Love Poems About Abstain or Abstain Love Poems
by Seren Roberts |
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I lay my head

I lay my head  upon the softness of its mane
My white charger, no knight for a swain
as I am the gallant rider looking for love.
Riding the green valleys with mountains above,
looking for hope in natures  fertile plain

A dream, a carousel  of  tears  and  pain
With bobbing horses making  a colourful train
Flying above a sure sign of hope, a dove
I lay my head 

Imagination in play as I search in vain
Why from happiness  must I abstain
My empty heart crying out to those above 
Praying each night, please bring me love 
Grabbing a handful of the silky white mane
I lay my head

by Susan Jeavons |
Categories: faith, inspirational, jesus, poetry, prayer, writing,

Sonnet To The Creator

Oh Lord I hear the words inside my brain.
The pounding, pounding, pounding won’t abstain,
this favor that you granted unto me
in meter, rhyme and endless poetry. 

I can not comprehend why you chose me
to publicize your truth in poetry,
but still I’ll try to make your wishes known
in words and lines that I shall call my own.

Oh Lord I pray my work will dignify
your name, and Lord I promise I will try
to never underestimate my skill,
for Lord I understand that it’s your will.

May everything that I shall ever write
be worthy of your love, and bring delight.

by john freeman |
Categories: life, love

My Best Characteristic

~Born of  kingship that shall never expire
  Of eternal kingdom I shall be heir
     Very characteristic
     Everlasting statistic
  With cosmic mind I do have an aspire
~My positive trait with which I relate
`Tis my I am love, I abstain from hate
     I am my brother’s keeper
     I’m cheater of grim reaper
  I love my-self,  my eternal soul mate
~Born to be king, of this self I rejoice
  Creature of love, I was given a choice
     Verily you too
     Pending you  pursue
  Shall we all rise up unison in voice!

  Written by: John Moses Freeman
  For and in Honor of: Kristen Bruni
  And Contest: “Love Me Why?”

by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: birthday, son,

To Oscar on His 5th Birthday

When only in my state of thanksgiving
  I count riches and all blessing it brings;
I am imbued of great joy reliving
  and I am wiser to wonderful things.
Memento Mori and Carpe Diem -
  there is much to see and much to begin,
so live well and long that in years to come
  you not look back and muse what might have been!
Now if from your helping cause I abstain,
  or when in lonesome brooding I am sad
in futile excess, I'll beg once again
  to hear you curing say "I love you dad!"
Oh wife and child it's you and only you
that makes me love and do the things I do.

                   March 2005

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: addiction, angst, depression, drink, emotions, feelings, imagery,

Standing On The Brink

Alcohol easily deludes the brain, especially in vulnerable youth. For it numbs hurts and emotional pain, trading reality for a false truth. It rules misery's reclusive domain replacing self-hate with synthesized love. And if you feel trapped and cannot abstain, try talking to friends or to God above. Liquor bottles anguish distilled from tears, and yet, you'll pay its toll despite the price. And when it awakens your sleeping fears, occasional use; morphs into a vice. Many are blind to the pitfalls of drink, and unaware they're approaching the brink. (Sonnet) 3/4/2017

by Jim Pemberton |
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The Joy That God Brings to Me

The Joy That God Brings to Me… 
God gives me strength
 and everlasting joy.
His words in my life,
I need to employ. 

His joy brings strength
to my very soul,
giving comfort no matter
where I may go. 

His joy gives a security,
this world can’t give!
It is with me, every day I live. 

In my God, I will take delight!
For he is with me
every day and night!

From the appearance of evil,
may I  abstain!
And live in the joy of Jesus’
precious name!

In Jesus, my life is complete!
As I lay my burdens at his feet!

Over life’s adversities,
I’ll rise above!
And rest in the joy
Of God’s abiding love!

By Jim Pemberton

by KL Williams |
Categories: bible, faith, religious,

The Argument

Half your time is arguing,
that God does not exist.
The other time, when good for you,
your name is on his list.

Yes it's true that God is love,
and he loves you despite your sin.
But don't use his name in vain,
if you don't believe in him.

It's also true that sin is sin,
but the goal is to abstain.
Though he loves you, he's not happy,
with your lack of refrain.

Though it thrills my heart to see, 
the times you do believe.
Consider his book from front to back,
Excerpts tend to mislead.

by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: character, christian, dedication, desire, devotion, faith, forgiveness, freedom, god, happiness, hope, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, jesus, joy, life, people, relationship, religion, religious, spiritual, uplifting,

God Gives Me the Strength I Need

	God Gives the Strength I Need!

God gives me strength,
through his wonderful joy!
As his word in my life,
I daily employ.

His love brings sweetness,
to my very soul!
And gives my comfort!
Wherever I go!

His love brings contentment,
this world could never give!
It sustains me every day that I live!

In HIM, I’ll take delight!
For he is with me,
each day and night!

From everything evil,
may I daily abstain…
And live in the power of
Jesus’ name!

In Jesus, my life is complete!
As I leave every
burden at his feet.

Over the trials of life…
I’ll rise above!
Resting in God’s strength,
 and his love!

By Jim Pemberton  

by sadashivan nair |
Categories: beauty, happiness, inspiration, love, love hurts,

You love me so much, I can't stand

You endow me so much love, 
I can't hold;
You pour so much zeal,  
I can't stand;
Your seductive aroma,
sniffed by my ticklish nose,
Inebriation is too enduring,
I can't say no;
Your fleecy delicate lips, 
when touch my lips,
Quivers my heart,
can't say no; 
Your warmth of body,
ardours so much,
I can't abstain;
when you hug, 
your spirit travels my body,
Calms my soul, 
Cools my heart,
I can't say don't hug me more;
You love me so much, 
I can't stand;
only give me as much love,
So I love you and not pray; 
So I kiss your photo,
and no beseech;

© Sadashivan Nair

by Rick Rucker |
Categories: funny


Whatever By Rick Rucker My Love often says “Whatever,” the rest I don’t have to hear, What she really means is: “Whatever you say, Dear,” Which is merely current speak for: You are really starting, to me, bore! She isn’t saying that she is mad, Just too much discussion we have had, That instead of to continue talking, I had better think about balking! That if I don’t want to say “Ouch,” From the pain of sleeping on the couch, On the current subject, from talking, I should refrain, Unless, from lovemaking, I wish to abstain!

by Georgia Kereopa |
Categories: mental illness, music, philosophy, prayer, voice,

One Love

They woke me
I listen, voices loud, louder
arguing with each other
my ears ring
then all the demons stop
speak to me, all of them
worthless, addicted, vain
destined for happy? snickers 
no woes just abstain? laughter
go kill yourself!
my thoughts hide away
bullied and drained
I put my ear phones in
chill on Bob Marley
“One Love, One Love, lets....”
bloodcurdling screams
sound of demons slain
I’m smiling, hum along,  “feel alright”

Written: 06/08/2019
Eight Word Challenge Contest
Sponsor Emile Pinet
Words: addicted, slain, demons, vain, abstain, woes, destined

by Dima N. |
Categories: devotion, friendship, love, friend, friend,


To be a friend is every man’s quest 
A simple task and a popular request
To be a friend is to share your joy 
I’ll allay your anger; even your fear I’ll destroy 
Yet my friend, a friend I can’t be 
If bridges and dams, you build so steeply 
Oh my friend, a friend near or far 
Is a friend in your heart not a memoir
A sense, a feeling, a touch so endearing
Not a painful stab but a holy blessing 
Sadly, my uttered words I’ll alter now 
Not a simple task, defeated I avow 
Yet, I’m YOUR friend forever & beyond
To silence I will learn to respond
Friend, my patience may wane
From speech, I will abstain 
But a friend I’ll forever remain…

by Glenn McCrary |
Categories: lost love,

Makita XVI: Pornographic Sucker Punch

The beat that composes
Summer’s zealous speech
Employed my bones with jubilees
A quaint taste laced
with pornographic oaths
Of which I abstain from forsaking
As in her caress I descend

by Joanna Feltham |
Categories: death, destiny, devotion, i miss you, journey, lost love, travel,

Fast train to you

Ticket booth, requests destination manually, I type your name a mathematical equation couldn't convince me, to abstain Catching despair, in my reflection streetlights flounce, dreary windowpanes tracking raindrops, with affection pining for your embrace, once again Traveling express train, to heaven station platforms, fleeting by mimicking photographs, in my mind camera rolls, flicker the sky

by ilene bauer |
Categories: food,


I love any bread with seeds -
Bagels, rolls or rye,
Pumpernickel, crusty loaves -
They all will satisfy.

Caraway and sesame
My appetite will spur;
But poppy seeds, above all others,
Are what I prefer.

Some cakes and muffins, even scones,
Are dotted with those seeds.
When I am in a bakery,
My mouth knows what it needs.

I marvel at those people,
Who will willingly abstain
From the joy of crunching seeded food
To eat a bagel plain.

They miss the subtle flavors
That all tiny seeds bequeath;
Though their one advantage is they won't
Have seeds stuck in their teeth!

by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: christian, dedication, devotion, forgiveness, friendship, god, hope, inspirational, jesus, life, love, relationship, religion, religious, spiritual, uplifting, day, joy, me,

The Joy From Knowing Jesus

The Joy From Knowing Jesus! 

Jesus gives me peace, mercy and joy!
His word in my life
I must daily employ. 

His joy brings sweetness
to my troubled soul,
giving comfort no matter
where I may go. 

His joy gives happiness
this world could never give.
It sustains me eeach day I live!

In his joy... I will most
certainly delight.
For he is with me
every day and night. 

From everything evil...
may I daily abstain,
living in the joy of Jesus’
precious name. 

For in Jesus, my joy is now complete.
As I leave my burdens at his feet. 

And over life’s trials,
I’ll rise above.
Resting in Jesus!
His joy and love! 

By Jim Pemberton   

by Jeffrey Spencer |
Categories: i miss you, passion,

A Man Of Silence

A Man of Silence

I am a man of silence
In solitude, I remain
But I haven’t chosen loneliness
I have chosen to abstain

On the windows I have blinds
In my heart I have a fire
And though I live a private life
Your love, is my desire

Because you understand me
Because you give me calm
Because you make me better
I miss you

These thoughts have made me stronger
And you have always made me smile
So I open up my window
And step outside

The world will hear my voice now
With conviction, when I speak
Your love will keep me strong enough
Until again,
When you and I, can meet

© 2017 Jeffrey Spencer

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: lost love,

Left In The Rain

I bought my teeth down a country lane
I whittled myself a walking cane
Took a tonic for arthritis pain
But there's nothin' wrong with this old brain

I think about the past in the main
Most about a lover I called Jane
Always hoped I would see her again
But she left me standing in the rain

Seemed for awhile I would go insane
In time my longings began to wane
Learned to be a loner and abstain
And I tried hard to become urbane

So I think of dragons I have slain
And perfumed beds where I have lain
And all the while I'm circlin' the drain
Missing that lover that I called Jane

Contest February Week 2
Sponsor : Brian Strand

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, addiction, angst, anxiety, death, emotions, imagery,

Distilled From Tears

Like anguish, distilled from tears beer levies a costly price. And arouses sleeping fears as an elixir of vice. This ubiquitous drink can temporarily numb pain. And yet, since first brewed by Man, in excess it warps the brain. Alcohol’s lonely refrain drowns out melodies of love. And though it’s hard to abstain it oft turns push into shove. When teetering on the brink alcoholism cuts no slack. For once addicted to drink depression inks your world black. (Quatrain) July 11, 2018

by PJ Gongora |
Categories: black love, dedication, first love, happiness, relationship, tribute,

A Drug To Me

My own thoughts are like drugs to me
Giving pleasure to my already twisted brain
Empowering my nostalgic alter ego to see
A plain satisfaction that comes with pain.

A pain caused by the happy times we had
Vivid memories of you are unbidden
They come like a grin when I'm glad
Or like words I don't intend to be written.

Words unsaid confined me inside you
You are all over the places I knew
The more I abstain the more I crave
I'm drowned in intolerance I can't be saved.

by Paula Larson |
Categories: faith,


Tempests rising in contralto's wing,
a voice that costs me all I am
is sin's and its resolve, the tool of men
that wielding hold Faith's honor in their fling!

And that I see this scourge in one I love
I can't but risk my Spirit through this drove,
of narrowing my space, the conscience less
as when I ask for truth am given stress!

But of my life hereon this Earth I gain
but sufferance cure a trust with thee remain
as giving all of self to thy abstain
I find your Soul in Him, my love ...again!

by Linda Bolt |
Categories: dark,

Dark Demons

Dark demons sent to taunt me
within my mind, they often play
In my ear, they quietly whisper
On my woes, they love to pray.

Pitiful pleas for mercy
Are sadly made in vain 
to their whispers I’m addicted 
From feeling joy, I now abstain.

Guided to where I’m destined 
exhausted, mentally drained 
despondent I willingly follow 
as whispered words are feigned.

Oblivious I’m lead from reality 
convinced there’d be no pain
taken further into darkness 
Now my tortured soul lies slain!

by Jo Bien |
Categories: introspection, lost love


I do my best, but I don't succeed
I get what I want, but not what I need
and I'm so tired, but I can't sleep
cause when I do, I start to dream

what is it you feel when I touch your face?
what you're looking for, and have replaced
what I feel all tossed like discarded waste
I've played it wrong, and made mistakes

you said when I come, I bring the rain
no afterglow, or sweet refrain
from my love you will abstain
exiled from your heart's domain

Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, desire, fear, flower,


To call her tall voice again,
ouch! she drove me crazy
My addiction to lonely couches
Uttering I love in remarkable sense-
In vain,
She sunk deep in her thoughts
Drawing near the deep thoughts
Against spirits of abstain
Christened by the dreams.
Bitter woes came as assassin
Persuading with smile in style-
the end destined in hearts'
As the nos got drained,
In a derailment chained-
As the slain mercy felt done
vanishing like the demons.


by Johnmichael Roof |
Categories: addiction, dark, death, evil, family, father, father son,

False Fatherhood

My father was a man once
but never again 

His children watched as he welcomed his demons
Whispering offers from which he couldnt abstain
Quickly they betrayed him and held his freedom
His face masked in umbra, his eyes, their domain
He spew forth lies, endless nights of schemin'
His dark maw was insatiable, only hunger remained
Hadn't seen him in years but he was already leavin'
I want to love him but only hold disdain
Never did anything but donated his semen
Marking his sons with the curse of Cain

We were children once
but never again