Love Poems About Absorber or Absorber Love Poems
by Chidi Okoye |
Categories: africa, mom, mother, mother daughter, mothers day,

Sweet Mom

It began with a kiss of love
graduated to nine months of
mixed feelings which ended
in hours of horrible pains and
In the sight of your babe came a
sincere smile of success.
You didn't know how strong you
were Mom.

No shock absorber could have been better.
You stayed strong like a giant Iroko tree
in the midst of turbulent winds of life
You are my hero mama.
You patiently carried on the tedious
job of nursing regardless of burdens
and pains,
Denied yourself comfort to make me happy.
Your baby I will always be.

Mummy you are sweet, tender
and loving.
You are indeed a blissful bridge to the paradise
I know.
Sweet Mom.

by imee murillo |
Categories: death, goodbye, grave, hurt, lost love, pain, sin,

love hate love

i've been telling myself to stop
i've been trying hard to escape
i've been loving you all my life
but do you really care?

there's a  little piece of heaven, inside this hell with you
for only on those stolen moments 
i could say i own you. 
but it can't be like this forever
i can't always be a shock absorber.
i don't wanna feel empty again. 
everytime i come out of this little heaven..

i hate you.