Love Poems About Abstruse or Abstruse Love Poems
by M. Hussain Effendi |
Categories: faith, hope, life, loss, lost love,


The tormented cries of a heart confined
Barely ever met a gratifying end
The meager state is but a trick of your mind
For the course of destiny lies in your own hand

Forsaken love, a conceivable excuse
For a shattered being, to give up life
It is but a presumption, erroneously abstruse
For success greets those who dare to survive

No past, no fate, that He Cannot Mend
Or an ill-fated tale to have ever spawned
Never lose hope, however evident the end
For night is the darkest just before dawn

By M. Hussain Effendi
(In reply to the poem "Estranged Love" posted by M. Taha Effendi)

by Jillian Veitenheimer |
Categories: adventure, confusion, dream, fantasy, hope, imagination, love, passion,


Decipher the messages
Encoded impervious presages
Alert your senses
Reinforce illusion defenses
Alchemist of unknown
Predisposed to finally atone?

Question corollaries prior
Analyze what may transpire
Beckon your defenders 
Desire of all surrenders 
Cryptic are ambitions
End-all of other expeditions? 

Stroke scar in reflection
Separate from your affection
Clasp your shield
Promote the force field
Abstruse is verity 
Words birthed in sincerity? 

Kiss dreams of devotion
Taste the foreign potion
Dismiss your immunity 
Dare mystery opportunity 
Mystical is the allure
This alchemy is beyond obscure 

by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: anxiety, confusion, longing, love, night,

Seguidilla: Mystery Dance

Soundless shadows on pavement:
What does the night bring?
Is love now just a mirage?
Why does my soul sing?
Reflections entrance,
allure in the dimmest light:
a mystery dance.

Lamplight reflects in puddles,
mirrors of my soul.
Opaque shadows on pavement,
now darkness the goal.
Reflections abstruse
underneath a glowing light,
my heart thus confused.

She loves me, she loves me not,
I now ask again.
The night provides no answers,
is my silent friend.
Where are my flowers
for the plucking to begin,
clarity's bowers?

4th Place
Seguidilla Contest
Sponsor:  Nette Onclaud

by Susan Payne |
Categories: emotions, loneliness, lonely, loss, poems, poetry, sad,

Kismet Unfurled

Gossamer adorned
Knotted love-laced bows
Neatly wrapped and scorned
Words carefully chose.

We dance this refrain
Dream-like sleep induced
Guided quick to fain
Promises seduce.

Pages rip transformed
Immortalized prose
Lover’s dreams performed
Reconcile compose.

Beyond broke to strain
Disguised truth abstruse
Blend until disdain
Kismet love reduced

by Charles Grisham |
Categories: love, teen, trust,

That Night II:Waking to Peacefullness

This feeling so alien
Making me wake almost deadly quick
My mind sought swiftly for the cause 
Of this disturbance she came
This feeling caused blood to fountain
And tears to secrete
Though in the past it's still potent
It's enough to scare the most hardened of veterans
Prominately toned with a case of wisdom 
It screamed "don't trust this...don't trust this"
Like a fool I ignored the pleading bout
As abstruse as the ground I walk on
She seemed a source for comfort
Everything I need, everything I want
It's ended my pain, this feeling
So I ignored what my heart begged
And did what I knew wrong