Love Poems About Absolving or Absolving Love Poems
by Weston Gregory |
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Precious by Weston Gregory 

She is the kinda lady that leaves a man
wanting more
breathless, excited, immerse in 
precious kinda crazy
an open door to charms impossible to 
ignites fire sears deep within 
and erase fears that you have of things

absolving instead of making you live in 
regrets smothering ring
a spirit so free you crave to bring her in 
but well you know that life would be like a 
so wanting more you leave her be 
an eagle soaring 
than a park fed pigeon

by Dr Hitendra Mehta |
Categories: religion

Love Weaving Harmony As Flowers In Wreath

Wreath ring of flowers holding hand-in-hand
Hands in circular unity symbolising eternity 
Eternal is belief in Trinity, Christianity and Christ
Christ a Messiah rising from dead absolving sins

Sins mounting, hoping Christ to descend from Heaven 
Heaven like atmosphere humans creating in Christmas
Christmas, festive season of family reunion and gift-giving  
Gift-giving, symbolic love weaving harmony as flowers in wreath 


© Hitendra Mehta  
( Entry for Members Contest - Christmas Wreath sponsored by Dr Ram Mehta)

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: destiny, god, health, love, metaphor, poetry, simile,

If Poesy Is Health

If poesy is health, then I should be hale:
     no invalid, but a bard whose high time
nears, whose destiny only God can tell.
     Till then, I faithfully live by every rhyme.
If poesy is wealth, then I should be rich:
     for I, now like a king of immense treasure,
am but a pauper who has found his niche,
     a kingdom and realm of rhythm and measure.

If poesy is wisdom, then I should be wise:
     for, through songs like these, even the dull and blind
(nourished with truthful, lovely rhymes) can rise
     to higher ethereal states of mind!

If wisdom and poesy are thus absolving,
then I still should be happy and evolving.

by Eve Roper |
Categories: desire, god, love,

My Soul To Claim

Lord, my soul to claim in your hands and warp and weft your timbre endowments in me. thus, above allowing and absolving emotional and sinful pleasure, thoughts. 4/26/2019
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by Faye Gibson |
Categories: deep, freedom, love, relationship,

Fully Clothed

Ah, Love,
you come;
all confusion suddenly grows calm,
and all I thought within me dead
arises with new life.

I am enraptured,
surrounded by your divine presence;
eternity seems hushed and still,
and time and space suspended
before thy probing rays.

I cleanse my soul
in your absolving stream,
and I grow aware beneath
your penetrating light.
I am known--
and Love will during me into knowing
both myself and you.

I cast away all caution;
I abandon my soul
to your gentle wooing,
stripped of all pretension.

My naked spirit 
goes laughing before you,
for to be known
is to be 
fully clothed.

Copyright, 1987, Faye Gibson

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: lost love,


Sable Gable Betray’l Fatal Eyes that pierced, not sable, Gable-gray. Won’t give a d$mn - betray’l fatal bray. Absolving his harlot Scarlet wife. Dismissive of starlit starlet strife. Harlot Scarlet starlit starlet