Love Poems About Abstractly or Abstractly Love Poems
by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
Categories: funny, hate, life, love,

Blatant Irony

She exists for a man only

He achieved what a man can

That of trying a trick abstractly

She easily got henned in hand!

Decisions are tough, exclaimed she aloud

Life in love is not easy 

He, a rose in hand, proud

Rose up to a plane above

She, a tender one with exalt

Thought of love as sincere admiration

Found out the abrupt truth, abomination!

Her only precious asset his inspiration

Her own body, as sexy asphalt!

by sylvanwillow leaf |
Categories: forgiveness, loss, lost love, love, on writing and words, passion, sympathy, love,


Thinking of you always
Every second interludes 
A past a future when always we
are interrupted by a bitter sweet mention
Of you my love why do we question
all rhetorical for you, for me
love baits good interludes 
the all agonizing ecstasy 
can not dissipate a week a year
for love is longer than our time
while life is short as bread
why in love do we feast
on the bitter tears we are fed	
to find within a love long and true
though at times bare and brass
cowardly, does not recede
			straight or bow kneed
					this love must proceed

by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu |
Categories: feelings, love,


Have you ever existed abstractly
Like in reality
You heart
Seeming lost?

Have you ever dreamt
And awakened and wished you hadn't
Fallen in love with your fantasy
As in reality?

Have you ever loved 
In phantasmagoria's world
Where the love stage
Seems a mirage?

Have you ever travelled 
In your heart on a mission unsolicited
Longing for what
You mind isn't set?