Love Poems About Abstract or Abstract Love Poems
by Silent One |
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Love is a Metaphor

Love is a metaphor,
which glows in vibrant hues.
An abstract masterpiece
from Da Vinci's palette,
easing souls to feel peace.

Love is a metaphor.
A guiding moon compass
with spotlights at midnight.
Showing how lovers meet,
then shine in diamond light.

Love is a metaphor.
Portrayed through Rumi's verse.
With words that make you think,
how will your sweetheart's lips,
kiss you like quill and ink

Love is a metaphor.
Simple to comprehend.
When conduct connects speech,
words bloom from heart to tongue.
Romance is what you preach.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: love, marriage,

Comfortable Love

Some painters challenge us with art abstract
We study them and speculate intent
My love, he takes the short route; it’s a fact
He speaks three words, no question what he meant

The intellectuals look for new ways
To speak of love in words no one has heard
Or verse for songs that no one ever plays
For love is truly greater than a word

His aqua eyes convey a heart that’s true
On chilly nights, his warm arms hold me close
No words he speaks, but do not misconstrue
When love is true, who needs the grandiose

We’ve learned to find peace in the quiet time
Together any steep path we can climb

February 5, 2020

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: baby, life, mystery,

Sacred Womb

Life giving womb, silent and sacred
mystical, blood red embryo connected
cords from umbilicus, abstract limbo
unborn life, undiscovered, now growing.

Enclosed in the confines of limited space
haven from the world, as yet unknown 
unborn life, feeding moment by moment
living lines and altering shapes, ever reliant.

Cover the little child, unborn, in love
keep it protected, now undisturbed
freedom in birth, to live and to breathe
hope for the future, this new life, to live.

Written on 5/20/2015

by Paul Callus |
Categories: art,


She mixes coffee with her art.
With love she wields her trusty brush.
Her youthful vigour plays a part.
She mixes coffee with her art.
Abstract and complex rule her heart.
Meticulous and in no rush
She mixes coffee with her art.
With love she wields her trusty brush.

Contest: Lexi’s Art/Life Story
Sponsor: Mystic Rose
Placed 2nd

by Randall Smith |
Categories: on writing and words

Poetry By Any Other Name

Poetry is poetry....
It's anyones point of view
From classical to the abstract
It's just a point of view....

Love lost and found..
Beauty so everlasting...
The soul lives forever...
In sonnets so perfect....

Is that what you want to hear?

Or maybe something dark
Her death was my life ended...
Like a candle put out...
Half burned....

Or maybe just for fun....

We laughed and sang silly songs
Together...on the beach
In the moon light...
I gave myself to you....

In reality....I am who I am...
A man...just trying
To express a feeling or two
That I know you might like....

It's just as simple as that....

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: beauty, color, green, joy, nature,

I Love, Love, Lovely

so doubly golden
a sunflower field of sun
beauty waits for me

colorful splendor
abstract paintings draw the eye
to that other world

dazzling bird green trees
to all sings of dawn glory
and takes to blue skies

mountains in the clouds
mostly lost in mystery
before orange sun

by Silent One |
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What is Poetry

In abstract eyes what is poetry, but words weaved in meter, verse and rhymes to explain profound vivid images using metaphors, or simple stanzas. What our eyes capture, what our mind thinks and the moods of our heart. Some inspired by the moon, flowers or love, politics and health, showing and telling in different styles or freely flowing. Using techniques like alliteration, syllable forms like cinquain and choka or an acrostic. Poems will make us laugh, cry or relate, so let your ink bleed to release your thoughts in whatever way your soul desires to express without ignorant judgement.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: devotion, faith, integrity, marriage, together, true love, trust,

Love Is

Love is the commitment based on respect
To forge an alliance in ways abstract
When two hearts unite as life's architect
Their souls intertwine by a karmic pact

Knitting the fabric of their daily life
Blissful togetherness its foundation
Nurturing exchanges devoid of strife
Each other the object of affection

Unblemished trust is the almighty glue
The strength to surmount any obstacle
Promise to be loyal faithful and true
Protecting fiercely our inner circle

Sometimes we're needing to work through baggage
To heal within a small child with damage

AP: 3rd place 2022

Submitted on March 2, 2019 for contest WHAT IS LOVE sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 2ND

by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: death, lost love, love, wife

A Haunting Love

It’s surrealistic in what I see
In the most unlikely places, in fact.
Especially when unexpectedly
They appear before wearily eyes, abstract.
Was eating my usual cereal: 
Shredded wheat with sliced ripen banana.
Staring back from my empty spoon revealed
A face, the ghost of my Marianna.
Startled, yet saddened, my head turned around
Expecting to see my wife’s lovely face.
Instead I had found a man with a frown
Mirroring back from a glass-door bookcase.
Her haunting visits, this angel of death
Will continue I guess till my last breath.

by Vermillion Scythe |
Categories: analogy, deep, kiss, love, metaphor,


A ruby
is a precious abstract value
spiritually creating endless joy to the one
holding her tenderly
not a single tear
not a single scar
in all the decades to come
after the first kiss

by Howard Bull |
Categories: happiness, holiday,

Sunbathing - a Summer Poem

The warmth of the sun holds you in an embrace
Like a lover, gently kissing your neck and your face
Your body relaxed, almost slipping away
Your thoughts, abstract notions, hold reality at bay 

Strange drifting shapes inside your closed eyes
The laughter of children, the buzzing of flies
Boy chats up girl, so beautifully tanned
Your love, lies beside you, reaching out for your hand

Breezes send sand grains to sensitive places
Sticky kids run amok with their ice-creamed faces 
The splash of the water, the fragrant tan lotion
Your cares, just like flotsam… float off on the ocean

by Jared Pickett |
Categories: imagination

Mushroom Red Mark*** Triple Acrostic***

Marks from the shroom exposed as you
Undress, I caress your
Silky thigh-way, blessed by the mess you
Have made. lay down boo and
Rest the night has reached it's crest.
Overtime I'll relieve your stress, I'm 
Obsessed... your life with 
Me is inevitable, give up on your protests..

Requests will be satisfied,
Embraced, we can pass any test
Discover this love, I'm undefeated in my conquest...

Mellifluous sounds impress, harmonious melody 
Abstract through cyber chats.. Your 
Requests assist the prince to show you bliss, come 
Kiss this man, rub your hands upon his chest.
Sample his skin and leave a hickey on his breast...

Jared Pickett

by Aaron Mcintosh |
Categories: absence, deep, first love, grief, heartbroken, missing you, poetry,

I Miss

I miss the remedies of our past selves,
I miss the extract of blight from the tip of your lips.
I miss your abstract sunrise tumbling down your shoulders,
I miss the offset emeralds looking outward.
I miss our blaze that once caught the world on fire,
I miss the passionate extremities of our youth.
I miss the quite afterthoughts of the nights spent together,
I miss the way you removed me from my paradox.
I miss our alikeness, our kindled spirit,
I missed your final words.
I miss,
I missed.

by Tammy Myers |
Categories: inspirational, love, romantic,

Together We Stand

In this romantic canvas of love
we are standing side by side
gazing into the skyline of heaven

So softly reminiscing over the 
beautiful memories we have 
cultivated over the years

Our eyes are connected with nature's
inspirational trees of life
admiring the leaves of gentleness,
kindness and the roots of true belief

Together we stand; as the abstract of 
God's sunlight beam immensely upon
our radiant and silky caramel color skin

So, gracefully articulating the portrait
of elegance

by Tonytocaa Camacho |
Categories: internet, love, poems, word play,

Internet Quill

Not yet
Abstract minds
Cruise to fuse
Words of
Cruise to fuse
Song to send her
Express a verse
Dancing lyrical
Up and down
In and out
Soul Reflections
In love 
From me 
to you..

by Shaz Cheesman |
Categories: imagination, life, visionary,

Colours of Life

The colours of life, love of my abstract mind
Bright and vivid, my thoughts intertwined
Tastes so crisp and sweet, what a delight
Fresh and new like pulled straight from the vine
Life is such a path with lots of twists and turns
You just never know, what you will learn
Flourishing us with beauty til the day is done
Or revealing us adversity, a challenge begun 
Life is such an interwoven tapestry of colours
But worthy of value no matter how dark
Whatever the colours of your journey
They are what they are, your diversity of life!

by Rob Cochran |
Categories: body, fun, funny, hilarious, humor, humorous,

Adventures In Yoga

What sort of abstract performance art
Have I suddenly become a part?
It was not my intent to be bent
Beyond the limits of my body's content.
I'm not accustomed to being nose to nose
With my toes, my knees, or elbows
And I fear that everyone knows
No matter how hard I try
I cannot touch my ear to my thigh!
Just relax and breath deep. That's right; let it go
And act like I love it so people won't know
The agony to which I've resigned
In order to get my chakras aligned.

by Hassoon Hijazi |
Categories: allegory, death, funeral, loss, love, mystery, philosophy, recovery from..., sad, autumn,


It makes no sense to 
Withdrawals what left with yesterday
Anonymous love...
We await the return of the dead,
Wondering what is it on the other side!!
Yet.. Nobody comes, and nobody speaks to us,
Silence overnight,
Without croaking frogs, without sparkling stars..
Only an abstract panel, 
Where the sky with the earth join in the line of sight
Hunger for beauty,
An explosive eager attached to the shoulders of gods,
While funeral prayers embrace yellow autumn leaves.. 
Then I asked you: do you remember when we infiltrated beneath the scrolls of time?
Ambigous destiny awaits my love
Oh, I got my soul in after life...

by Osman Gani |
Categories: adventure, love, passion, space, visionary, together,

Two Hearts Beating As One

Our two hearts are beating in One hemisphere,
Throbbing in same rhythm and in same nerve.
Our souls subsist in bodies so far yet too near
Like two molecules of a single atomic curve.

Our love connects the guild of our blood veins
And we respire through the unseen lung of love,
We share together each joy and all of the pains.
Our hearts are two white wings of a flying dove.

These two hearts will beat together until we die
And mock dying Death with the eternal reunion
As even in abstract body of infinity they will lie
Forever as two blissful hearts beating as One.

by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: appreciation, change, creation, humanity, life, science, visionary,

To Build a Better Human

To build a better human use a robot
Genetics are overrated and outdated
Androids make the perfect man
With nuts and bolts who needs a soul

Love your machines
They come with metallic hands
With instructions to construct
Transgender bathrooms built to last

Humans make great pets
When inoculated they are the best
Venereal diseases are a breeze 
Hmm.... Are they really needed?

Bots speak bot languages
Abstract thoughts are optional
Don't need visas to get about
Robots work non stop for free

No clocks to punch or dirty thoughts
Void of affection and infections
They follow the instructions of God's plan
To build a better man

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: confusion, lost, love hurts,

Feelings Now Stolen

Where was my awareness when your feelings unraveled? Was love’s presence always false or lost as days traveled? My heart feels deep-chilled from constant shivers. Numb emotions forbid me to react. All once known has become strangely abstract. My fried self is now an ache and quiver. I wish merely to float gone down river, Far away from your admissions impact. warm familiar truth securing dreams heart-anchored - - - drowned with love in stealth darkness feelings now stolen mock my heart's passion parade - - - words maimed my treasured love state
... CayCay October 1, 2016

by Diana Bosa |
Categories: absence, blue, heartbroken, pain, sad love, science, science fiction,


Within your system 
of abstract data I'm the
one; the broken semaphore
who yearns for an error-patch.

by John Rhinem |
Categories: hope, life, love,

Showcase Crowds

Mingling showcase crowds gathering amid the contemporary chambers 

Within this the modern day museum of the poisoned pilloried minds....

Subjugation piercing the thresholds beneath conscious perceptions views!?

Gazing as deeper into the contortions abstract of framework they go

Entranced assimilations aside artful disassociations; brushed with black  

And blues colours and hews, of acrylic paintings hung upon the galleries 

Mesmerizing, paradoxic walls growing collection in....


....Extramurals multiple personality disorders?!

by Christopher Remele |
Categories: death,

Abstract Love

My tooth is the answer,but it aches all the same
Visions of my heart pumping, making me insane
I feel the love down in my soul
My only regret is I have no gold
The real thing I wonder, Is my feeling my own?
Or is it an illusion,that I have chosen to behold
The object of my obsession is a visual delight
A circus of curves and actual light
I know I can see but I wonder if I can hear
My truth is knocking sending me waves
Dipping my toe to the mystical purple haze
Bam ! the shot is loud,I feel the bullet penetrate my skin
My lover staring,  acting so serene
I float out of my body and see myself within
I love to love it's my only way in

by Chris Hagy |
Categories: conflict, deep, introspection, word play,

Especially Now

Pale Reflection of the Color of Life
Clear Vision of Evaded Memories
Time is Unstoppable when it does not seem to Move
Love is Painful when it Cares the most
Hopeless Decisions feed the Pain...Especially Now

A Dark Night caters to the Conscience
New feelings that must be Old
Restlessly waiting for Nothing to change
Informed of the Unawareness
Darkness surrounds this Light...Especially Now

Fading thoughts of Dark Years
Close friend Far away
Quiet screaming invades the Noise
Desperation is Unheard
The Night goes on and The Edge bears laughter...Especially now 

- an abstract write of an abstract evening