Love Poems About Abstaining or Abstaining Love Poems
by Lawrence Ingle |
Categories: hopelove, drug,

Living In The Fast Lane Song on CD

She's living in the fast lane,
like a pawn in a chess game,
She's staying on the run....chasing rainbows in the sun,
living in the fast lane,

I tried to be her sweet thing,
I tried to make her heart sing,
But love just can't keep on...being on the run,
living in the fast lane,

Yea, sometimes love can seem so strange,
and even have to refrain,
from chasing rainbows in the sun...where it's not at all so fun...
living in the fast lane,

I pray she finds a new game.....
away from that ol' fast lane,
so I can meet her in the sun....and know she's stopping from....
living in the fast lane....
abstaining from drugs and cocaine.