Love Poems About Abstracts or Abstracts Love Poems
by John Rhinem |
Categories: introspection, life, love

Frankensteins Theory?!

Suspending ornaments within an abstracts reasonings....

Paramountic marvels of a phenomenas majestical wonders; these 

Perceptions perceived along the paragons trails towards, the swallowing castles 

Reflections amid the paradoxes silverish views; hues, of an artificial flavourings

Beliefs upon the impratical balconies foresight of, utopians dreams.... 


....A Frankensteins theory?!

Note: Smile ~ Was considering the irony of certain things and, the love and light of
All things so, decided to drop a humble crumb into the basket ~ "'Love,' Always," John!:) ~

by Emma Jane |
Categories: art, fantasy, imagery, love, metaphor, relationship, romance,

Folie a Deux

Mosaic beauty upon a canvased mind -
Abstracts' thought of two;
Spiritually carving an essence defined -
Sculpture's alluring view.

Model charisma, transcendent panoramics -
Chiseled utopia, kissed;
Shapes sexing and molding, sealing ceramics -
Tracing mystiques', blissed.

Embossed lines erect, curves aligning -
Signature beings, weld;
Engraving couplet, trademark entwining -
Crowning bijou, held.

Marbled terra cotta knows statues' Arcadia -
Concrete and clay conceive;
Porcelain angel now lives in Fantasia -
All set in stone make believe.

© March 2013

Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, creation, extended metaphor, poetry, wisdom,


                      Concretists love
                       cement as a material
                      abstracts love fantasy...
                      Some construct poems out of stone,
                      others of pain and joy... !        

by Angela Douglas |
Categories: loneliness, love, relationship, romantic love, soulmate, together, true love,

Not Yet

I do not love you
I love possibilities
Abstracts over absolutes
Who we might be
who we could be
if certain variables
would happen to be true
If in your presence 
I found this veil
obstructing my vision
lifted from my eyes
able to see 
colors once again
bold and bright
instead of muted hues
If we were to discover
synchronicity of
our energy in
pursuing our endeavors 
If not only my words
but the heart beating 
behind them mattered to you
I don’t seek perfection
but maybe you do
Perhaps that’s the problem
I don’t love you
Not yet