Love Poems About Absurdities or Absurdities Love Poems
by Atef Ayadi |
Categories: art, love, passion, peace, philosophy,

Surrealism IX

This morning is awkward.
The sun is not rising at all.
My pain is turning into an ******,
My breath is slowing down,
And my thoughts are numbing.
Eileen is standing up
In the other side
Of the river;
Looking north.
It becomes more absurd:
The river has been flooding
For three years.
The water never reached me.
I was told the desert disappeared
Ever since.
I am still watching my feet.
My worry about Eileen
Interrupts my attraction to my dry feet.
She is always in my mind;
Even we never met, and
We never talked.
My obsession of my feet 
Turned into an obsession of Eileen.
Time dissolves in the flatness of the space
Eileen dissolves all the absurdities.

by PAT Adams |
Categories: cat, confusion, humor, proposal,

About Cat Burglaries

This is a mission statement
About some known absurdities 
I am calling for a placement
Of protection from cat burglaries!

This is not a victimless crime
As any cat owner will attest
Cat owners love their cats so much
When taken there should be an arrest!

What's that you say? Oh, I see that's
A problem of a different kind!
It's not actually about cats
Oh well, I guess then never mind!