Love Poems About Absorption or Absorption Love Poems
by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: love, peace,

Why Cannot We See

Why cannot we see

The sun will shine brighter when…
     we appreciate shadows as a generous reflection of truth
          embrace the dazzling display of rainbow’s complement
               contest burning skins on the muck heap of humanity

The night will emerge peacefully when…
     we reflect upon rays of hope as a loving absorption of verity
          reach out to eminent exposition of darkness’ tutelage
               caress ambiguous sheathing beyond the rubbish of greed

22 June 2018

Written for the collaboration 'Poem of poems' by Charles Messina
I would like my name included, if chosen as part of the joint venture.

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: appreciation,

Out of Darkness Continued

he inhales and becomes one with the moon
carries a spoon in his heart
to gather kindness and compassion

love is only complete with his other half
dancing like children
sharing reason and emotions
holding up when one of them falls

lightness sheds the weight from his shoulders
as he leans on his lover 
in times of shine and seeming eclipse

imbued by lunar absorption
he radiates condenses reflects
on the stellar complexion
of walking in lockstep
as their footprints shape patterns
into the sand of togetherness

21st February 2023

by David Palmer |
Categories: love,


Upon these banks where You fashion’d my soul,
Please pronounce again your Divine blessing,
“It is not good for Dave to be alone!”
Upon my soul, this ongoing freedom
To be my own man, set my schedule,
Stare through my four walls while writing sonnets
Has grown old. Re-create my soul to give
Itself unreservedly to her heart.
Knead the clay comprising me to remove
Stones of self-absorption and impatience,
Stubborn insistence that my will prevail.
Give me a generous heart that invests
In her success. Purify my soulish 
Pools that she sees Your reflection through me.

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: image, life,

Neverending Quest

The river wanted to love its own motion
In my hands in a blond and pink nudity
I failed as my strength to hold was poor
I bowed down and went to a little brook
I looked to my image and it said it's okay

Did I cry a little still in the silver raindrops
Could I offer red rose vapour to the brook
I went to the mirror who so nicely smiled
I felt there were further pantoums to read
Further mountains to look for and explore

I sat before an afternoon, blue absorption,
Silence, shadows, twitters in the bushes
Music of daybreak and taps on my thought
I answered to find sincere quests never end
Just then a nightingale sang out in a thrill

October 15//2027

by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, beauty, love, wife,

Sonnet 50 'The Beauty of the Sky, Is Like I'Ve Dreamed'

The Beauty of the Sky is like I’ve dreamed,
My heart is filled with rays from Morning’s Star!
And you are now beyond all that you seemed,
To those, whose hearts were nearsighted, and are…
For self-absorption misses Beauty’s ray!
But I was given the gift to see it clear,
Eyes green as moss, your smile like Sun, like Day!
Your shining fire, a soft and radiant cheer
That blessed each one it shone upon with Hopes,
Reminded everyone, no matter what
The sands of selfishness make fragile ropes
That melt whenever wetness comes – they rot!
But in the morning sky, is a new star!
That shines, just like you shone, on near and far!

by Satish Verma |
Categories: adventure, allegory, angst, animals, anniversary, art, Grandson,


Entering into deathless trance
the moon was galloping across the clouds,
clad in blue winds,
for a spiritual encounter with the sky.

A saint in making,
a grandson of god,
retreats in a religious retreat
to taste a forbidden pain of separation,
without surface love.

In a see-through transparency
the arrogance juts out
parting the tall grass of the assault course.
The prophetic self-absorption will decide the destiny.

The segregation of caste had ultimately
blossomed. Matter is generating energy.
Cosmos of a single dewdrop reflects in sun
The dry loaves are thrown on the street.		


by Ian Petch |
Categories: introspection, life, philosophy, sad, mirror,

Glass Marionette

A conscience too divided
A sight that knows both sides
With a shadow too demented
And the power of the light

This silence yet becomes me
The mirror of your pain
You choose to let it take you
And so I rise again

Now silence still becomes me
The mirror of your love
This brightness does fulfil you
And so I rise above

A chapel of absorption
An angel of my death
A single unseen nothing
A puppet drawing breath

A void that stalks beside me
And a light that makes me stand
Contorted by these demons
As they pull at my dead hands