Love Poems About Abstained or Abstained Love Poems
by Iris E. S-Lewis |

The Voice

Chemicalized pain
One somber voice did claim
Power was regained
Two hands from woe abstained
Three held to love again.

Soft, silent, and firm
God's voiced I lately learn
Touches without harm
It invites choice and calm
from consequence and storm.


by Angela G |
Categories: love,

Remain Silent

Deafening silence screams with rage
Unrivaled violence, no need to engage
Here inside I remain abstained
While Inside, you remain constrained
Tainted tongues our words are choked
Blood stained hands cannot be cloaked 
Internal solitude remains ignored
Incoherence love cannot afford 
Isolation triumphs, as affection shatters
Frustration devours everything that matters

by Tony Bush |
Categories: lost love, love, passion, love,


From love, I had refrained,
Blanked it from my heart,
And all that then remained
Cold blood and muscle steel;
Resolve from love abstained,
That you and I should part,
My freedom thus obtained,
Surrender was the deal.

But feelings unexplained
Ran riot through my head,
For nothing had I gained,
Just loss and emptiness;
A blacker rain had rained,
The words I once had said
Lay heavy and complained
That truth should now confess.

The love I once contained,
No longer coloured black,
My mind renewed and trained
To struggle for the good;
My joy no more disdained,
I fought and got you back,
My paradise regained
To be just as it should.