Love Poems About Abstractedness or Abstractedness Love Poems
by Elaine Kuriger |
Categories: beauty, childhood, family, fantasy, flying, magic, places,

Love inside my Castle

I glide around the grounds of my home
It is a castle built by the inspiration of St. Peter's in Rome.
My wings I spread
Choosing not to tread
Upon the green grass of my grounds -
Taking in each possible melodic sound.
It is majestic, it is a pure white,
It is, indeed, a lovely sight.
Inside my home, 300 rooms I have built
I own art with which to see it's abstractedness one's head must tilt.
The corridors are grand, 
The bedrooms each have royal beds and lampstands
The dining room is lit by ten chandeliers
It is beautiful - but it is the love found inside my home
that brings you to tears.