijaz Ahmad |
Categories: confusion, lost love, love, mystery, passion, philosophy, sad, life,

Killer Moments

In the moments,
when sadness descends upon
and loneliness surrounds my heart
The absurdity of life 
reveals before my eyes
winds of obscurity drifts away:
all my faculties
The moon of hope hides
behind the clouds of disappointment
stars of memories dismantle 
from the sky of mind
when darkness whirl around 
and longings weep deep inside
heart seems to stand still
music of life stops
in those moments    
if YOU happen to come....

by Atef Ayadi |
Categories: art, love, passion, peace, philosophy,

Surrealism Vii

The war is rising
Who started first?
The ambitious youth ness
On behalf of Alexander
The Romans who were looking for 
Refined salts
The crusades
Escaping from the orthodox eagles
The new RUP globalization 
The cons and pros bring theirs 
breeze and wind
the only common
is absurd
they are lamps
an organized group temptation
and a Low Class heavy iced Martin's
Anything else
is absurdity itself
What I am sure
I is getting hot and hotter
The battle field is getting crowded 
And flatter
My mind is taking me 
To watch this cat
Crossing this noisy party
With calculated steps
She is fixing her eyes
On something?
Is she chasing a mice?

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: hilarious,

Paintings By Chimps

Chimps can't see color like you and me Sadly, only in shades of grey do they see But paintings by chimps Buyers love the tints As for me, I can't stop giggling at the absurdity

by Street Poet |
Categories: christian, grave, loss, love, metaphor,

A Poem By a Confusionist

Green Salad and white Carpet 
Red Chilies and Black magic 
Falling Rain the vibgayar 
What is this? Absurdity?

Blind Eyes Blind Heart
Black Tea and again black magic
Tea spoon, sugar for an ant 
Cane for an Elephant
What is this? Reality?

Clever Horse racing, Clever *** Hardship
Clever Man Killing, Clever girl weeping
God is great Of course, God is dead!
What is this? Confusion?

Intelligent minds Dirty Lands 
Wise Men More War
Mysteries, Mischievous, Godly and foolish 
What the  is this?

I am here I am there I am boy
I am clever, I am helpless
I am spiritual, I am cunning less
I am helpful,  I am a tomb and 
I am  Jesus 
I am What I am!

by Dm Babbit |
Categories: age, love hurts, time,

Simple As That

I would like to think
 I am a simple soul
but that is 
 a complexity of paradoxes;

I was born 
 in a conflict between two parents
neither of which desired a child
 yet, there I was, 
a conception formed
 in the incongruity and absurdity 
 of their love and life's intent;
the irreconcilable discrepancy of an act
 with unintended consequences
 but there I lay, 
birthed into existence
 and despite the contempt, the abandonment,
 the experiences and heartaches
I live
 simple as that.

by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: love, sensual,



A progression
Close to culmination
In rhetoric or musical passion
It is the pivotal end of a story
Perhaps, in a more sensual activity
It is the stage when partners
Reached their ultimate ecstasy
It is absurdity asking a mate, have you enjoyed?
It is a fast, a moment precision with bliss 
It is somehow a magic, in muttering words
That only God made for lovers to fulfill mutual enjoyment.
A clamor once consented in privacy
While doing no one can even disturb concentration 
As in the making the very ecstatic of all thing…
Anatomically, physically and spiritually
                The climax!

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, wisdom, words,

Interactive Translation and Own Phrases

  absolute absurdity the human being,
  being alive, no reason to live...

A living fool, surpasses in physics intelligence
a dead intellectual...


The laughter of the living is better than crying
of the dead...

The dead survives in memories
of the living...

More real and further alive than
death is life with love...

by Ronald A. Williams |
Categories: life, society,

Living With Reality and Still Living

There are lost people, scared of their mortality
They not being in-line with real reality
This is another part of fallen humanity
Let us walk out of this movie tragedy

For it is to come out of this absurdity
There should be the pursuance of love, life and liberty
Anything less would be as a walking zombie
Revive, and come out of this world’s conformity

Yes, do the right thing with little and or no apology
Yet, to speak out with all humble humility
Let us live our lives and write our own individual life story
Thus, the sum of life and all its totality