Love Poems About Absorbed or Absorbed Love Poems
by Carol B. |
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Love Again a Collaboration With Maurice Yvonne

devotion unveiled
the fisherman casts his line
his heart now possessed 

curves carved in pleasure
chiseled spine traced by touch
love stripped to the bone

flaws etched precisely
he frees an internal scream
she opens her heart

her essence absorbed
two souls artistic beauty
a match written in stone

by Brian Strand |
Categories: childhood, life, love, passion, places, time

Rites of Passage

Remember the day
Apron strings loosed,untied
as maternal voices faltered and cried
Remember the day
When a soprano voice lost its elan
and a boy became a man
Remember the day
Peer pressure would not hide
and diffidence was replaced with pride
Remember the day
Desire,with warm whispers heard
questions,answered with just three words
Remember the day
Filled with joy and love
a union blessed from above
Remember the day
Holding a first-born,so wee
as two self-absorbed,became three
Remember the day
Trust was born-a-new
a changed life came into view
Remember the day
Genesis as a work of art
with gifts to share and impart
Remember the day

by Buhagiar Victor |
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Peace of Heart - Potd

Times when I felt my life is spent.
Should I yearn for happiness?
I feel I am like a towel
That absorbed too much.
Has it been washed
Far too many times?
Or like a colourful hummingbird
that lost its joyous tune
And can only grumble
At injustice and senile shame?
Behind the dark clouds of everyday
The sun shines bright and clear,
Emitting golden beams,
Enriching the deep galaxy,
Around it circle myriads
Of gaseous nebulas 
And gorgeous stars.
And as I contemplate this greatness
I know I'm not alone,
I smile a little hopefully
And feel peace in my heart.

by Dana Smith |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion,


How to contain the blossom of dreams, The beginning of life, or a fire's first spark. . How to maintain composure, and poise When morning's first light has smothered night's dark- How to express ones deepest emotion, Whether it's anger, or depression, or love, How to captivate the purest devotion Without the most perfect word to speak of. . When love has risen and absorbed all truth, From around you, and then deep inside, How to convey the passion within, With the tradional word 'love' to abide? Such words could never express this passion. . No matter how often they're spoken; Like how nothing could ever keep me away, No matter the times I've been broken.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: introspection

Sly Fox

slinking through the woods
finding camaraderie only from wolves

heartless, relentless, self-absorbed
predator of the vulnerable

devouring her soul
crushing her hopes
devastating dreams
finding satisfaction when she succumbs

the fox knows nothing of love
seeks but conquest
revels in despair of victims

takes her carcass down to the river
washes purity from her tormented soul

she saw feigned promise in his eyes
the fox, the wolf, the demon

who devastates
while grinning with satisfaction

by Winged Warrior |
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2 Sides To Love

I will send my Love thru timeless space
No other emotion shall take its place
And as it lands on the many moons
You will see explosions of their crusted dunes

I shall send it to the vivacious Venus
As she prays nothing comes between us
But some will fall on the warring Mars
As he erupts with rage and leaves love scars

And if it should fall on the planet Jupiter
All will be absorbed by its custodian Lucifer
There are many sides from this heavenly view
Hopefully my Love will make its way to you

Two sides to Love two sides to live
One will receive and the other shall give.

March.04.2016   ^WW^

by T.Nicole Williams |
Categories: happiness, love, passion,


Today I fixed my gaze upon the sun itself,
no longer blinded or taunted by its presence;
 intoxicated and bewitched by your splendor.
A minion of the moon; always beautiful.

So easily you lift me past the midnight of my soul,
lighting this heart by the mere bidding of your word;
and I gladly dwell in love’s labyrinth,
feasting upon sweet anticipation,
loving you; I hunger for it.

Through your whispering bones, 
I am absorbed, permeated by waves
of infinite seeds of pleasure,
as I walk through your storm dissolving;
fainting in the arms of ecstasy.
My tongue has pronounced it;
just short of dying.

by Xuefeng Pan |
Categories: desire, first love, for her, friendship, friendship love, funny love, meaningful,

I Am Vaporizing In Your Eyes

I am vaporizing in your eyes slowly 
Noiselessly, clearly, and helplessly
Am I willing to be absorbed as steam?
No! my feeling is no but wordlessly

I am vaporizing in your eyes helplessly
As immediate as I saw you saw me
You turned  me into steam  softly

What should I do immediately?
Seeping into your soul completely?
Or hiding into the cloud urgently?

by Tim Smith |
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Hand In Hand

Slowly we walk on the sandy white beach, hand in hand
A perfect Caribbean night, with sounds of the steel band 

A little kiss, a little hug, a little happiness from above
The two of us together in paradise sharing our deep love

Making memories on the first night of the rest of our life
That beautiful vision sent to save me, is now my wife

Playfully we both frolic in the surf, as the tide gently rolls
Not a care in the world, two free spirits baring their souls

The harvest moon is beaming high painting a perfect setting
Two lovers absorbed in each other, forever remembering

A repost that was accidentally deleted

by Lu Loo |
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Affection With Rapt

Enthralled am I in my deep mind, a love like yours, so hard to find- I’ve relinquished all that sad woe, once I found it hard to let go, but those days are so far behind. Immersed in your strength I’m confined we’re beauty and passion combined, spellbound with magic, we shall grow- Enthralled am I. Absorbed with spirit I’m inclined engaged in desire, we’re entwined- So fascinated, this I know, with affection our love shall glow, so in love, you’re one of a kind- Enthralled am I. July 2, 2017 For the contest, Form R Sponsor, Broken Wings

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
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When YOUR Heart and Soul are Wrapped in a Cocoon of LOVE
Where YOUR Mind is Absorbed , where YOU Live in Eternal LOVE
Why would YOU Live in a Life of Sorrow, if there is ETERNAL LOVE
How does one Believe they can Live in Forever, if they Never know LOVE
What is the Emotion, that brings YOUR Heart, YOUR very Entity to LOVE
Can LIFE , Every go on for the Eons of Eternity, if YOU know, not of LOVE
Does the Deep Feelings with-in the core of YOUR Being, Reflect YOUR LOVE
What Does one do , When their LOVE is Lost , When their LIFE is Through?

                                                 To Be Cont.
            With LOVE, YOUR Liege, FOREVER and ALWAYS…HG

by Robertina B. |
Categories: inspirational, meaningful, nostalgia,


Nostalgic moments surrounds
Hugged dearly by the arms of nostalgia..
Reminisced about the past 
An old photo album..
As I focused my attention on the memories
The pictures came to life once again..
A touch of bittersweet emotions

Tears of joy..
Tears of what once was..
Absorbed by the power of pictures frozen in time..

Discernment of knowing
Those lovely pictures 
Had become alive through my memories..
Past events and memories frozen in time
Brought me precisely to this exact present moment..

by Allen Beilschmidt Sr. |
Categories: lonely, night,


December's harshness in the air can never quite compare to the ice inside your eyes-your stoic lack of apathy. So now your gone, and what have you left me? warm wine three quarters left untouched; a faded photo down the hall; drab dishes stacked in stained grey cabinets. The oaken table left unfinished beside a bare and sterile wall. Do not return again, my love; . To many chilly days have been absorbed into -to many frigid nights.

by Jay Del Fierro |
Categories: love, nature

Mid-August Rains...

Soothing from the scorching mid-summer day
winded clouds bring much needed August rain
steam rises from its touch as puddles to drain
absorbed by below quenching thirst as in May...

Basking in showers face raised recieve
most welcomed relief heat lifted release
Sun smiles between raindrops as if in tease
smiling below from those whom believe...

Comforting moisture the water of life
sharing goodness which stream varied currents
delightful pleasures being shared in torrents
as love is true gift shared by husband and wife...

by Venetia Crasta |
Categories: spiritual,

The Saviour Is Waiting

Those who wait upon the Lord 
Shall not go empty handed
Those who stay in the Lord
Will not go astray
Those who pray with the Lord
Will with his holy angels be
Those who love the Lord
Will his godly children be.
For the repentant sinner he waits
On the door post sighing, crying
Waiting for his lost children to return
A new relationship with him to begin
Creation where have you reached he says
You have all turned into self absorbed narcissists.
With your endless selfies and  messages 
Going round and round the world in whats app.

by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: lost lovetime,

"lasting Impressions"

I waited and waited but maybe 
the time has passed...
Just one last time , a look, a
smile, something to grasp...
The birds fly over head so free
and so tranquil...
I watch them all, each flight not
new but never dismal...
Maybe one bird will have a note
that might say a reason why...
Or maybe I shall walk away and
see this was a goodbye...
The place I sit is absorbed in different
stages of memories...
From a start of coffee to long walks
that formed a love story...
As the trees changed and the seasons
have gone...
There is no escape from this distant bond...

a past experience,not forgotten ....

by Joe Dimino |
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Depth of Love

Light travels at a constant speed

though bent, attracted and absorbed – 

is love so different from its beaming
physical counterpart, dear wave 
that truly recalls a soul's worth of gleam  

the only ethereal that lingers
within and beyond~sensing even greater 
paths of flight yet to be sourced unimaginable

for what is truly remembered of a valued

outside the breath of a candle
never extinguished for sacredly

like the sentiment of a stone
at a grave-site

where two often lie

when the one departed....

by Natsai Mutandaguta |
Categories: anger, cry, death, depression, emotions, grief, hurt,

Don'T Cry When I'M Gone

Can’t anybody here see that I’m dying?
The mere sight of my weary soul!
You’re all absorbed in senseless passion 
Blinded by your own desires
No one sees my anger 
No one sees my grief
Don’t cry when I’m gone.

 Can’t anybody see me standing here?
Drowning in my own tears
Death is at my doorstep, do you even care?
Years have passed
No one has noticed
Locked away from your care
Don’t cry when I’m gone.

Can’t anybody see my sadness?
Neglected by love
The time has come for me to go, will you bid me good bye?
I’m finally dying
Leaving this world
But still no one notices
Don’t cry when I’m gone

by Kathryn Collins |
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Let No Man Put Asunder

Let No Man Put Asunder 

Such as ours the
gods had never granted passion
so harmonious even they
could not know such exultation. 

Endlessly steeped euphoria,
absorbed until no need for balance
exists between us.
We are intertwined

enduring into the blackest
of black.
Soddered in pain
the cord refuses to unravel.

Kathryn McLoughlin
February 8, 2014

for a valentine contest incorporating the ten words: absorb, balance, endure, passion,
intertwined, exalted, harmony, steep, euphoria, endless.

by R. M. Eichmiller |
Categories: depression, emotions, growing up, high school, psychological, school, teenage,

The Poem That Answers Itself

Why should I care,
     About Academics?
     Saying the same thing twice?
There be no reason, 
     To try in school,
          When failure is nothing less than host, 
     To try with a hobby, 
          When no one reads your
Why should I care
     About love?
     About aspirations?
     About, poetry?
No one listens, 
     Nor cares.
     Leave you behind
     Are self-absorbed
          and you, nothing less than giving.

by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: deep, love, lust, metaphor, rain, sensual, sexy,

Sweet Rain

She lay on her bed,
as the raindrops fell on her skin,
being absorbed into her mind
and soul. She could feel the absorbed
raindrops turning to ocean tides
within her body,
while each of her cells exploded with bliss
that felt like summer in the Caribbean.
The raindrops fell where she felt more excited,
eager for lovemaking,
from morning to dawn.
"I wish spring would feel like your rainy kisses,"
she whispered to his ear.....

Date of Entry: 31/05/2017

Name of the Contest: A sexy surreal

Sponsor: Lewis Raynes

by Cj Krieger |
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An Agreement of Love

An act of kindness unperceived 
Love freely offered not received 
A thoughtful deed offered to ease 
Pain of words from those who tease 
A kindly gesture from a friend 
Advice and help from those who’ll lend 
A means and chance to help me mend 
And lift me up least I descend 
when all was said I’d hoped you’d sway 
And not dismiss these words away 
At last we finally both agree 
That I love you 
And you don’t love me 

From the book:  Absorbed By The Sun

by Shaz Cheesman |
Categories: loss, lost love, life, life,

You Are Alone

You said you gave me life I say you came into mine  
He said, she said – you always thought you were right 
Blinded by your own self absorbed mind, you lost it
All you thought you had - so much for your one sided life 

you are alone, you are now alone 
you would never admit it - you are always right 
so you say in your own mind 

No longer to stay as a sidelined existence 
She – just the other, made a life of her own  
Not blinded by the one who always thinks their right 
Standing strong & independent - no longer the ‘other’ 
but the lead role on a path, in charge of her life 

you however are now alone   
would never admit it you are always right 
so you say in your own mind

by Arthur Vaso |
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Dead Poets Dance

We sing
Dance in the sky
We form societies
To read aloud
What others dare not say
From Shakespeare to Byron
Poe to Moe
We sit around smoke filled lounges
Spewing words forth
Love, hate, Hemingway’s mojitos staring in mirrors
Whiskey permeates the air
Smokey flavors absorbed into flowing ink
Towards the graves
We always gaze onward towards the graves
From the inside out, and looking up on coffin roofs
The seas of depression like waves to surf
Some might say we any maniacal and crazy
Today we welcome a new member
Mork from Ork

by Adam Hapworth |
Categories: love, rain, tree,


Tree welcomes each drip
Rain hangs on leaf, awaits fate
Lucky ones absorbed