Love Poems About Absurdist or Absurdist Love Poems
by J P Marmaro |
Categories: absence, death, grief, i miss you,

A Promise

The sun is up, another morning’s come--
The coffee’s brewed, the eggs and bacon fried,
The sky is bright, the birds are frolicsome—
On such a day, what sorrow could betide?

And yet this cheery masquerade today
Is, by my very reticence, belied,
As if I’m in some strange, absurdist play:
It all has seemed so pointless since you died.

And now I only want to grieve and hide,
Yet still, I know to do so’s a mistake—
I swore to you to go on, to abide,
And that’s a solemn promise I can’t break.

And so, my love, this further vow I’ll make:
That I’ll go on with living -- for your sake.

December 31, 2019