Love Poems About Abstraction or Abstraction Love Poems
by Miriam Mccue |
Categories: confusion, hope, love, philosophylove,

Love You & Hope & Change

Hope for what?

Change to what?

Change what?

Believe exactly what?

Reform what?

Reform exactly into what?

Define Love.

Love what?

Love whom?

Love Humanity!
Humanity isn’t a person nor an animal.

Love Humanity!
Humanity is an abstraction.

Love humanity!
It’s easier to love humanity than a person.

Love humanity!
I’d rather love you!

by Sherwin Balbuena |
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Pagkamakabayan: Patriotism

'Tis intangible
Unlike the spears and the guns
Of the daughters and the sons
But partly they symbolize
Its abstraction ere our eyes

The time has passed by
And the world has also turned
From chaos into concord
Now we say goodbye
To old discrimination
Racism and commotion

There's a new picture
That appropriately depicts
Our genuine love and respect
For our own culture --
Raising our right hand to pledge
And doing our job with badge

by Gina Young |
Categories: lost love, love,

2am- Empty Rooms

listen to the moon drop silver down. hearts are out of season. and my love was hunted down, killed by the ripping of patience. pretty stars lit up by the dark. i see brilliance in your eyes. last time. skin so warm. you taste like cyanide. and i cried in absence tonight. grind my teeth in pure abstraction. rub the hands that fill me up. stretch love over seas.

by Declan Molloy |
Categories: satire, truth,

One of Gods Poems

I want a fancy hat
it's as simple as that
I want to be divine
and that is really that

I want to be revered
to be universally feared
Instill love and dread
then grow a god-like beard

I'll hold my head up high
mumble, chant and mystify
Telling them what they need
making sure they all comply

then standing on celestial alters
I'll bless them with sacred waters
Watching the fools march on
to some pointless slaughter

Filled with love and passion
an invisible distraction
to be obeyed and feared
mankind's sad abstraction...

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: confusion,


I don't get peace in tranquillity,
Nor happiness in bliss,
In vain I seek
some accord in harmony.

Love does not warm my heart,
Friends no longer enliven my spirit,
I find now in rivalry
No challenge!

At home in a state of chaos
I feel listless in gathering peace,
Wrapped up in worries and problems
I ponder over the ensuing solutions.

Lost in the pursuit of abstraction
I seek an icon of perfection,
I dream of things sublime
And reach beyond time!