Love Poems About Absorbent or Absorbent Love Poems
by Joyelle Osburn |
Categories: love


There is something unexhausted of you
in this aging washed-out coat
and I lift my nose
to taste the smell that desires
to be invited-
ignited in the closing of your breath,
untarnished and thirsty.
Like rage, it licks,
and enters my dreams
glossy as brilliance-
rush in my mentation
with warmth that comforts
my skin.
I breathe you in unfathomable-
not wanting to exhale.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: daughter, family, love, mother, son,

Still Life

a poem about pregnancy

The gentle swell, eroticism's outcome, 
the heat of passion empirical, 
cross-pollination's perspiration, 
beads of love conceived this miracle. 

So still, this tranquil life, yet felt 
a heart in rough plan stages; 
taps a growing rhythm, 
embryonic, sweetly ages. 

In the gilt-edged cameo of the mind 
you, in my body edifice, 
change face and gender seamlessly; 
mysteriously as a chrysalis. 

So still, this tranquil life, and then 
his hand flat on my abdomen, 
we jolt absorbent of the joy 
when you kick...and kick again.